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In 2008 I moved out of home, quit my job, went back to university to start a PhD, visited Melbourne and attended my first con out of the state, visited Japan and attended my first con out of the country, finished a novel, made two-and-a-half (counting one that's still in progress) new costumes from scratch, barely made it to the skating national champs, and generally ran myself off my feet. It's been one hell of a year, and that's without even touching on all the crazy big international stuff (which mostly doesn't affect me personally but is bound to be how 2008 goes down in history) that's gone down in the last few months (or the fact that we finally got Good News Week back on TV at long last. \o/)

I did not get nearly as much writing done as I might have hoped, but that's probably not something I should beat myself up for too much under the circumstances.

Overall, 2008 was mostly pretty awesome. But I can only hope 2009 will be a whole lot less exciting.

And then I spent the first week of 2009 variously a) building a giant A.B.A. key, or b) procrastinating about building the giant A.B.A. key, but it's actually done now ZOMG! (save painting), so it was not a week utterly wasted. (No, that is not me in the photo, that is instead the prospective A.B.A. cosplayer who will have to actually lug it around on the day - and as you can see they are getting on very nicely and probably planning to elope the minute my back is turned. But those are my feet sticking in on the left side if anyone is curious.)

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