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Notwithstanding that I am completely out of the habit of posting fic here first, I figured I'd at least bring the record up to date on what I've been writing over the last six months or so. Below: A brand new short Cable/Deadpool ficlet posted last last year, a prequel chapter to that old Little Mermaid-AU story which (I kid you not) has been kicking around in my head since 2011, and an extended piece of kinky Napoleon/Illya AU smut, because entering fandom at the shallow end is apparently not even something I do anymore. Links go to AO3.

Cable & Deadpool

At the wedding (or, née Cable and Deadpool)
Summary: Not everyone on the guest list is equally enthused about the impending nuptials of one Wade Wilson and one Nate Summers. What Scott doesn't know is quite how far in advance his reaction was anticipated.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2284
Notes: Sequel to Marital Commitments, nominally written in honour of the news about the new Split Second mini.

The Ugly Merman, chapter 0
Summary: You know the story - there's a handsome prince, an unfortunate shipwreck, and old sea-witch, and a lovesick mer-something (who may or may not deserve the moniker 'little'). The rest comes down to interpretation.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1690 (this part), 5790 (whole fic)

Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Summary: Napoleon’s weakness for femme fatales has never been one of the more ambiguous facets of his sexuality. (Or, a world in which Illya began his career on the wrong side of the law certainly isn’t one where Napoleon is any less likely to wind up in bed with him.)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6630
Notes: Napoleon/Illya, AU, BDSM, gunkink, likely to wind up as the first in a series
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Hi there, Yuletide writer (and whoever else may stumble upon this post)! I generally seem to wind up taking these letters as an excuse to dump pretty much every spare relevant fic idea I’ve had over the last year or more in one place in the mad hope of getting someone to write one of them for me, so this is likely to get a little rambling. But as the cliché goes, optional details are optional, so feel free to take as much or as little from my disorganised jumble of prompts as you like, and run with them wherever they may take you.

General stuff and crossover-y prompts )

Season 6B )

Scream of the Shalka )

Doctor Who and The Curse of Fatal Death )

Deadpool Pulp )
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Crossposted from over on my tumblr, which apparently is where I post most these days, as fandom trickles away from LJ. Such is the way of great fannish migrations.

For ages now I've been telling myself (and occasionally other people) I'll get around to putting together a list of all the great Cable & Deadpool fic from the halcyon days of '09 when I first joined the fandom, when the LJ comm was busy and the kink meme in full flight. There is a ton of good material out there that never made it to tumblr or AO3 - but before I get to the specific recs, I figured it'd be a good idea to give people a quick primer as to where to look over on Ye Olde Livejournal.

A quick LJ Resources Primer

[livejournal.com profile] cabledeadpool is the main community for the comic. Hasn't been more than sporadically active in a long time, but the archive goes right back to when the comic was still coming out.

The Cable & Deadpool Kink Meme
Created during the massive fandom influx in '09 after Deadpool's cameo in Wolverine: Origins, and ran a good 15 pages or so before slowing down, producing many of my favourite stories ever written in the fandom - most of which have also never been reposted or archived anywhere else.
Most of the older fic worth reccing can be found at one or the other of those links - or you can save yourself some hunting and go straight to these incredibly handy masterlists one helpful fan put together, which link to just about everything:
Speaking of LJ links, also worth checking out is:
Bodyslide By Two: The Cable/Deadpool manifesto
The manifesto was written way back '08, predating the post-Wolverine influx, but the case it makes for the pairing that's as relevant as it's ever been, and there's a decent rec list of some of the older fic.

The Recs )
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One of the more pleasant surprises of my foray into Cable's early appearances in the old 90's X-Force comics was finding myself developing an odd fondness for Cable's old mercenary team, Six Pack. It helped that although the narrative surrounding them variously weaves through the pages of X-Force, Blood and Metal (Cable's first limited solo series), early Cable issues (Cable's first unlimited solo series) and The Circle Chase (Deadpool's first limited solo), Fabian Nicieza remains the writer at the helm through all ofit, and the whole arc comes to a surprisingly satisfying resolution. Other than Cable, three of them survive to appear in Cable & Deadpool, though we never do hear their full backstory. I've been meaning for ages to write up some bios for them for the benefit of everyone who doesn't want to track through all those old X-Force comics, so here we go.

General info, bios, and some relevant comic pages under the cut (mercifully free of Liefeld-art) )
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Title: Good Intentions
Summary: Deadpool thought killing that 'Nathan' guy was going to be a fairly routine job. He couldn't have been more wrong.
Chapter: 9/?
Characters/Pairing: Cable/Deadpool, Weasel, Domino, Vanessa, X-Force, Six Pack, reference to past Cable/Domino
Rating: NC-17 (over all), PG (this part)
Word Count: 3940
Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Thanks go to Emily for betaing this one for me (my regular beta being kinda snowed under with that other monstrous thing I'm writing *cough*).

