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Probably to be the last in the series, following the previous vaguely-Shiki/Eri fic in which Shiki hardly appears, now here's a vaguely-Neku/Joshua fic in which Joshua doesn't appear at all.

Title: The Opposite of Death (and the Recognised Stages of Coming To Terms with your Gain)
Part: 3. Disorganisation
Summary: Neku can't imagine why Eri ever wanted to talk to him to begin with.
Characters/Pairing: Neku, Hanekoma, implied Neku/Joshua
Rating: G
Word Count: 2490
Warnings: Post game, spoilers for everything.
Previous: 1. Shock and Numbness 2. Yearning and Searching

There’d been some kind of expectation in his head that it would all have to be either easier or harder – either Mr H would spill the whole story the moment he walked in or he’d get to Cat Street to find the Wildcat was gone and the street address was now filled by a pet shop filled of tropical fish, and run by a foreigner who spoke only enough Japanese to insist she’d been working there for years. )
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Title: The Opposite of Death (and the Recognised Stages of Coming To Terms with your Gain)
Part: 2. Yearning and Searching
Summary: Neku can't imagine why Eri ever wanted to talk to him to begin with.
Characters/Pairing: Neku, implied Shiki/Eri
Rating: G
Word Count: 3260
Warnings: Post game, spoilers for everything.
Previous: Part 1

As of 1PM on the third Saturday since he woke up back in the real world, Neku has known Eri for slightly over an hour, and so far his defining impression of her is that she makes him uncomfortable. )
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Title: The Opposite of Death (and the Recognised Stages of Coming To Terms with your Gain)
Part: 1. Shock and Numbness
Summary: So you die, and then you get over it and get on with your life. Neku and friends get their first chance to trade notes on some of the stranger side-effects to come with being alive again.
Characters: Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme
Rating: G
Word Count: 2710
Warnings: Post game, spoilers for everything.
Notes: Written as the first part of a series of loosely-connected fic, set shortly post-game. Thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] thano for betaing (and many apologies and much embarrassment that I then went and took this long to find time to make the final edits and get this posted *hangs head in shame*) Some vague shippiness for later parts, but so far thoroughly gen.

If anyone had actually come out and asked Neku how he thought it all worked, he’d have had to admit he’d pretty much been taking it for granted that what happened in the UG stayed in the UG and it’d all take care of itself. )

Smash '09

Aug. 17th, 2009 10:19 pm
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After last year's somewhat lackluster Manifest experience we decided to give Smash a try this time around, which turned out to be as good a call as we could have asked for. Smash is a lot smaller than Manifest – probably not even as big as Waicon – but it may well have been the best organised anime convention we've ever been too. Queues were short and moved quickly, the staff were helpful and friendly and never seemed run off their feet, there were two excellent food stalls right outside, and there was even a live video feed of the cosplay comp for entrants to watch backstage while waiting for their turns. Things ran a bit late on the second day and they could have used more seating for the cosplay competition (a lot of people were left sitting on the floor, standing at the back or watching from the balcony), and the host for the event was, not to put too fine a point on it, not John, but none of that took too much away from the experience. The people were more friendly and enthusiastic than at any other con I can ever think of, and they stopped us to ask for photographs/complimented our costumes/oohed and ahhed over Lisa's art/recognised us from the Internet a lot over the two days, which all terribly good for one's ego. Lisa only managed to book a table for the Sunday, which turned out to be the quieter of the two days, but a respectable profit was still made and for once we had a day free to actually see what was going on around the con. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable con experience.

A bit of general travel stuff )

Smash: Saturday - WEWY cosplay redux )

Smash: Sunday - Ky and Robin cosplay )

Monday - last minute touristy stuff )

Still a heck of a lot of things I've been meaning to get written up and/or posted sitting on the queue, but now there's no huge, urgent cosplay projects looming over me, that should be a little easier to get around to.
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Full con report is taking some time to assemble, so in the meantime, the uber-summarised version:

Joshua and Sho cosplay: Runner-up Best Skit on Saturday! \o/

Ky cosplay: Runner-up Best Cosplay on Sunday! \o/ \o/

Smash: Very possibly the best run anime convention we've ever been to.

