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Hi there, Yuletide writer (and whoever else may stumble upon this post)! I generally seem to wind up taking these letters as an excuse to dump pretty much every spare relevant fic idea I’ve had over the last year or more in one place in the mad hope of getting someone to write one of them for me, so this is likely to get a little rambling. But as the cliché goes, optional details are optional, so feel free to take as much or as little from my disorganised jumble of prompts as you like, and run with them wherever they may take you.

General stuff and crossover-y prompts )

Season 6B )

Scream of the Shalka )

Doctor Who and The Curse of Fatal Death )

Deadpool Pulp )
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Hi there, prospective writer-person, whoever you may be! I am a total Yuletide newb this year, but I do hope I've managed to throw together a letter you'll find helpful. Most of the prompts here are fairly slash-focused (or possibly het, in the case of The Curse of Fatal Death), but in case there is any sort of doubt: if you are happier writing gen, by all means, go for it! Though it ought to go without saying: optional details are optional, so feel free to take as much or as little from my disorganised jumble of prompts as you like, and run with them wherever they may take you.

I've recced fic before for all three of the fandoms I'm requesting, if you'd like some idea of what sort of fic has worked for me in the past (and even if not, we obviously have at least one under-loved fandom in common, so have some recs you might enjoy looking through sometime!) Stuff I've recced can be found here for Scream of the Shalka, and here for The Curse of Fatal Death. I've only yet recced two stories related to Withnail & I, though there's another twenty or so still sitting in my tumblr drafts, which I swear I will get posted properly just as soon as I'm done with this Yuletide letter stuff and here for Withnail & I.

A few general notes to begin with (possibly of questionable relevance to what's likely to come up for these fandoms, but what the hell).

General likes/dislikes )

Withnail and I )

Doctor Who and The Curse of Fatal Death )

Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka )
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RE: The latest spoilers for this year's Doctor Who specials (spoiler free reaction)


(deep breath)


(okay, I'm done. X3)

Which is also to say that I have had Doctor Who on the brain for the last week, and I already wasted way too much time today (and yesterday) reading the most awesome virtual season 5 Doctor Who fic ever written. Then I went out to the Internet and it was all true.

Well, not all true, obviously. *waves hand* Just both of the important bits.

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Two completely unrelated shows that I happened to catch up on recently: (spoilers, obviously)

Avatar )

Doctor Who )
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Guilty Gear may not be the best series out there for crossovers, but there are a couple of other neat series out there I’ve been following which can be validly crossed over with anything, and Guilty Gear can’t even pretend to be an exception. >D

Kingdom Hearts/Guilty Gear – It’s all about buckles and belts (and gay) )

Doctor Who/Guilty Gear: Wait, you mean there are characters *other* than Sol and Ky in this universe? )

The third of the series I’m known to maybe-write-the-occasional-fic for which can be crossed over with anything you like would be Tsubasa/xxxHOLiC multiverse, but there even my imagination appears to have given out.


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