Date: 2014-11-23 08:25 am (UTC)
Ack, missed this comment when it happened somehow!

and I just got my first fiction sale

Slightly OT, but all the same, dude, congrats!

My own Yuletide fic is in no danger of hitting novel length, but change a fandom name or two and the rest of this sounds ridiculously familiar. A lot of the reason I put my name down for Yuletide this year was in hope of giving myself an excuse to write something for one of the shiny new fandoms I've got myself into recently... so, naturally, I get assigned to write for the one fandom I offered which I've actually written for before. XD So I'd love to still find time to write a treat for someone in another fandom as well, but I still have my own unfinished megafic in yet another fandom I don't want to completely lose steam on in the meantime, and this damn thesis ain't gonna write itself either...

Or in brief: I feel you on all of this, you have no idea. ^^;

But, as you say, there's always next year - and all minor gripes aside, I've had more than enough fun with the process thus far that it's very likely I'll be up for it again.

I am also keenly aware that I left that quest to clean up and post Who kink meme stuff only part finished. :/

Given how long it took me to get to the same stage, I can only sympathise here too (started late 09, only really finished last year - and I've *still* got that one huge, ancient, never-properly-edited epic left to go). And I didn't even have much comment fic to clean up - but, hey, good luck on finding the time and motivation to finish the job, whenever that may ultimately be.
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