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As my One Piece experience draws me ever closer to something approaching up-to-date with this monster, it has come to my attention that this might be an appropriate time to share what I shall call "Everything you never wanted to know about me and shipping but have already come to suspect".

1. Things that have always turned me away from a ship at the door:

  1. Partners are separated by a large age gap 1 and/or maturity gap 2, (unless, of course, said pairing has the get-out-of-jail-free card of having at least one partner who is immortal or otherwise ages at a non-standard rate, in which case all bets are off 3). This goes double if the relationship resembles a parent/child dynamic, but stands regardless.
  2. Partners have never or only briefly met in canon, and showed no overwhelming interest in each other at the time. 4
  3. Ship is hindered by massive canonical impediments, eg, one of them is an unrepentant mass murderer and the other a good guy, one genuinely wants to murder the other, completely irreconcilable life goals, one of them is dead, etc – such that it is, at best, more of a shipwreck than an actual ship. 5
  4. The ship breaks up my OTP and steals all the good fanart goddamnit

  5. 1 say, for the sake of the argument, more than 50% the age of younger party, eg: any teacher/student ship from series like Naruto or One Piece
    2 eg: Katara/Aang
    3 eg: Sol/Ky, arguably Cable/Deadpool
    4 eg: many years of half-hearted bitching about Kakashi/Iruka
    5 eg: Subaru/Seishirou, Zato/Millia, Vriska/Tavros

Cut to avoid f-list clutter )
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"Much like the TARDIS, soil moisture is variable in both space and time..."

Thank you, brain. No really. That was very helpful.

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Thus far my One Piece binge has got me to the end of the Water 7/Enies Lobby arc (episode 335 to be exact) and still very much in the honeymoon period of my love affair of every last one of those wonderful Straw Hats. How Oda managed to pull off the dynamic of what should, by all reason, have quickly devolved into a Ranma Half-style traveling sitcom the occasional endless shounen battle scene I do not know. God, but I could watch that merry band of dipshits mess around on deck just about forever without it getting old.

I think that a lot of what makes it work is that as easy as it should be to split the crew down lines of smart/dumb or strong/weak, everyone gets their moments of subtle genius, and everyone falls victim to their personal blindspots (be it women, money, or ability to follow simple directions) frequently enough to mess things up. Everyone can be scared, everyone has their moments of bravery; everyone screws up or gets a face full of seastone and needs to be bailed out once in a while and everyone might be that last crew member left on their feet or the one person in the right place at the right time to make the difference. They'll bicker and bitch and have to physically hold Luffy back from punching sleeping giants in the eye, but even the prickliest members of the team really don't have to be pushed all that far before Zoro and Sanji have ditched their latest argument and are working like a well-oiled machine, and Nami is telling Usopp not to worry about the money. Because One Piece, at its heart, is a story about nakama, and the wealth of affection everyone on that crew has for everyone else is never far below the surface, but it goes a long way down. They all complement each other and compensate for one another's weakness, and add up to a whole that is infinitely more than the sum of its parts.

On which subject, even beyond the Straw Hats themselves I feel like there’s a remarkably strong theme about the families you create running all through the story. For all the family the crew leave behind as the join the Straw Hats and all the childhood tragedy that seems to be prerequisite for candidature, hardly anyone’s birth parents or genetic siblings have any major role. I kinda like that; I’d be hard pressed to think of any other story where adoptive relationships are consistently given so much weight.

Cut for a paragraph or so of character-squee x 8 Straw Hats )

But where would the Great Age of Pirates be without some SHIPPING? )

In conclusion: Apparently I slash everyone. And really need to do some more poking through fandom to see if all my ideas have been written already before they get any deeper entrenched in my mind. Recs, anyone? =D
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One of those many things I meant to post about last year but never quite got around to would have been a nice long spiel about how much I loved Inception and how badly I got (briefly) sucked in by the glorious insanity that was its fandom. Hence (give or take several months delay while both I and my beta reader found ourselves helplessly flat out with the pre-Waicon hustle), fic!

