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Over on tumblr someone very politely asked a question about Garden of Eden, one of my long-abandoned old Guilty Gear WIPs, and I had to admit there's basically 0% chance I'll ever go back to that fandom again now, but I could maybe write up a summary of what the plot was originally supposed to be, if they were interested? Because for all that it's languished unfinished for all these years, it was a fic I started because I was absolutely in love with the idea behind it (seriously, wibbly-wobbly time-travel love-stories - what's not to love about that?) and because the plot (if not the actual fic) just about wrote itself. And though the asker very politely told me not to worry about it, by that stage I'd remembered that I did actually write more of that story (or at least a Sol POV side-story to the same) as a Christmas present for [livejournal.com profile] velithya (the fic's major cheerleader during my GG fandom days, whom I'd emailed regularly with ideas back when I was first hashing out what was to be the plot). There's not much point just posting that fragment now though, since it was written to be read after I'd finished the main fic and wouldn't make much sense without the context of the whole rest of the story.

So I sat down and hammered out that summary of what the plot would have been after all. Both that and my long-orphaned side story under the cuts below.

Everything that would have happened, in 4000 words or less. )

That other bit I wrote )
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Another post now ridiculously overdue. (I will defeat this backlog someday I swear!)

Wai-con's officially only a weekend event, but it is one of few times we get to see a lot of our cosplayer friends from other states, so it's becoming something of a tradition to spend the Monday after the con taking the chance to do photoshoots while everyone's still in the same place. This year [livejournal.com profile] amenokitarou brought over his Sin costume and we took the much-overdue opportunity to do a proper Guilty Gear: Overture shoot.

Cosplayers present: myself as Ky, [livejournal.com profile] velithya as Sol and of course [livejournal.com profile] amenokitarou as Sin. Our photographers were risachantag and [livejournal.com profile] k_chan009, with help from Cescat who spent much of the day running back and forth straightening bits of costumes as needed (all photoshoots could use someone in this role). The venue was St Mary's Cathedral in Perth, which is probably the prettiest church in the city.

More under the cut! )
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Still haven't found the time to write up anything detailed about Wai-con, possibly because a week later we are still recovering (if we've both been suffering from mild but persistent cases of post-con blargh it would explain a lot). Fortunately a lot of the con experience can be summed up pretty well using only three photos.

Avatar, Birth By Sleep and Guilty Gear cosplay below )
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I have reached that point with my WIP list lately where no matter what I sit down to work on, there will be that nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me I really ought to be working on one of the other ones (it would be nice if this at least deterred me from compounding the problem by starting new stuff, but... well, let's just say that recent fling with Inception fandom has not done much to help matters). In the usual Catch 22 of such matters, this is not helping my productivity on anything.

So in hope of getting my priorities in some kind of logical order (and also out of general curiosity), have a poll:

[Poll #1648224]

Usual disclaimer: inspiration being what it is I cannot guarantee that whatever wins the poll will be what gets posted next, but I can promise to make the extra effort.

While I'm on the subject, if anyone does want to ask, say, 'have you actually made any progress on [X]?' or 'are you ever planning on continuing [Y]?' or what-have-you, by all means, go for it.
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Clearly I still have some of the quotes from that post about Deadpool's taste in men floating around in my head, because over breakfast this morning I found myself pondering some of those lofty, intellectual questions about just what the comics think they're telling us about Deadpool's sexuality (beyond the obvious fact that the only entirely safe way to label him is probably 'lol-sexual')...

Actually, maybe that's not the best way I could start this post. Maybe what I should do is start by mentioning I've lately realised I have something of a habit of coming up with pseudo-crossovers by casting characters from one source in roles from another, usually limited to mangling a couple of lines here or there. There's that quote from Jack Sparrow in the xxxHOLiC pirate AU (not to mention Dread Pirate Yuuko), the infamous "do I dazzle you?" scene in that Guilty Gear/Twilight mashup (I still do not know quite how that got even as far as it did). There was even that one time I found myself mentally rewriting a memorable exchange between a friend of mine and a panelist at our very first ever How To Survive Your First Con panel as a scene between Ky, Sol and some random Order dude and... look, it was funny to us, okay?


