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When I originally wrote my Who's who of Six Pack post, I meant to include an entry for Vanessa – who was never strictly a member of the team, but got lots of scenes with them and played a comparably significant role in both our heroes' backstories. I eventually took her entry out, not because I'd changed my mind but because I have such a soft spot for her that her entry was getting large enough for a whole post of its own. This is the finished version.

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Addendum to my post about Vanessa Carlysle. Her story arc in the Nicieza's original run weaves its way through the early X-Force issues (#1-24), the first arc of Cable (#1-4) and Deadpool's first solo mini (The Circle Chase #1-4). Though it hangs together surprisingly well as a whole, the relevant parts of X-Force #20-24 amount to only a page or two per issue, with the rest taken up with unrelated stories about the main team. Nevertheless, those pages do do a lot to put events from both Cable and Deadpool's early solo series in context (and are lucky enough to be after the end of Liefeld's run, so the art is much less eye-bleeding than it might have been). To save others the trouble of tracking them down, I've uploaded just the relevant pages here.

Shenanigans, starring Copycat, Tina, Domino, Deadpool, Grizzly, Hammer and Cable-as-Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Comic )
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While going through the latest Good Intentions chapter my beta reader pointed out I really ought to throw together some sort of quick guide to all the younger X-Force members who pop up in the story. Even if they're not much more than window dressing to the story I'm telling, Cable is sorta leading their team at this point in history, and there are a lot of names to keep track of.

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A commenter in my last post asked if I had any recs for someone trying to get back into comics after many years away. I started writing up a reply, and it quickly turned into a laundry list of everything I have enjoyed from Marvel since I got into them, which is a bit on the long side to fit into a comment. So I figured what the hey - why not turn it into a proper post? It'll be nice to share something positive on the subject for a change.

A few words to put this list into context: like many of us these days, my gateway to Marvel fandom was through the movies. The specific culprits were the 2007 Iron Man movie, which got me into a few various Avengers titles, and the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which I thoroughly enjoyed, I do not care what the rest of the Internet may think of my taste!), which got me into Deadpool. I've rarely strayed all that far from those entry points since.

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It’s been most of a year now since I made that ‘Why I’m Not Reading Generation Hope’ post. But despite all my best intentions of giving up the flagellation of deceased equines, Marvel have done a stellar job of positioning her to be very difficult to ignore. Watching what they’ve done with her since has been a gradual slide from frustration to resignation to a sort of trainwreck amused fascination with just how far the writers have gone to avoid delving into a single one of the few plot points that I would have found interesting.

Under the cut: a whole lot of rumblings on Generation: Hope, X-Sanction, Avengers vs X-Men and the general state of the Marvel universe and my investment therein )

But seriously, even if you read no other part of this post, you should go check out Andrew Wheeler's unofficial scorecard of Avengers vs X-Men reviews, because even if nothing else good has come out of the whole event, they alone would just about make it worthwhile.
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So I'm back from Japan, and also a good 9000 words and two drafts into the next chapter of Summers'son. The upshot of this is that I can now get away with posting about other stuff with a clean conscience again. The unrelated upshot of starting with this particular topic is that for once in my life, I honestly cannot think of anything of substance that an extra four-thousand-odd words of rambling could add to this review.

The Avengers movie was, quite simply, everything I never dared hope it would turn out to be.

It lives up to the hype, people. ALL of the hype.

If by some miracle you do not already have plans to see this movie at your first opportunity, now may be an excellent time to consider reprioritising.
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The first issue of that X-Sanction thing came out earlier this month, and while I have very little interest in picking it up I’m hardly going to pretend I wasn’t curious about how they’re justifying this whole Cable-comes-back-from-the-dead-to-kill-the-Avengers-thing, so I've been reading some reviews. So far, no great surprises. Cable is – for the second time in three years – suddenly not dead for no well-established reason. He really is out to kill all the Avengers because on his latest visit to the future he found out they’re somehow responsible for preventing Hope from saving the world. The twist, if you can call it a twist, is that he’s in a particular hurry to get all this done because he has only hours left to live before the TO infection kills him.

