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Finally done! ^^; Meant to have this posted ages ago (and I've still got all our WEWY stuff from the same trip to cover yet ><), but as so often happens with good intentions like that, distractions are plentiful and free time rather less so. Anyway, better late than never and all that, there is more than enough to cover.

Since I've already talked about the more general experience of the Tokyo Gameshow in a previous post (and the Squeenix closed theatre session elsewhere) I'll just summarise here: most of the interesting GG-related stuff happened on day two of the convention. I was cosplaying Millia, and [livejournal.com profile] velithya (my partner in crime for the purposes of this report) was there as Sol. We were there with a bunch of other friends as well, but they were cosplaying from other series, so won't feature so prominently in this report.

The ArcSys booth was pretty low-key this year. I was expecting they'd probably have some major promotional stuff for that upcoming shameless GG clone BlazBlue game, but there was next to nothing there about it. As compared to the giant display they had last year when they had Overture to promote, there wasn't much more than a small presentation area. This is not entirely a bad thing - as friends of mine had reported from last year, the advantage of being fans of a game made by a small company with a booth that doesn't get as much attention as the big industry names is that the staff are a lot less busy and a lot happier to talk to you or, say, track down Ishiwatari Daisuke for a cosplayer who wants a photo with him. Queues for the signing in the afternoon were much shorter too, which you learn to seriously appreciate after seeing how bad they get around places like the Squeenix booth.

The staff also included a helpful English-speaking staff member was nice enough to answer a couple of our bigger questions, which I'll cover here before I get bogged down with posting all those photos down below.

At long last, answers to a couple of those big Overture-related questions )

The rest of the report and lots of photos )
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I’m having this rather horrifying revelation about Overture.

It’s taken a couple of days of being irritated at the game for having the nerve to exist at all and gradually hunting through the web for answers to all the really difficult questions about just what we were supposed to think was going on. However, if you can somehow put aside the fact this game is simply incapable of fitting into the canon we know, has graffitied over my favourite pairing and hardly even let my favourite characters interact on screen, then I’m stuck with this nasty little conclusion about the story.

I enjoyed it.

Oh man, am I ever going to have to jump through hoops to explain *this* one )
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As promised, a bit more of a run down of what we actually got out of Overture once the story mode hit the web.

The not-so-good )

The not-so-bad )

And the yaoi (hey, I had to find some *somewhere*) )
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Well, the Internet provided at last - I've finally gotten to see right through the story mode from Overture. Was even lucky enough to find a Japanese fan who'd been good enough to transcribe large chunks of the dialogue into Rikai-chan friendly format, so I managed to figure out most of the story too. Hah, no wonder fandom was going so nuts over it. In retrospect, I can't really blame 'em.

I'll get around to posting some in depth thoughts and links on it all later (not as much positive to say as I would've liked after all that *sigh* but I'll get to that when I get to it). For now though, I thought I'd better see if I could shed any light on one of those tricker questions a quick browse of the net suggests everyone's still stuck on - the exact identities of certain parts of Sin's parentage.

Spoilers ahead, if that wasn't obvious )
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To the Guilty Gear fandom side of the f-list:
It’s not that I’m avoiding you. It’s just that I keep running into public posts about the big plot revelations at the end of Overture (or to be more specific, I keep running into suspect subject lines and scrolling for my life). Normally I’d probably just spoil myself and be done with it, but having seen the first five chapters already – putting me just at that point where you start picking up on the major plot elements and starting to wonder how they’re going to develop – and having fair reason to believe I’ll be able to see the rest of them in order in the relatively near future (or at least before the waiting drives me mad) – I really would like to be able to go through the rest of the story without knowing what I’m going to see at the end. I’d rather not even know whether people liked what they’ve been hearing just yet. If it’s good, fantastic – I’ll have a good surprise to look forward to. If it’s bad, I’d still prefer to wait and see for myself whether anything in the lead-up mitigates things any. Call be crazy, but it’s not exactly often we get any new plot in this fandom, and I want to make the most of it.