The idea for this one came from a thread on the kink meme (I think, I have failed utterly at finding the same prompt again since) asking for a Superhero AU where the characters have access to all their assorted dream-powers in real life. So Eames would be a shapeshifter, Cobb would be able to read minds, Ariadne would be able to walk through walls wait wrong movie warp reality or something, etc. A nice idea, and I have a weakness for superhero AUs at the best of times, but I really wasn't planning on writing in this fandom – at least, not until it struck me that the dream-powers it would be most interesting to see working IRL were some of those that hadn't come up in the thread at all...

Anyway, splitting it into two parts to post. The next one only needs a few final edits and should be done within a week at most.

Title: Somnambulism
Chapter: 1/2
Summary: [Superpowers AU] The first time they meet, the point man shoots him in the head. Eames tries not to take it personally.
Characters/Pairing: Implied Eames/Arthur
Rating: PG
Word Count: 9400 (this part)
Warnings: Not much more than you’d see in the movie. Violence, characters involved in morally dubious activities, writer tackling fandoms and/or subject matter outside her usual range – the usual.

In the lists of suicidal mistakes one can make while looking into the face of someone who could beat your elevator to the roof of a multi-story building and still have time to adjust his cuffs, straighten his tie and select his favourite silencer before the doors open, this is so close to the top that it doesn't matter, and the only thing that saves Eames is that the other man has just done the exact same thing that he has. )
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RE: The latest spoilers for this year's Doctor Who specials (spoiler free reaction)


(deep breath)


(okay, I'm done. X3)

Which is also to say that I have had Doctor Who on the brain for the last week, and I already wasted way too much time today (and yesterday) reading the most awesome virtual season 5 Doctor Who fic ever written. Then I went out to the Internet and it was all true.

Well, not all true, obviously. *waves hand* Just both of the important bits.

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About that Hope and Free Sol/Ky doujinshi project people were planning a while back, would there happen to be any artists looking for some story ideas for it? Because [livejournal.com profile] aphelion_orion and I may just have come up with one...

Cut for rather silly fangirlish rambling and minor wardrobe malfunctions )
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I had this giant post of Guilty Gear stuff I was going to write tonight, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow, because I spent too much of this evening horribly distracted. [livejournal.com profile] factorielle and I have come up with the best Doumeki theory ever.

(Actually, most of the comments on that post aren't relevant. The important part starts at the end of this comment and picks up again a couple of comments later at this thread.)

You just try and tell us that's not all absolutely true, and a work of genius. XDXD

Edit: Oh yeah, a warning - everything on that post contains recent xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa spoilers liek whoa.
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ETA: SO I TOTALLY POSTED THIS LIKE A COUPLE OF HOURS TOO SOON! There are even more of these pics turning up now. So a couple of new interesting ones have been added under the cut, sourced form here and here. ^_^

Yeah, this is me ranting semi-coherently about GG: Overture again (probably getting towards spam levels by this point. I don't think I have any good excuses >.>), picking up from a couple of updates back on that last post. Relatively reliable rumour now says that this is not a prequel as people originally assumed but a game set some years after the timeline of the rest of the games. How this quite fits in with the giant multi-cliffhanger which is the near future of GGXX or which bus stop Sol accidently left the Fuuenken at I can't even guess, but those would be questions to be left until there's a little more info out in a language I can read.

Anyway, the point I'm getting to is that there are a bunch of new screenshots from the game. Wouldn't usually bother with a whole extra post about it, however, these ones do seem to feature an appearance from a character I had not been led to expect. So I'm posting this because I need to share a little punctuation.


</forced coherency mode>


Text: (rough translation, not very interesting anyway) Hm? Ah, I'm sorry. Continue the report.

(For those of you who took as long as I did, what you're looking for in the probable identity of the Mysterious Guy on the left of the screen is around about his midriff.)

(Unless of course you're [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque, in which case I'm pointing you to the 'dot dot dot' part of the dialogue in the picture below:)

Remaining pictures cut for occupational health and safety reasons. PS: No, I am not drooling on my keyboard. )

In not entirely unrelated news, [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque and I have been having a go at translating the GG manga, mostly on the basis that it really didn't look like anyone else was ever going to do it if we didn't. Only then we found out that there *were* a couple of others out there who were starting on their own scans and translations and who wanted to know whether we might want to collaborate. So now we're going to have good quality scanslations and an extra translator to help out. ^_^ I'm not seeing too much of a downside.



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