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Crossposted from over on my tumblr, which apparently is where I post most these days, as fandom trickles away from LJ. Such is the way of great fannish migrations.

For ages now I've been telling myself (and occasionally other people) I'll get around to putting together a list of all the great Cable & Deadpool fic from the halcyon days of '09 when I first joined the fandom, when the LJ comm was busy and the kink meme in full flight. There is a ton of good material out there that never made it to tumblr or AO3 - but before I get to the specific recs, I figured it'd be a good idea to give people a quick primer as to where to look over on Ye Olde Livejournal.

A quick LJ Resources Primer

[livejournal.com profile] cabledeadpool is the main community for the comic. Hasn't been more than sporadically active in a long time, but the archive goes right back to when the comic was still coming out.

The Cable & Deadpool Kink Meme
Created during the massive fandom influx in '09 after Deadpool's cameo in Wolverine: Origins, and ran a good 15 pages or so before slowing down, producing many of my favourite stories ever written in the fandom - most of which have also never been reposted or archived anywhere else.
Most of the older fic worth reccing can be found at one or the other of those links - or you can save yourself some hunting and go straight to these incredibly handy masterlists one helpful fan put together, which link to just about everything:
Speaking of LJ links, also worth checking out is:
Bodyslide By Two: The Cable/Deadpool manifesto
The manifesto was written way back '08, predating the post-Wolverine influx, but the case it makes for the pairing that's as relevant as it's ever been, and there's a decent rec list of some of the older fic.

The Recs

The two authors I rec most for Cable/Deadpool fic are [livejournal.com profile] manic_intent and [livejournal.com profile] sarkywoman

[livejournal.com profile] manic_intent
Most of manic_intent's (known) work takes the tried-and-true method of starting out in kink meme threads and ultimately outgrowing them to be finished in her journal (we can only guess how many other excellent request fills may have been hers). She writes a Deadpool who absolutely sparkles, some sizzling smut, and was responsible for many of the longest multi-parters the fandom produced back in the day. All her fic can be found under her Cable/Deadpool tag.

Through the Mirror NC-17
War!Cable/Deadpool || AU starting from Enema of the State
- Another response to the same kink meme prompt that sparked my own War!Cable AU, but manic_intent takes the idea in a completely different direction in one of my all-time favourite C/D fics

Tyr's Favor NC-17
Tabletop RPG AU || A vision from Tyr brings Paladin Dayspring to Muzad.
- Wade breaking the forth wall from an RPG to talk about dice and 1D4 daggers is everything I never knew I wanted until I discovered this fic

All the King's Men NC-17
Amnesiac!Nate and Wade become telepathically bound
- Takes a little while to get going, but once it does it delivers everything you could ask for from these tropes

[livejournal.com profile] sarkywoman
Sarky's work spans from the early [livejournal.com profile] cabledeadpool archives, to the days of the kink meme and beyond. Her fic is spread around the place a bit, but can mostly be found by searching for her name in the Misc LJ fic masterlist.

Selfless NC-17
Cable isn't as selfless as people think he is
- Mind-control dubcon with a happy ending (though probably not the kind of happy ending you're thinking of)

War!Cable/Deadpool Drabble R
- Why yes this is the original War/Deadpool ficlet which went on to inspire both m_i's Through the Mirror and my own Let Slip the Dogs of War. To say I'm still rather fond of it is the greatest of understatements. She's also written several other drabbles I'd very much recommend.

There's Hope for Them Yet NC-17
Messiah Wars AU
- One of the many fix-it-fic written while Cable was off in the future raising Hope - but IMO still one of the best. Pure fluff.

Valentine’s Day Story NC-17
- Deadpool gets Cable the sort of Valentine's Day gift that only Deadpool would ever get you. Very cute.

Keep Myself Awake R
Wolverine: Origins!Wade || To say Wade has sleep problems is a severe understatement.
- No Cable, as this is canon-compliant Wolverine: Origins fic. Horrifyingly angsty but beautifully characterised

Miscellaneous Authors

Two Guys Walk Into A Bar In Intercourse, Pennsylvania... Again by [livejournal.com profile] halfnorn NC-17
- Set in a weird and difficult-to-follow AU where Nate and Wade have acquired two daughters thanks to a Bodysliding accident, but mostly works as a bit of standalone porn.

Shut Up! by [livejournal.com profile] museofspeed NC-17
A piece done only in dialogue. Nate and Wade have sex. Yeah, that's it.
- Only with Deadpool could a total PWP written entirely in dialogue work this well

Christmas in the Spring by [livejournal.com profile] museofspeed PG
Some writers have no sense of good timing

- Fourth-wall-breaking action at its best

Always Watch Out For That Damn Sex Pollen by [livejournal.com profile] gestalt1 NC-17
- I do believe this may be the very first sex pollen fic ever produced in this fandom

Leaping Logic in a Single Bound by [livejournal.com profile] somanyopentabs PG
Deadpool contemplates the speed of bullets, and just how ex is an ex-boyfriend when they can't seem to stay away from each other?

- Too recent to appear in the masterlists above, which is really not fair, as it's quite the nice little ficlet.

The remainder of my recs are kink-meme fic whose authors never owned up to their identity. Of course, this being the Internet, when faced with a space where anyone can request or write any kink whatsoever - no matter how deviant - a section of the userbase will quickly start using it to request the tamest, schmoopiest fluff imaginable. As such, many of these recs are actually not hardcore smut. I'll break them down by content.

Pure Smut
- All of these are NC-17, and all Cable/Deadpool, except where otherwise noted

Motivational Techniques
Deadpool, bound, gagged, and at Cable's mercy. (Naturally, Cable is really just trying to get Wade to... relax, ifyouknowwhatImean. God but I love this fic.)

Scientific Research
Wade is curious about just exactly how far the TO virus has spread. Particularly with regards to some of Cable's more intimate regions.

Three Degrees of Separation.
Deadpool/Cable/Deadpool - The pairing pretty much says it all.

Misa del Peregrino
Nate thinks of Wade as he does it
Request was for Nate-masturbation fic; fill delivered a delightfully angsty introspective piece set during their Civil War breakup. Lovely work.

How Cable Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vagina
Deadpool/female!Cable - Cable gets himself accidentally gender-swapped, sex ensues

First Times
Wade and Nate talk about their first times. Set right after Cable's deaging stint.

it was the worm's fault, seriously
Telekinetic orgasm

Smut with Plot
- Fic which contains smut, but takes some time to get there. Pretty much all manic_intent's work would also fit in this category.

Nate loses his way and ends up living in Wade's Apartment

Cable/Deadpool, NateGray/Deadpool || Deadpool meeting Nate Grey
Inspired by Nate Grey's reappearance in Marvel canon back in '09. This fic sold me on the idea of the pairing to a level I never thought would work.

PG-rated and below
- Fic containing nothing stronger than a few snogs or a fade-to-black

An Honest Man
Deadpool becomes normal looking, so immediately seduces Nate (fade to black, no actual smut)

How to Pick Up Hot Telepaths in a Bar
Cable/Movie!Wade - Yes, this is Cable/Deadpool set in the Wolverine: Origins universe (and by god I have spent so long being tempted to write a smutty follow-up to this ficlet)

Why Agency X Doesn't Hold Online Meetings
Title says it all. Chatlog starring all of Agency X, plus Cable

A Fine and Proper Upbringing
Wade returns home with Baby!Nate, Blind Al and Weasel are not pleased
AU based on those chapters where Cable gets himself de-aged. Terribly cute

Untitled Massage fic
In which Deadpool gives Cable a massage, wet dreams are televised, and marsupials are discussed
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