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Fun things I got to wake up to this morning: [livejournal.com profile] saqra drew me some lovely art to go with that ridiculous Sol/Ky belts idea I posted earlier this week. ♥♥♥ (Flustered chibi-Ky and sweatdropping Sol FTW!) Meanwhile, apparently the idea got to [livejournal.com profile] narazale at 3AM a few nights back and got us another version too. XD Now all I need is to find someone willing to do the doujinshi version and I'm all set. *g*

In other GG news, even though we're still not quite done with the manga, there's not too much more I can do with it right at the moment (I haven't forgotten about it, I swear! I've totally got ch. 9 almost translated, I'm just waiting for another translator to get back to me about ch. 8 >.>), so I went ahead and made a start with the next project I was going to have a crack at translating - namely the three Night of Knives drama CDs. So far I'm up to about the fifth track of the first CD (though I badly need to get [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque of the Much Better Working Japanese Skills to go back over what I've done so far and help me fill in some bits I couldn't figure out and correct all my mistakes before it'll be much use to anyone), but I keep sort of stopping to go "oh my god, when did translating get this easy? =D" No more of this fiddly messing around with bad quality scans of kanji I've never seen before, oh no - this time I've got hold of the complete Japanese script (plus the mp3's, of course), so with that + Rikai-chan, translating most lines is suddenly as easy as running the mouse over each tricky word and noting down the English version as I go *happy sigh*. The story's been really interesting so far too - I swear there's more information about Millia and Zato's relationship alone in the first scene than the whole rest of the series put together. Of course, I've also heard the reason the translator who did the other drama CDs didn't translate this one was because he didn't think so much of it, which makes me wonder if it's set to start dragging out and go downhill at some point, but for now I'm happy to wait and see.

More about Night of Knives )
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So [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque and I got done with translating the script for the third chapter of the Guilty Gear manga, and to flesh out the webpage a bit I wrote out some general info and summary stuff to put up as well. Then I realised that despite telling everyone about this project, I never actually linked to where I've been posting things. *headdesk* Go me?


Guilty Gear Xtra Manga Translations

(suggestions/corrections/etc all welcome)

Debating whether it's worth registering a domain name for the place, since the URL's on the long side as it stands and it wouldn't cost me all that much. On the other hand, first I'd have to come up with a name I like, and I'd want something general enough that I could use the same place for other GG plot stuff, should I ever get around to that. Hm.

Still more Overture links, and what may be the best screenshot I've found yet )
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ETA: SO I TOTALLY POSTED THIS LIKE A COUPLE OF HOURS TOO SOON! There are even more of these pics turning up now. So a couple of new interesting ones have been added under the cut, sourced form here and here. ^_^

Yeah, this is me ranting semi-coherently about GG: Overture again (probably getting towards spam levels by this point. I don't think I have any good excuses >.>), picking up from a couple of updates back on that last post. Relatively reliable rumour now says that this is not a prequel as people originally assumed but a game set some years after the timeline of the rest of the games. How this quite fits in with the giant multi-cliffhanger which is the near future of GGXX or which bus stop Sol accidently left the Fuuenken at I can't even guess, but those would be questions to be left until there's a little more info out in a language I can read.

Anyway, the point I'm getting to is that there are a bunch of new screenshots from the game. Wouldn't usually bother with a whole extra post about it, however, these ones do seem to feature an appearance from a character I had not been led to expect. So I'm posting this because I need to share a little punctuation.


</forced coherency mode>


Text: (rough translation, not very interesting anyway) Hm? Ah, I'm sorry. Continue the report.

(For those of you who took as long as I did, what you're looking for in the probable identity of the Mysterious Guy on the left of the screen is around about his midriff.)

(Unless of course you're [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque, in which case I'm pointing you to the 'dot dot dot' part of the dialogue in the picture below:)

Remaining pictures cut for occupational health and safety reasons. PS: No, I am not drooling on my keyboard. )

In not entirely unrelated news, [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque and I have been having a go at translating the GG manga, mostly on the basis that it really didn't look like anyone else was ever going to do it if we didn't. Only then we found out that there *were* a couple of others out there who were starting on their own scans and translations and who wanted to know whether we might want to collaborate. So now we're going to have good quality scanslations and an extra translator to help out. ^_^ I'm not seeing too much of a downside.



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