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Not technically Christmas fic, but there’s enough of a homecoming theme to this that this felt like an appropriate time of year to share it. Again, thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] thano for betaing this for me.

Title: The Long Way Home
Summary: Behind the scenes, the Traverse Town crew had their own story to tell during the events of Kingdom Hearts.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Everything up to the ending of the first game
The fourth and final part of the ‘Of Flower Girls and Falling Stars’ series. Contains a few scattered references to previous parts, though not so many that it doesn’t stand on its own reasonably well. The timeline jumps back and forth a bit, but I don’t think it gets too confusing.

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The Long Way Home )
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Thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] thano for so kindly offering to beta this for me.

Title: Cloud
Characters/Pairings: All the FF crew (Cloud, Aerith, Leon, Yuffie, Cid and Tifa), some slight Cloud/Aerith (and maybe some even slighter Cloud/Tifa).
Summary: Traverse Town gets a lot of visitors, but few of them ever stood out so much as this one.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: References to both games, but nothing too specific.
This is the third part of the ‘Of Flower Girls and Falling Stars’ series, but it stands well enough on its own that there’s no great need to read the previous sections first. A lot of the inspiration for this fic came from some things Nomura mentioned about Tifa in this interview here and the extra scene in Final Mix where Aerith confirms that she has met Cloud, knows he’s looking for someone, and even knows there’s someone looking for him as well. The rest is pure speculation.

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Finally got the second part of Of Flower Girls and Falling Stars this back from the beta and finalised! This was going to be posted as a single part, but it appears I've broken the LJ character limit, so the second half will have to go up in a separate post. Never imagined this thing was going to get so long. ^^;;

Title: Of Flower Girls and Falling Stars
Part: 2 of 4
Characters: Aerith, Cid, Squall and Yuffie, plus the Disney castle crew.
Rating: PG
Summary: Nine years is a long time to spend not knowing what happened to your world, but you find ways to fill in the time.
Warnings: A whole lot of speculation, copious use of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters (who, in case anyone had missed this, quite definitely do *not* belong to me). No major spoilers to be found here though.

When they arrived, Traverse Town was little more than a firm place to stand in the endless nothing of the cosmos. )
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Title: Of Flower Girls and Falling Stars
Characters: Aerith, Cid, Squall, Yuffie (largely Aerith-centric)
Summary: This is the world that would become Hollow Bastion, in its final days.
Rating: PG

Because it’s all very well for them to say things like ‘our world was destroyed nine years ago’, but then you go back and check the characters actual ages and you realise that Yuffie’s only sixteen years old, and even Aerith’s only twenty-two. These characters were only *kids* nine years ago. There had to be something more to the story to tell.

At exactly three and a half minutes before sunset, a star fell from the sky and landed with a fizzling splash in the duck pond in the castle gardens. )

Whew - so nice to have this thing finally cleaned up and posted. Not only is this now the longest single fanfic I’ve ever written, it’s spawning *sequels*. *Three* of them. I’ll be going with this thing for a while yet. ^^;;

ETA: The first of those sequels is now up here. There's also a fairly silly omake for this part, which can be found here.


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