The result is that I’ve been skipping over a large chunk of my f-list lately – probably including a lot of stuff that’s perfectly innocent. So if there’s anything I should’ve seen, drop me a note or a link and I’ll check it out.

To the Perth-based and xxxHOLiC sides of the f-list (yeah, all of you at once, believe it or not):
Five days left until Wai-con! (If I’ve sent anyone into nervous panic with the extra reminder, I apologise profusely). Half of you (from Perth anyhow) I know I’ll be seeing there – and for the rest of you, and probably just about anyone else who’s bothering to read this, I’d love to see you there too.

Actually, for those who aren’t in this city or haven’t been here long, I should probably explain what the big deal is. )

Anyway, since I’ll be spending most of this year’s con at a stall anyway, I thought I’d make some more pipe foxes to sell. I’ve done seven so far, and I’ve got another three halfway finished. Most are in the traditional pale yellow-brown, though I’ve also done a couple in white for variety, and even a couple in different colours just for fun (we’ve got enough of a crafty history around here that we actually have a whole selection of scraps of assorted colours of toy fur sitting around in our sewing room – how could I resist?) I’ve got no idea how well they’ll sell yet, though considering the kind of reaction they've gotten even from people who haven’t read holic themselves, I’m pretty optimistic. If I do wind up with any leftovers though, I'll probably see about selling them online. I know I won't be lacking for demand there, in any case. ^^;

I only hope this plan doesn’t end in my getting dogpiled by requests. I’ve had a lot of people wanting to buy one off me since I put up those first photos. Even putting up the tutorials didn’t seem to help very much.
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Thanks to Nicovideo, I'm gradually working my way through the story mode from Overture via gameplay vids. Most of the scenes I've seen so far are ones I'd already seen thanks to all those screenshots, but it's still completely worth it to see the full animated version with all the gaps filled in. I've been posting this sort of stuff straight to the [livejournal.com profile] guilty_gear comm lately, but this is mostly rambling, commentary and general impressions, so I'll leave it as a personal journal thing.

Characters, old and new )

Story Mode, the first five chapters thereof )

A few last bits of speculation RE: Sin, etc )
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Finally done, with still a safe couple of days before the game comes out officially and josses all this to hell left to go! Thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] velithya and [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque for betaing and helping me come up with ridiculous adjectives (and to the rest of you for general enthusiasm - I can only hope the finished product will actually live up to the teaser ^^;).

For the few of you who don't know what I'm on about, y'see, there was this thing back when the early info about Guilty Gear 2: Overture started showing up on the web - with all those tantalising pictures of that mysterious new Sin character - where people started coming up with some fun little crack theories about his origins. And look, really, if all the new info that's come out since has only added new evidence to the point that theory actually started sounding *plausible*, and if certain people kept egging me on to take the idea to its logical conclusion, it's not really all my fault, is it? ^_~

Title: The Story of Pants on a Stick
Genre: Crack, with a side order of fluff, and more than a little Sol/Ky floating around in the background
Rating: R, but only for Sol's language.
Word count: 4120

A quick bit of intro )

And the actual fic )
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Finally sat down long enough to get all my assorted thoughts about the upcoming Guilty Gear title into some kind of order (good thing I did too, because they’ve been *breeding* in here, I swear o_O). Some new info, some old, and a whole of guesswork and opinions about what we might see from the game. I get a little tl;dr when I let myself start editorialising – consider yourselves warned.

Gameplay – general impressions, vague predictions about success, and why you’re not allowed to compare it to Dynasty Warriors anymore )

Plot – being the important bit, including what we know so far about each of those new characters (and also what we don’t) )

Just to finish off, some collected links )
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If anyone wants me this afternoon, I'm going to be with my TGS Guilty Gear 2: Overture media pack, okay? Okay. =3

([livejournal.com profile] velithya ♥ ♥ ♥ )
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Three new characters revealed for GG2: Overture. And almost before fandom can blink, there's another article with better pics and screenshots galore (seriously, is this stuff coming out unnaturally fast, or am I just too used to Squeenix being unnaturally slow?). Anyway, there's a new girl called Valentine who looks to be one of the villains, possibly the first important one encountered (and she fights with a BALLOON ON A STRING. AN EVIL, TRANSFORMING BALLOON ON A STRING. With lace and a bow at the bottom. Ah, Guilty Gear, I love you so.) There's also a kitsune-looking guy called Izuna, who seems to be hanging around with Sol and Sin, and a dragon-like creature called Dr. Paradigm. He's reminding me of Beast from X-men a bit, but I don't know what else to make of him yet, and it looks like Sol doesn't either.