Chapter 9 )
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Kind of weird to think I've been in this fandom this long, and this is the first real scene I've ever written featuring Weasel. Well, better late than never (on so many different fronts).

The whole thing including the new chapter is now AO3 as well, which if nothing else should make navigating through the older chapters a whole lot easier.

Title: Good Intentions
Summary: Deadpool thought killing that 'Nathan' guy was going to be a fairly routine job. He couldn't have been more wrong.
Chapter: 8/?
Characters/Pairing: Cable/Deadpool, Weasel, X-Force, plus reference to past Cable/Domino
Rating: NC-17 (over all), PG (this part)
Word Count: 4026
Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Chapter 8 )
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While going through the latest Good Intentions chapter my beta reader pointed out I really ought to throw together some sort of quick guide to all the younger X-Force members who pop up in the story. Even if they're not much more than window dressing to the story I'm telling, Cable is sorta leading their team at this point in history, and there are a lot of names to keep track of.

A quick who's who )
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So I seem to have a tumblr account now.

This is not truly new news. I technically made that tumblr most of a year ago for the purpose of stalking Homestuck fanartists. Then only weeks ago, [livejournal.com profile] velithya made her own tumblr, and added me to her watch despite all my warnings that I did not use it, then I reblogged some Teen Wolf fanart she might not have seen for her benefit, then I innocently checked the cablepool tag and discovered SOMEONE HAD DONE ART FOR BEEN AND SYMPATHY =DDDDDDD, then tonight I reblogged a couple of other random things just because...

And at this point, I decided I might as well face the inevitable. It may be all reblogs so far, but it can only be a matter of time.

But seriously, check out that B&S fanart! Unf.
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Okay. So. Making slow-but-steady progress on getting all my fic up over at AO3. All my xxxHoLiC is up (excluding Ghost Stories, which still isn't back from the beta reader), Guilty Gear is done, a half dozen minor fandoms I have had brief flirtations with over the years are done, and I'm up to Cable & Deadpool at last.

This also means I'm up to figuring out exactly how to go about posting that convoluted, multi-threaded AU monstrosity that is Summers'son.

Given the way the action jumps around from scene to scene and timeline to timeline, I'm thinking it's going to make much more sense as a series than as a single fic. (For all AO3's faults, options like the support for posting fic as a series make up for any multitude of sins.) That way, I can post the introductory chapters as one story, and each of the individual timelines following the split as a separate one. So, chapters 4-6, plus those three short epilogues (wherein Nate realises his attraction to Wade on his own terms and still manages to make a mess out of confessing to it thanks to an awkward psychic bungle) would become one fic, and the first part of chapter 7 would be another, and... okay, and here it gets complicated, because there are a few different ways I could break some of this down. I'm also about to need a whole bunch of new titles.

Hashing out some of my options and throwing around some possible titles under the cut )

Making these sorts of minor logistic decisions always takes me far more angst than it's worth, so if anyone wants to throw their own opinion/preferences/better ideas for titles my way, I'm all ears right now.
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Got a message from [livejournal.com profile] melnakuru a little while back asking if she could translate my Cable/Deadpool fic Beer and Sympathy into Chinese, to which the answer was an enthusiastic "sure, go for it!" The result is up on marvelfanclub.com and mtslash.com - both of which are member access only, but we should be able to get the translation up on AO3 later too if that's of use to people.

In other C&DP fic news, I have a 3000 word start on the chapter 8 of Good Intentions! This would not seem like such a victory, except that most of the scenes in this chapter have been floating around my head since I started the thing, and actually having them down at last (oh god, has it actually been over a year since I last updated it? ;_; ) feels like reaching a major milestone.

But the real culprit for getting me back into my fic-writing groove remains that Teen Wolf fic I was working on, which has now broken 30,000 words and the end is nowhere in sight. I think it's safe to say this thing is turning into a monster. But mostly in a good way.

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A commenter in my last post asked if I had any recs for someone trying to get back into comics after many years away. I started writing up a reply, and it quickly turned into a laundry list of everything I have enjoyed from Marvel since I got into them, which is a bit on the long side to fit into a comment. So I figured what the hey - why not turn it into a proper post? It'll be nice to share something positive on the subject for a change.

A few words to put this list into context: like many of us these days, my gateway to Marvel fandom was through the movies. The specific culprits were the 2007 Iron Man movie, which got me into a few various Avengers titles, and the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which I thoroughly enjoyed, I do not care what the rest of the Internet may think of my taste!), which got me into Deadpool. I've rarely strayed all that far from those entry points since.

On to the recs! )
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OMG, I actually finished something.