That’s right folks, Marvel is all set to kill off Nathan Summers for the third time.

(All this when only last week I was having Deadpool spout off a line about how one more death and they’ll be able to use him to teach the kiddies to count on Sesame Street. My hand to god, I honestly thought I was kidding.)

There comes a point in the life of every indignantly over-invested comic-book-fan where you’ve just got to throw up your hands and laugh. This is very much one of those times.

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So. Schism.

Dec. 5th, 2011 02:45 pm
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While I'm in this groove for getting some thoughts down about recent Marvel events I wanted to say a bit about Schism. On the whole, I'd give it a sort of surprised and tentative thumbs up, but it's such a weird balance of things that worked really well and things that really didn't that it makes an interesting case to pick through.

My usual rambling thoughts, which may or may not be a thinly veiled excuse to share my own thrilling fridge logic on what was really driving the break-up. )
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Speak of the devil, these scans turned up over at scans_daily about 24 hours after I put up that last post, and I've been kind of boggling at them ever since. I guess at least you can argue they're taking a step away from the 'unbelievably stable, well balanced and well socialised for someone with her upbringing' aspect of my previous criticism, but at the same time it's clear Hope is bollocks at leading, planning or strategy, which are the exact things she should be good at after being brought up by Cable. It does seem safe to say that the only reason she's getting away with any of this bullshit is a combination of the messiah-worship going to her head and the fact she's mind-controlling everyone around her into agreeing with her, and she's presumably got to get taken down a peg somewhere down the line, but the creepy tone of those pages contrasts so violently with the way the series is being promoted and solicited ("NEW CREATIVE TEAM! Hope and what is left of her five lights travel to China to find their latest recruit. Wait, is that X-Villain SEBASTIAN SHAW?" - and not a word about whether the leader of the team is spiraling out of control) that one starts to wonder if the mind control is extending past the fourth wall somehow. Comments go on to bring up most of the same points of criticism that have been bugging me, which is validating to a degree, but again only highlights the problem.

There's nothing wrong with showing a character being flawed, making bad decisions and struggling with the temptation to abuse her power. But so far the X-Men seem helpless to get her under control, or even to recognise and talk openly about the fact that they might have screwed up with Hope somewhere along the line, and that makes them look pretty pathetic. Especially after the mammoth amount of time and effort they've put into raising and protecting her.

Meanwhile, we've got X-Sanction to look forward to next month, which, according to the solicits, sounds like the tale of how Cable comes back to life to take down the Avengers in the name of protecting Hope (or something). That would be a pretty unbelievable concept for a storyline from so many different angles even if it wasn't looking like it's the world that needs protecting from Hope these days. It would be nice if we could assume that a premise that illogical has to have an interesting explanation, but with Jeph Loeb writing, I'm not holding my breath.
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Stating up front this is going to be much less a review than a whole lot of frustrated venting coming out at the end of what is now a whole year of build up. I'm not in any way going to discourage dissent in the comments – in fact if anyone who is actually reading Generation Hope and/or enjoying her as a character, I would be very interested to hear why, as I'm actually much happier to hear 'the industry is producing works tailored to tastes which differ from yours, in ways you have perhaps not considered' than to be left with 'the industry just doesn't know what the fuck it's doing anymore', which is about where the whole matter is sitting in my head right now.

So, I'm not reading Generation Hope. This isn't much of an announcement; if the sales figures are to be believed, hardly anyone else is either. The only thing that makes my disinterest notable is that a year ago, back when I was writing my glowing and rather stunned review of Second Coming event, Generation Hope was one of the titles I was most looking forward to. See, what sold me on Second Coming was the fantastic sense of scale to the story. Tasked with the unenviable job of giving us a climax to two inimitable years of waiting for Cable to make it back from the future with a young mutant who we were assured had to be important because, if not, why would so many evil people want her dead? - it delivered one of the most cleverly thought out, edge-of-your-seat reads I've seen from Mavel in recent memory. It never got as far as answering the big questions about exactly what Hope represents, but it did finish with a tantalising hint in the form of five new 'lights' revealed on Cerebro's mutant GPS – the first to appear since M-Day, and certainly not coincidentally related to Hope's return. It was an inspired teaser for the next step for the X-Men line.