So, you know how you come up with those utterly cracked theories to explain the origin of some character in this-series-or-that, which would never make any sense if it wasn't 2 AM in the morning, but then they get stuck in your head and before you know it you're finding all this other evidence that seems to prove them? I'm doing a lot of that this week. This time, I can't even find a single piece of evidence to contradict me.

So, in short, Sin (the new character from Overture) is clearly Sol and Ky's kid.

Reasons why this must be true )

It's almost too perfect. ...I must need to get out more. o_o

See also: Why Doumeki is a clone, and why KH!Cloud is the bastard lovechild of FFVII!Vincent and FFVII!Cloud.
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So [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque and I got done with translating the script for the third chapter of the Guilty Gear manga, and to flesh out the webpage a bit I wrote out some general info and summary stuff to put up as well. Then I realised that despite telling everyone about this project, I never actually linked to where I've been posting things. *headdesk* Go me?


Guilty Gear Xtra Manga Translations

(suggestions/corrections/etc all welcome)

Debating whether it's worth registering a domain name for the place, since the URL's on the long side as it stands and it wouldn't cost me all that much. On the other hand, first I'd have to come up with a name I like, and I'd want something general enough that I could use the same place for other GG plot stuff, should I ever get around to that. Hm.

Still more Overture links, and what may be the best screenshot I've found yet )
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ETA: SO I TOTALLY POSTED THIS LIKE A COUPLE OF HOURS TOO SOON! There are even more of these pics turning up now. So a couple of new interesting ones have been added under the cut, sourced form here and here. ^_^

Yeah, this is me ranting semi-coherently about GG: Overture again (probably getting towards spam levels by this point. I don't think I have any good excuses >.>), picking up from a couple of updates back on that last post. Relatively reliable rumour now says that this is not a prequel as people originally assumed but a game set some years after the timeline of the rest of the games. How this quite fits in with the giant multi-cliffhanger which is the near future of GGXX or which bus stop Sol accidently left the Fuuenken at I can't even guess, but those would be questions to be left until there's a little more info out in a language I can read.

Anyway, the point I'm getting to is that there are a bunch of new screenshots from the game. Wouldn't usually bother with a whole extra post about it, however, these ones do seem to feature an appearance from a character I had not been led to expect. So I'm posting this because I need to share a little punctuation.


</forced coherency mode>


Text: (rough translation, not very interesting anyway) Hm? Ah, I'm sorry. Continue the report.

(For those of you who took as long as I did, what you're looking for in the probable identity of the Mysterious Guy on the left of the screen is around about his midriff.)

(Unless of course you're [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque, in which case I'm pointing you to the 'dot dot dot' part of the dialogue in the picture below:)

Remaining pictures cut for occupational health and safety reasons. PS: No, I am not drooling on my keyboard. )

In not entirely unrelated news, [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque and I have been having a go at translating the GG manga, mostly on the basis that it really didn't look like anyone else was ever going to do it if we didn't. Only then we found out that there *were* a couple of others out there who were starting on their own scans and translations and who wanted to know whether we might want to collaborate. So now we're going to have good quality scanslations and an extra translator to help out. ^_^ I'm not seeing too much of a downside.

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Out on the web somewhere I remember once seeing someone comment about how cool it'd be if they ever did Guilty Gear as an RPG style game - maybe set somewhere earlier in the plot during the war or somewhere. And I took just long enough to go, 'oh yeah, that *would* be cool' before getting to the inevitable 'but like *that's* ever going to happen' part.

So I had to share this because I think my brain just melted.

Full scan )


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