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Since most of my activity here nowadays seems to be me writing Man from UNCLE meta or fic on every topic under the sun, I figured it was time to make a proper masterpost of everything I've posted here or to various comms.

Most of these links go to LJ, though there are a few at the end to odds and ends I've posted to tumblr too.


  • UNCLE slashfic recs masterpost – [LJ Mirror]

  • My fic:
    • Fatale
      Pairing: Napoleon/Illya
      Summary: Napoleon’s weakness for femme fatales has never been one of the more ambiguous facets of his sexuality. (Or, a world in which Illya began his career on the wrong side of the law certainly isn’t one where Napoleon is any less likely to wind up in bed with him.)
      Rating: NC-17
      Word Count: 6,630
      Notes: Alternate universe, contains gun-kink and some bondage

    • A Unified Theory of UNCLE, in four parts
      Pairing: Napoleon/Illya
      Summary: In a world where the occasional well-placed enemy mole or major security breach is simply a matter of course, a handful of UNCLE's most sensitive operational directives have never been committed to paper at all.
      Rating: PG
      Word Count: 28,544
      Characters: Napoleon, Illya, Waverly, with appearances by Angelique, Ursula Alice Baldwin, Mark Slate, Gemma Lusso and "Wanda"
      Notes: Effectively a mix of elaborate crack theories and historical trivia built around a faintly ridiculous amount of flirting, fluff and prolonged UST


    • The Man from UNCLE – Complete Season 1-4 subtitles – [LJ Mirror]
    • Ripped from the DVDs, available in text format. Not as good as proper episode scripts as the lines lack attribution, but handy for checking dialogue in a hurry.

    • Complete production credits spreadsheet – [LJ Mirror]
    • So, I started making a spreadsheet to get my head around which of the recurring cast showed up when, and got a bit carried away. Set up to be sortable either by episode airdate or original production order, covers shooting dates, air+rerun dates, directors, writers, and pretty much all the other credits available for import. Should be useful to anyone trying to figure out chronology and recurring influences.

    • MGM Character bios – Napoleon, Illya and Waverly – [LJ Mirror]
    • The original source for a lot of details that made it into collective fanon without ever really coming up in the show, like Napoleon's yacht and Illya's love of jazz.

    • Original outlines for UNCLE and THRUSH – [LJ Mirror]
    • Published with some of the early promotional material, and packed with details that didn't make it into the show, like the existence of the Mask Club and some of the other entrances to UNCLE HQ. Includes scans of some early promotional articles.

    • The UNCLE Special – [LJ Mirror]
    • Scans of some articles with detailed technical info on the UNCLE gun.



    Book reviews

    Trivia and other odds and ends from tumblr

    Date: 2016-02-25 07:14 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile] rallamajoop.livejournal.com
    Hi yourself! I kind of love that we've got folks in this fandom old enough to remember the show when it was originally on air - both for history's sake and just for getting more different perspectives in the mix. (Like meeting Doctor Who fans at cons old enough to have actually seen the missing episodes, to the envy of everyone else in the room.) Fandom over on tumblr makes me feel old and crotchety sometimes, it skews so young. (Apropos of nothing, gosh that gorilla can play the drums! Costuming too has come a long way in the last half-century.)

    Although it was still undeniably sexist by modern standards.

    Yeah - I mean, it comes and goes, but there's definitely moments even in UNCLE that really make me cringe, and plenty of others I know I give it more leeway on because it's a show from the 60's and I know how much worse it could be. And yet, I'd still say it's overall less sexist than some big budget modern productions I could name, le sigh. How far we've come, how far we still have to go...

    ahem - slash is also a euphemism for urinating

    XD yeah, I have encountered that one (also a guitarist, and a genre of horror movie!) Fortunately usually not too ambiguous in context. ;)

    Like many fandoms - and long term fan I might be, but I'm still fairly new to fandom - I think it feeds on the gaps in the narrative. There's little to fill in or fix, if canon does it all for you.

    *nodnodnod* I've seen it pointed out many times that canons with really tightly-plotted stories may be hugely popular and still not inspire much fic, simply because there's no space left to play in. I have my own convoluted theories on how half the reason fans get so much into slash and other non-canon pairings is that you get to start with nothing more than characters and maybe some good chemistry on screen, and everything about the hypothetical romance is up for exploration. But that's a whole other tangent.


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