I mention this in the faint hope of making it seem slightly less random that it suddenly struck me (after breakfast that morning) that a surprisingly good analogue for Deadpool's preferences was to be found in a couple of lines in Dogma (yeah, Deadpool and a Kevin Smith movie – who would've thought?), being an exchange between Jay, Silent Bob, and the Rufus The Thirteenth Apostle (starts at about 4:40 into this clip, if you are curious). In fact, it fits so well that it was a little too easy to picture the same scene happening in some hypothetical AU with Deadpool, Weasel and Cable, and very nearly the exact same dialogue. It would go like this )
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Yes, I meant to write this as soon as I got back, now about two weeks ago. Instead, I let [livejournal.com profile] velithya rec me a couple of pieces of Inception fic, which is the kind of experience that you wake up from a week later trying to remember where all that missing time went (and the vague idea a spinning top is somehow necessary to help you figure it out) and not regretting a minute of it. But that's a whole other post.

So: Manifest. Quite the wild ride, and a bit of a mixed bag of what did and didn't go well, but skewed comfortably towards the positive. Details under the cut, but if you're skim-reading and not likely to get through all that, then the bit I need to point out first is this awesome-quality video of [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig's Azula skit which, despite all kinds of drama in the lead-up, went beautifully on the day.

The full report + a few photos )

So that was our trip. I would list everyone else who helped make the weekend – the sadly increasing list including all our old friends who've moved over east in the last few years, all the other awesome Eastern Stater cosplay people they've introduced us to since, not to mention all the others we met at the con on the day or the terribly nice people on the tables on both sides of us in the traders hall – but I'd still probably wind up forgetting someone, so suffice to say that no matter how questionable the organisation at these cons, the company always makes up for it. <3
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It just dawned on me I haven't actually gotten around to mentioning that [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig and I are going to this year's Manifest in about a week and a half. This is a slightly bigger deal than most of the cons we go to, since it's interstate and one of few chances we get to meet up with all the people we know who've moved out to that side of the country in the last few years. We'll be running a stall on the Friday and the Sunday along with a couple of interstate-PenCafe member friends of ours. No new costumes made, but I'll be bringing along Syaoran and Overture Ky for the weekend, and goth-loli Joshua for the ball.

Speaking of Ky, that made this con a good excuse to get around to finishing a couple of extra details that I didn't have done for Wai-con.

One in-progress pic, cut for size. Anyone who can actually pick *what* detail this is wins ten points. )
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The story so far: Back in April last year, I made a misguided attempt to rid myself of on of the more gratuitously clichéd fic ideas that had been nagging at me one and off by writing it up as a drabble in Normal Continuity Will Be Restored Shortly. I say misguided, because the plan backfired spectacularly when everyone (mostly [livejournal.com profile] velithya) easily spotted that it was really a fragment of a much longer idea just looking for an excuse to be written, and a couple of people (again, mostly [livejournal.com profile] velithya, but she has it down to an art these days) asking for it was excuse enough.

Finishing chapter one has taken far longer than I counted on, though this is largely because of me getting stuck on one particular scene then getting distracted by other projects for a few months, which is mostly my way of saying I am still really hoping that chapter two is a bit easier.

Title: Garden of Eden
Pairing: Frederick/Ky
Summary: Ky is not at all prepared to find himself running into a suspiciously familiar face in the early 21st century - to say nothing of finding himself in the 21st century to begin with.
Rating: PG (eventually NC-17)
Chapter: 1/?
Word Count: 8660

He'd never before had cause to doubt that God had a plan for him (even if it was a plan that forced him to spend so many years in the company of Sol Badguy), but how this fit into it, he couldn't begin to imagine.  )
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Title: Kai
Summary: AU, written for the Reverse Racebending challenge. If one detail can change the course of history; the birthplace of one Ky Kiske could at least force it to get there by a different path.
Characters/Pairings: Sol, Ky, Anji, Baiken (May contain traces of Sol/Ky and Baiken/Anji)
Word Count: 5750
Author’s Notes:
I have a lot to say about this fic – from where the idea came from to a round of playing mental dress-up with the characters and sharing a whole lot of pictures of bizarre Japanese fashion – so much so that I’ve left it for another post. (Though I will say, given that the nature of the source material ensured that Ky has always sounded Japanese in my head, the rest was just a little extrapolation.)

Sol had had the nagging sensation someone was tailing him all day. )
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I am officially having a vastly inconsistent year for GG fic. I've spent the whole year thus far on and off working on the first part of my time travel fic and it's still not quite done - and then last week I got bitten by a completely new idea and had 6000 words written by Saturday, and now only needing a few final post-betaing tweaks before I can post it. Inspiration being what it is, these facts are probably not unconnected.

In other not-unconnected facts (whoa, segue!) Perth Supanova, the most commercial of our annual cons, was on the weekend before last, but due to that burst of fic writing I hadn't gotten around to saying anything about it. Brief report and cosplay photos under the cut.

