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Since most of my activity here nowadays seems to be me writing Man from UNCLE meta or fic on every topic under the sun, I figured it was time to make a proper masterpost of everything I've posted here or to various comms.

Most of these links go to LJ, though there are a few at the end to odds and ends I've posted to tumblr too.


  • UNCLE slashfic recs masterpost – [LJ Mirror]

  • My fic:
    • Fatale
      Pairing: Napoleon/Illya
      Summary: Napoleon’s weakness for femme fatales has never been one of the more ambiguous facets of his sexuality. (Or, a world in which Illya began his career on the wrong side of the law certainly isn’t one where Napoleon is any less likely to wind up in bed with him.)
      Rating: NC-17
      Word Count: 6,630
      Notes: Alternate universe, contains gun-kink and some bondage

    • A Unified Theory of UNCLE, in four parts
      Pairing: Napoleon/Illya
      Summary: In a world where the occasional well-placed enemy mole or major security breach is simply a matter of course, a handful of UNCLE's most sensitive operational directives have never been committed to paper at all.
      Rating: PG
      Word Count: 28,544
      Characters: Napoleon, Illya, Waverly, with appearances by Angelique, Ursula Alice Baldwin, Mark Slate, Gemma Lusso and "Wanda"
      Notes: Effectively a mix of elaborate crack theories and historical trivia built around a faintly ridiculous amount of flirting, fluff and prolonged UST


    • The Man from UNCLE – Complete Season 1-4 subtitles – [LJ Mirror]
    • Ripped from the DVDs, available in text format. Not as good as proper episode scripts as the lines lack attribution, but handy for checking dialogue in a hurry.

    • Complete production credits spreadsheet – [LJ Mirror]
    • So, I started making a spreadsheet to get my head around which of the recurring cast showed up when, and got a bit carried away. Set up to be sortable either by episode airdate or original production order, covers shooting dates, air+rerun dates, directors, writers, and pretty much all the other credits available for import. Should be useful to anyone trying to figure out chronology and recurring influences.

    • MGM Character bios – Napoleon, Illya and Waverly – [LJ Mirror]
    • The original source for a lot of details that made it into collective fanon without ever really coming up in the show, like Napoleon's yacht and Illya's love of jazz.

    • Original outlines for UNCLE and THRUSH – [LJ Mirror]
    • Published with some of the early promotional material, and packed with details that didn't make it into the show, like the existence of the Mask Club and some of the other entrances to UNCLE HQ. Includes scans of some early promotional articles.

    • The UNCLE Special – [LJ Mirror]
    • Scans of some articles with detailed technical info on the UNCLE gun.



    Book reviews

    Trivia and other odds and ends from tumblr

    Date: 2016-02-25 03:47 pm (UTC)
    From: [identity profile] rallamajoop.livejournal.com
    [and apparently I broke the comment limit slightly; here's the rest]

    Which, haven't rewatched all of them yet, but it starts off, as you say, grimdark, and is almost completely irreconcilable with the initial seasons. No hope there, where hope is what the first seasons have in abundance.

    It does lighten up a bit later on, but in a weird kind of way where you have graphic torture scenes and perky innocents sharing space in the same episode. So bizarre. As you say, the lack of hope really starts to wear you down. I'm not sure I even fully recognised what a bit part it played in what made UNCLE work for me until it was gone. :\

    That clip you have with wet Illya is hysterical because I was just capping that one and very much enjoying making icons of it... Wet T-shirt Illya pulling himself up, yum! :)

    You know, I actually remember eyeing that particular one when the icon batch turned up on my friend's list. V. nice indeed. *_*

    Aaand now I should really be getting for bed, but thanks for this lovely long comment - I really do love getting them. <3

    Date: 2016-03-08 10:58 pm (UTC)
    From: [identity profile] seagull2eagle.livejournal.com
    I broke the comment length on my reply too. ;p

    the series may have sort of dropped his PhD out there and forgotten about it, but the fact he has some sort of science background is implied often enough. He often mentions reading scientific papers on various subjects, and he's the one explaining technical details to Napoleon a lot of the time.

    True enough. And the pHd wasn't even mentioned itself until season 3. The pHd might have been the nod to the fandom like of the scientist rather than the start of it. Though with him explaining things to Napoleon, I often got the impression that Napoleon did know most of that and was just winding Illya up because he liked to. ^^ And, well, the audience needed to know.

    Is there actually a single scene of Illya at a microscope at an UNCLE lab in the show?

    Now that you mention it... I can't think of any. {tilts head and thinks} None? They're usually out in the field. There's not a lot of episode time with them back at headquarters, unless the series is set in headquarters. And of those... no. Hummmm.... Interesting point!

    Interestingly, I'm watching season 3 now, and you're right that it's not as silly as people say it is (at least at the start), but I *am* finding it more difficult in general without any expectations, and I think I've traced at least part of it out: They're trying to please the fans.

    Seasons 1 and 2 just basically went with the original ideas, though they did do their nods and interactions with fans in various ways (increased Illya time - the running and jumping of Illya time that you mentioned ^^ Illya shirtless time... ^^). But season 3 seems to be deliberately *trying* to do things with the characters, and things that the fans had claimed to want to see. It's not working because it's forced, and it's not natural. That's the way a lot of series go in the end - changing for the fanbase, when the fanbase fell in love with the original product. (I'll never, ever get why they decided that Brisco County Jr. needed to be changed because of the watching demographics to match the demographics, which... canceled the series because everybody stopped watching it when they changed it.) It could be also a bit more strain on the actors because of the fame and not as easily played in their scenes. There's something that's just a bit more forced about the episodes so far.

    Hope is definitely more enjoyable. I will also often bypass fanfiction with bad endings because while those might be more realistic, they're not what I need. Life is miserable enough sometimes, without the thing that brings enjoyment and a detachment from everything also going there. Shows, and fanfiction, need to have that hope in them, because that's what makes things better. Without that... it might be realistic, it might be art, it might be drama, but it's not enjoyable and it's not what most people fall in love with. The first few seasons of UNCLE succeeded in that part along with fun and friendship as well.

    Wet!Illya in season two is also combined with a heck of a lot of Shirtless!Illya. I was capping the Foreign Legion episode and rather admiring an actor that would do so much of it in just his briefs. ^^ The undressing scene in the plane was hysterical. That, almost certainly, was a fan nod. Yet, a fun, silly one, that was quite delightful.


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