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For once, I have nothing of much substance to say about heart-wrenchingly adorkable wonderfulness that is the D brothers flashback arc. All I've got is a bucket full of unadulterated squee and a sudden desire to go back and rewatch Ace and Luffy's Alabasta reunion with new eyes.

Two things that I probably ought to cut for spoilers, even though neither are remotely serious )
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In the rush to get everything finished in time for the Madman finals I missed my chance to say something timely about the rollercoaster ride that was the EoA5 animation, which is a real shame, because, I mean, damn. Worth every last minute of the wait (which, I would note, I got into Homestuck fandom just in time to experience in all it's month-plus glory). I don't think I can even remember the last time I was in a fandom where something with that many expectations riding on it managed to deliver on that many levels. Like, seriously, I am enjoying the fuck out of this thing, heart-rending tragedy, authorial trolling and all.

SPOILERS for everything up to the end of act 5. Also, a theory, which may just contain SPOILERS for stuff even later than that. But only if I'm actually right. )
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I have spent the last four days solid suffering from a moderately bad cold while trying to resurrect my desktop from a miserable hell of corrupted hardware. No data lost, thank god – the hard drive at fault went through so many warning spasms before giving up the ghost that I had ample time to back everything up – but, without going into all the fine detail, so many complicating factors turned up during the task of removing the dodgy drive that I eventually gave up, formatted the surviving disk and am now reinstalling everything from scratch. (Were I more superstitiously inclined I might wonder about the odd coincidence of timing by which my computer and myself have been progressing back to health more or less simultaneously, and find myself reinstalling some more drivers to see if it makes me feel any better. But that would be crazy talk.)

The upside, such as it is, was that I spent a more or less guilt-free weekend reclining in bed with my laptop and a large box of tissues waiting for this to format or that to install on the desktop, and have consequently finished Homestuck and now have my life back again. With that milestone cleared I feel the need to say a little more about the experience in post-mortem – not a full review, because my reviews get wordy enough under normal circumstances and I don't even know where I'd start on something the scale of Homestuck. The long and short of it is: I loved it, and probably more than anything else I've fallen for since Cable & Deadpool. But I can see why the latest act has been so controversial among its fandom, and with that in mind, I think I'm rather glad I didn't discover Homestuck any sooner, since I suspect I would have dealt with all the suspense, heart-rending tragedy and pages and pages and pages of Vriska's bullshit a lot less well had I been reading those pages as they came out.

Expanding on those last points a little. No spoilers, in case that matters. )
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You are Rallamajoop. You like WEBCOMICS because they give you an excuse to take a quick break in the middle of your workday without getting distracted for too long, but since DIGGER finished and you gave up on SOMETHING POSITIVE you haven't had many left to read.

You have just run into your third recommendation for HOMESTUCK in as many days. You don't really get what the fuss is about, or even what the comic is about except that it seems to involve A BUNCH OF KIDS playing an APOCALYPTIC COMPUTER GAME and there's this race of PANSEXUAL SPACE TROLLS involved somehow. You hear it's popular with the 4CHAN CROWD and it's fandom is WANKIER than a FOURTEEN-YEAR OLD HOMOPHOBIC AIM USER with STRONG OPINIONS ABOUT COMIC BOOKS while caught in the throws of MUTANT PUBERTY. On the other hand, some of those recommendations sounded very promising. Maybe it's worth a try.

What will you do?

=> What the hell. Give it a try.
=> Read next page
=> Read next page
=> Read next page
=> Read next page

[several hundred similar decisions deleted for space]

=> Read next page
=> Read next page
=> Read nex... no wait, don't read the next page. Notice what time it is.

It is now several hours since you started reading this comic. It is also well past your bedtime. What will you do?

=> ¬.¬
=> Read next page

Oh come ON. The Internet will still be there tomorrow. What, do you think you can finish the whole thing tonight?

=> ...
=> Check size of full comic archive and the relative position of your progress

You're... actually, you're not very far in, are you?

Well fuck. There goes your FREE TIME for the FORESEEABLE FUTURE.


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