Saturday - Holy Crap SUMMER GLAU! )

Sunday - Another round of Ky and Lina, but also containing an unexpected amount of Deadpool )
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There's a line in my userinfo (in fact, it's pretty much my whole userinfo) that reads "So, occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, I actually get around to doing things." I have to-do lists that go back years. Mostly not filled with stuff that is, y'know, important in the RL sense, but still. Years.

I mention this by way of explaining why it feels like so much of an achievement that I have finally signed up for a cosplay.com account. Actually, that's not the achievement - the achievement is the part where I'm doing something with it, like finally getting around to sorting through the last 4-5 years worth of con photos and photoshoots and deciding what's worth uploading. A lot of those events had already been halfway-sorted for various livejournal posts (or by my sister, who is a lot more organised about updating her deviantart and flickr accounts) - but you can probably imagine why I've had so much trouble even making myself think about the job without doing the mental equivalent of curling up in a foetal position on the floor somewhere. Well, no longer!

So far, I've got as far as doing FFVII Yuffie (two cons, two photoshoots), KH2/AC Yuffie (four cons), River (three costume balls, one con), Hiei (two cons), and most of Millia (two cons, one epic trip to Japan, and two photoshoots which I'm still in the middle of sorting through). Still to go: the Balldress!Millia, Joshua, Goth-loli!Joshua, Syaoran, and both Kys. So, plenty left to go yet, but to be hovering somewhere around the halfway point doesn't feel half bad.

In the hope that this is the start of some kind of trend, I present below a shortlist of some other items that I really seriously honestly hopefully intend to get around to doing sometime in the near future. And if I don't, well, you are all completely within your rights to nag me about them. (Not to mention probably half a dozen other things I haven't even remembered just at the moment.)

Other websites needing updating, and a couple of old pieces of CLAMP and Guilty Gear fic that are still getting written, I *swear*! )

*cracks knuckles*
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Wai-con was the weekend before last. (Today's post brought to you by the experience of receiving a rent inspection notice three days after the con and realising a) you are not getting anything but cleaning done until next week, and b) you should just thank your lucky stars it didn't happen last week. House looks much neater now though ;)

I'm hitting the point with Wai-cons where the majority of what I have to say about them starts to get a bit repetitive* – we came, we saw, we cosplayed, we sold lots of stuff, we won prizes, we (mostly) failed to melt in the heat**, we took photos, we caught up with friends*** – we basically had an awesome time.

*A few more, and pointing out the repetition is going to be a bit repetitive - oooh, recursion!
**Thank god we brought a standing fan to stick behind the stall this year. I'm all for having the con in January rather than December, but the weather is not on our side this time of year, and Ky has this real neck-to-ankle thing going on that is not well compatible with the heat.
***Sometimes in something of a drive-through fashion as people rushed past in opposite directions. Cons, they keep you busy.

So let's get straight down to the photos.

Saturday: Overture!Sol and Ky, A.B.A. and Lina Inverse )

The big highlight that was new and different this year was the Eminence concert on Saturday night – and I really didn't realise just how much I was going to love the performance until we were were there. The evening started with the My Neighbour Totoro theme and ended with Super Mario - just to give you an idea of the range, and honestly, everything they played in between was gorgeous. But there's an extra layer of fannish squee to hearing songs you know – and an extra double-layer on top of that when it's connected to a movie or a game you love, so the high point of the night for me was The Dream That Time Dreams from Chrono Cross. I'm not much of a CC fan, but Chrono Trigger was the first real RPG I ever played and will probably always be one of my all time favourites, and what I'd forgotten about that particular piece is that it's actually a remix of the Chrono Trigger theme, extended with some beautiful orchestral segments. *_* It's a crying shame none of the CDs for sale after the event (and we bought *two*) had their rendition of that particular song. We have the in-game mp3 of it, but it doesn't begin to measure up.

Sunday: Guilty Gear!Ky, Trunks, Dissidia!Tifa and Sora (+extras) )

So that was about it for Waicon 2010. As always, we owe a lot of gratitude to everyone who helped mind our table during the day, especially Ken and [livejournal.com profile] velithya.

We have lots of bit photoshoot plans for these costumes. Going to wait until the weather's cooled down a bit though, 35+ degree heat is not good cosplay weather.
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Request fic for [livejournal.com profile] yhibiki, who spotted the most references in The Gratuitous Vampire AU and wanted Pants on a Stick-verse fic, with Sol flirting with Ky while Ky tries to help someone. Somehow, this is what resulted. I feel vaguely like I've just written a Discworld crossover by accident.