But in practice, Marvel had put me off the concept so fast and so thoroughly in the months following Second Coming that I never even got as far as reading issue one. That's a dizzying turnover rate for the enthusiasm.

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(Because yes, Marvel are apparently doing that already, and they've decided Jeph Loeb is the guy to do it, and for all that I hate to contribute to the general aura of pessimism in the western comic fan community over every new development that gets announced, with the state of Loeb's work in recent years it is beyond me to picture this ending well.)


Well, it goes without saying that it would be a Cable & Deadpool series, doesn't it? Only that's not something that would be so easy to justify now, looking at the direction either character has been taken in since their big break-up. Not impossible, but short of ignoring everything that's been done with either of them since their break-up (tempting, but not exactly clever) you'd have to think carefully about what direction you'd approach it from in order to make it work.

Here's how my version would go. )
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The ramblings below are going to be mostly about Cable and Deadpool/Marvel Comics, but if anyone who's completely unfamiliar with that fandom wants to throw in their two cents on broader canonical-accuracy-in-fanfic issues, please do join in. I'm in a discussion-y sort of mood.

With Let Slip the Dogs of War mostly done now (main story finished, epilogue two off to the beta reader) it's time to get working on the next idea that's sunk its little plot-snake fangs into me for this fandom. The only trouble with this particular idea is that it requires a lot of early scenes set in the early New Mutants/X-Force era – and that's a bit awkward, because outside of the Deadpool-related issues, I've read next to nothing from that part of the series, and only have a very vague understanding about who was around and what was going on. Since the whole idea depends on sending the timeline veering into AU territory I have leeway to fudge the details, but I'm not going to get very far without mentioning anything about the non-Cable-or-Deadpool characters and conflicts from around then. More importantly, I run the risk of putting off people who do know that part of the series well by getting things wrong.

Sure, most of the people likely to read it will probably be in the same boat as me – in it for C&DP, and interested in their earliest appearances mostly for backstory reasons, but I've been thrown out of fic myself before because a minor character I'd gotten myself attached to was acting wildly OOC. * I should be making at least a token effort not to make the same mistake.

So, yeah – in short, I'm stuck in that old fanfic question: just how well should you know canon before you can get away with writing about it?

Ah, the joys of comic book fandom )
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Here I am, innocently trying to make headway with the WIP list from hell, and what happens? The Wolverine movie throws me headfirst into my annual Marvel-binge, and a week or two of inhaling comics at a dangerous rate later, I'm posting Cable/Deadpool fic instead.

Er. Oops?

Actually, considering how many times this year I've been derailed by stuff a whole lot less enjoyable, I'm not really complaining. The whole Cable&Deadpool series was awesome fun, after all. =3 And I'm, like, this close to being able to whittle a couple of things of that WIP list now, honest! Just don't ask about the Life on Mars/Dr Who crossover taking up twenty pages of my notebook.

The Marvel-binge thing actually does look like it's becoming a bit of an annual tradition, which is to say the same thing happened to me last year after Iron Man came out (only focused around the Iron Man/Avengers/Captain America titles that time, rather than 'anything with Deadpool'. And just as much [livejournal.com profile] velithya's fault, if not more so). Not much precedent from before that, unless you count my DC fling from back in '04 (Young Justice! <3), but given the number of movies Marvel's supposed to have in the works right now... yeah, if the standard keeps up, plenty of time for this to make tradition-status yet.

They're a funny old medium, Western Comics - as good a practical example of Sturgeon's Law as you could ask for, but the 10% (or 5%, or however you cast it) out there that is worth reading can be a damn good way to waste a few afternoons.


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