Title: Summers’son
Summary: Settling into the 21st century is giving a teenaged Nathan some trouble.
Chapter: 10/10
Characters/Pairing: Nate/Wade
Rating: PG (this chapter) NC-17 (over all)
Word Count: 3,200
Previous parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Notes: The last scene in this chapter follows events from a prior scene back in chapter 7. Considering just how long it's been since I posted chapter 7, I figured people could probably use the reminder. ^^;

In which the author makes one final attempt to tie all that confusing AU stuff back together for some manner of conclusion )
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Here's yet another random bonus scene from Summers'son while I dither about finishing that last 'real' chapter (whatever that means with a plot that jumps from AU to AU as much as this does. About all I can promise at this point is that it makes sense in my head. >.> )

To my own mind Summers'son has always been less of a true high school AU than a "suppose Wade was a regular mutant and Nate could read his mind" AU with Awkward Teenage Shenanigans added for emphasis – or, taking that perspective a step further, “The tale of how Nate being able to read Wade's mind only made everything about getting to know each other much more complicated for both of them.“ To show my working on that latter point, here's how I envisage Nate and Wade's first meeting would have gone had Wade kept his canonical resistance to telepathy. We pick up our story from the part where Nathan is sitting out his gym class with a volleyball-induced headache.

Technically you'd also have to change a line or two from the scene before this one to make everything perfectly consistent, but eh, details. )
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Yet another little bonus scene that didn't quite fit into chapter 9. While I've opted to relegate Aliya (aka Jenskot, aka Cable's canonical long-dead first wife) to the role of Nathan's ex for fanfictional convenience, that mostly left her standing around awkwardly in the background while her ex and his new boyfriend reunited in the last chapter. It didn't seem particularly fair that the two of them should be seeing each other again without giving them some sort of chance to talk alone.

It's true that leaving Wade's side for more than a second had been unthinkable when they'd worn themselves out for the night, and it remains true for all of a couple of hours more before nature calls at a volume there is no sleeping through. )
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Finally done thank you all so very much for your patience. The final part and a couple more mini-chapter type things are already nearly finished and will be up much more quickly - for reasons that should be fairly apparent, it was getting this chapter done that really took it out of me.

Title: Summers’son
Summary: Settling into the 21st century is giving a teenaged Nathan some trouble.
Chapter: 9/10
Characters/Pairing: Nate/Wade
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,500
Previous parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8
Warnings: Hopefully not a big deal for anyone, but there is some discussion of wartime nastiness in this chapter that may not be what most people come into a fluffy highschool AU expecting.

Chapter 9 )
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Anyone remember that very silly Cable/Deadpool Little Mermaid AU crack fic I posted last year? Well, some people apparently do, because every now and then (meaning three times in the last six months but the most recent was very recent so it's on my mind again) I get a new comment on it from someone who loved it and wants to let me know how much they'd love to see more of it. This has left me with something of a conundrum.

The body is willing but the mind wants a detailed feasibility study before it commits resources )
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Title: Beer and Sympathy
Summary: Pre-Cable & Deadpool. In the aftermath of their meeting of Deadpool Classic #22, Cable and Deadpool make an attempt to drown their sorrows, and one thing leads to another. (Or, the one about that time Cable and Deadpool had drunken hate-sex, way back before they became friends.)
Rating: So very NC-17
Word count: 4200
Warnings: Contains Cable from his pre-Cable & Deadpool days, and other associated nastiness.

Author's notes, mostly for the benefit of those who haven't read Deadpool #22) )

The actual fic )
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Since I'm still waiting on my beta for the next real chapter of the high school AU, have another random scene that has been kicking around my head for ages but would never have fit into any real chapter. Phone conversation between Wade and Theresa, set a little later the same night as chapter 6.

I'm just rather fond of the Wade and Terry from this universe seem to deal with each other (in case this was not already blatantly obvious). )
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As my One Piece experience draws me ever closer to something approaching up-to-date with this monster, it has come to my attention that this might be an appropriate time to share what I shall call "Everything you never wanted to know about me and shipping but have already come to suspect".

1. Things that have always turned me away from a ship at the door:

  1. Partners are separated by a large age gap 1 and/or maturity gap 2, (unless, of course, said pairing has the get-out-of-jail-free card of having at least one partner who is immortal or otherwise ages at a non-standard rate, in which case all bets are off 3). This goes double if the relationship resembles a parent/child dynamic, but stands regardless.
  2. Partners have never or only briefly met in canon, and showed no overwhelming interest in each other at the time. 4
  3. Ship is hindered by massive canonical impediments, eg, one of them is an unrepentant mass murderer and the other a good guy, one genuinely wants to murder the other, completely irreconcilable life goals, one of them is dead, etc – such that it is, at best, more of a shipwreck than an actual ship. 5
  4. The ship breaks up my OTP and steals all the good fanart goddamnit

  5. 1 say, for the sake of the argument, more than 50% the age of younger party, eg: any teacher/student ship from series like Naruto or One Piece
    2 eg: Katara/Aang
    3 eg: Sol/Ky, arguably Cable/Deadpool
    4 eg: many years of half-hearted bitching about Kakashi/Iruka
    5 eg: Subaru/Seishirou, Zato/Millia, Vriska/Tavros

Cut to avoid f-list clutter )


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