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I've been meaning to write up some proper tumblr recs for all the best Man from UNCLE slashfic I've been finding around the web since I fell for the show, starting with three of my all-time faves. It turns out, however, that I can't adequately explain how much I love the work of authors like Cord Smithee and Kellie Mathews without the post growing to much longer than is really appropriate for tumblr. So, once again, I've dumped the full post here, and posted a cut-down version to tumblr, minus most of my editorialising.

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Crossposted from over on my tumblr, which apparently is where I post most these days, as fandom trickles away from LJ. Such is the way of great fannish migrations.

For ages now I've been telling myself (and occasionally other people) I'll get around to putting together a list of all the great Cable & Deadpool fic from the halcyon days of '09 when I first joined the fandom, when the LJ comm was busy and the kink meme in full flight. There is a ton of good material out there that never made it to tumblr or AO3 - but before I get to the specific recs, I figured it'd be a good idea to give people a quick primer as to where to look over on Ye Olde Livejournal.

A quick LJ Resources Primer

[livejournal.com profile] cabledeadpool is the main community for the comic. Hasn't been more than sporadically active in a long time, but the archive goes right back to when the comic was still coming out.

The Cable & Deadpool Kink Meme
Created during the massive fandom influx in '09 after Deadpool's cameo in Wolverine: Origins, and ran a good 15 pages or so before slowing down, producing many of my favourite stories ever written in the fandom - most of which have also never been reposted or archived anywhere else.
Most of the older fic worth reccing can be found at one or the other of those links - or you can save yourself some hunting and go straight to these incredibly handy masterlists one helpful fan put together, which link to just about everything:
Speaking of LJ links, also worth checking out is:
Bodyslide By Two: The Cable/Deadpool manifesto
The manifesto was written way back '08, predating the post-Wolverine influx, but the case it makes for the pairing that's as relevant as it's ever been, and there's a decent rec list of some of the older fic.

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A commenter in my last post asked if I had any recs for someone trying to get back into comics after many years away. I started writing up a reply, and it quickly turned into a laundry list of everything I have enjoyed from Marvel since I got into them, which is a bit on the long side to fit into a comment. So I figured what the hey - why not turn it into a proper post? It'll be nice to share something positive on the subject for a change.

A few words to put this list into context: like many of us these days, my gateway to Marvel fandom was through the movies. The specific culprits were the 2007 Iron Man movie, which got me into a few various Avengers titles, and the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which I thoroughly enjoyed, I do not care what the rest of the Internet may think of my taste!), which got me into Deadpool. I've rarely strayed all that far from those entry points since.

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