Title: The Third Degree of Denial
Summary: Ky's trying to be helpful. Sol isn't. From an outsider's point of view, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
Characters/Pairing: Sol/Ky, Sin
Word Count: 2030
Rating: PG

It must be a hard job, being king. )
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Ah, where to start on this one? It ties in with a lot of embarrassingly detailed theories I've been toying with for ages about exactly how the Sol/Ky ship could have been quietly ticking away in the background of the series all along. It's based in part on an attempt to give the first GG game some actual plot, and just as much on one of the most gratuitous premises I could have come up with. It's the angstiest Sol/Ky fic I've written since Game Over. There are a couple more parts mostly written following this one, though it's been stalled for a while now. We'll see if getting part one posted gives me the impetus needed to get going on it again.

Title: Five More Years
Summary: Guilty Gear: The Missing Link didn't tell us much about Sol and Ky's reunion. This wasn't because there was nothing much to tell.
Characters/Pairing: Sol/Ky, others from the first GG game.
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: R
Word Count: 2990

TLater on, when he needed an excuse, Sol would blame most of what happened next squarely on the fact that after five years, Ky had still had the nerve to look exactly the damn same. )
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Finally done! (Sorry for the wait - my beta reader's had to deal with a seriously uncooperative couple of weeks) Total word count now comes to 16,000 words, which I am embarrassed to admit makes this truly gratuitous AU the single longest fic I've yet finished in this fandom (even Chain of Command barely made 12,000). clearly this only means I need to get going with the next long to epic length fic on my WIP list ASAP

Also, now it's done – I've no idea whether people actually have been spotting most of the random (and often somewhat oblique) references to assorted other bits of vampire pop fiction scattered through the earlier chapters, but I'll, oh, offer a drabble request or something to anyone who can list the most of them. ^_~

Title: Sign of the Cross (a.k.a. the Completely Gratuitous Guilty Gear Vampire AU)
Summary: Gears or vampires, it's all just another day's work for the Holy Order. But they never do quite manage to screen some of their more unusual recruits as carefully as they ought to either.
Characters/Pairing: Sol/Ky
Chapter: 5 of 5
Rating: NC-17 overall, PG for this part
Word Count: 2260
Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Ky wakes mid-morning to find himself in his own bed, alone. )
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Title: Sign of the Cross (a.k.a. the Completely Gratuitous Guilty Gear Vampire AU)
Summary: Gears or vampires, it's all just another day's work for the Holy Order. But they never do quite manage to screen some of their more unusual recruits as carefully as they ought to either.
Characters/Pairing: Sol/Ky
Chapter: 4 of 5
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4690
Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The walk back to headquarters passes in a blur. )

Smash '09

Aug. 17th, 2009 10:19 pm
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After last year's somewhat lackluster Manifest experience we decided to give Smash a try this time around, which turned out to be as good a call as we could have asked for. Smash is a lot smaller than Manifest – probably not even as big as Waicon – but it may well have been the best organised anime convention we've ever been too. Queues were short and moved quickly, the staff were helpful and friendly and never seemed run off their feet, there were two excellent food stalls right outside, and there was even a live video feed of the cosplay comp for entrants to watch backstage while waiting for their turns. Things ran a bit late on the second day and they could have used more seating for the cosplay competition (a lot of people were left sitting on the floor, standing at the back or watching from the balcony), and the host for the event was, not to put too fine a point on it, not John, but none of that took too much away from the experience. The people were more friendly and enthusiastic than at any other con I can ever think of, and they stopped us to ask for photographs/complimented our costumes/oohed and ahhed over Lisa's art/recognised us from the Internet a lot over the two days, which all terribly good for one's ego. Lisa only managed to book a table for the Sunday, which turned out to be the quieter of the two days, but a respectable profit was still made and for once we had a day free to actually see what was going on around the con. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable con experience.

A bit of general travel stuff )

Smash: Saturday - WEWY cosplay redux )

Smash: Sunday - Ky and Robin cosplay )

Monday - last minute touristy stuff )

Still a heck of a lot of things I've been meaning to get written up and/or posted sitting on the queue, but now there's no huge, urgent cosplay projects looming over me, that should be a little easier to get around to.
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Full con report is taking some time to assemble, so in the meantime, the uber-summarised version:

Joshua and Sho cosplay: Runner-up Best Skit on Saturday! \o/

Ky cosplay: Runner-up Best Cosplay on Sunday! \o/ \o/

Smash: Very possibly the best run anime convention we've ever been to.

Sydney fandom: Incredibly friendly and completely deserving of such a good con.

Catching up with friends/getting to know some new ones: Only sorry I won't get to see you all again sooner. <3

Sydney shopping: Left us a bit poorer but very much the happier for it. :3


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