Sydney fandom: Incredibly friendly and completely deserving of such a good con.

Catching up with friends/getting to know some new ones: Only sorry I won't get to see you all again sooner. <3

Sydney shopping: Left us a bit poorer but very much the happier for it. :3
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It occurred to me that what I really ought to do for this year's Wai-con ball - especially given the 'Demons and Angels' theme for the con this year (assuming there *is* going to be a ball, but if not plans could always be shifted back to the next appropriate cosplay-ball event that comes along) - is go through with the vague threats of cosplaying Goth-Loli Joshua* I've been making since Japan. ;)

Only trouble is, not being particularly invested in Goth-Loli fashion, I don't actually own anything remotely suitable. So this would be me asking whether there's anyone around Perth who owns something appropriately frilly and girly in about my size that they might be willing to lend me. ^^;

Failing that, of course, there's always the option of actually buying something new. Given that horrible particular clothing brand addiction I came back from Japan with, there might even be one or two things on their webpage I've been eying off a bit...

Any thoughts?

* Oh yeah, this might need qualifying for people who haven't played TWEWY, because this is far more than a bad joke about Joshua's prettiness (and/or probable sexual preferences). You see, dressing any of the male characters in drag is part of the game - and it'll probably give them better stat bonuses than most of the male clothing options. Joshua's just the easiest to get into drag, because he's got the highest base bravery stat (read: willingness to be seen wearing this stuff in public) of any of the guys. That lacy parasol in the picture is actually one of his own personalised accessories. Just reason #121 why WEWY is awesome.
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Only nine months late, finally I have gotten around to sorting and posting all those photos from our The World Ends With You cosplay photoshoot in Shibuya last year:

Part 1: Six overenthusiastic cosplayers take on Shibuya
Part 2: Even more locations
Part 3: Omake

Next on the to-do list, it is so very past time I got those WEWY fic of mine posted - especially considering they've now been finished and betaed for weeks and really just need a few final edits. Free time for such things has been such a limited commodity lately. >.>;

In not completely unrelated news*, [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig and I are now all booked up for flights and accomodation for attending Smash this year (an anime con in Sydney about three weeks from now, for the link-phobic). We'll be running a stall there selling all her usual artwork on the Sunday - Saturday we plan to do this crazy new thing where we actually wander around and maybe even participate in the rest of the con for once.

Having been talked into cosplaying Ky around the same time those WEWY photos should have been posted** I've given myself the target of getting the costume done in time to wear it in Sydney, but it's looking thoroughly doable right now - and that would be the other thing eating up my free time around here lately. That and all the GG or CLAMP fic that's similarly overdue to be cleaned up and posted. Not to mention maybe a couple of things buried in the depths of the Cable&Deadpool kink meme... ah, new fandoms, you are so very bad for my WIP list.

* it's about travel! And cosplay! In fact, we're planning to take the WEWY costumes along for this one (because clearly they just weren't well travelled enough yet).
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My personal backlog of things I meant to post but never got around to is now so long it's long since become a matter of great personal embarrassment. Case in point: when I first finished playing The World Ends With You, I got halfway through a really extended critique/fangirling over it's various elements before I got distracted (possibly by a trip to Japan, possibly by a million and one cosplay projects, possibly by roughly the same number of writing projects, possibly even by the terror of starting a PhD or something similarly trivial). Anyway, excuses aside, the point is I still have three WEWY fic to post (as soon as my beta reader gets back to me), and a whole heap of photos taken in Shibuya to share (as soon as we get them all cleaned up), but in the meantime, getting this bit out of the way has to be a good start.

In brief, I loved it! The battle system, despite being confusing at first and often best handled by button mashing, is surprisingly fun after a little practice, the characters are all impressively developed and likeable – including most of the badguys, and the plot’s every bit as the involving as the best of Squeenix's work. The game gets a big tick in pretty much every box.

So it’s a real shame that the ending... kinda sucked.

A whole lot more discussion about that ending problem, spoilers galore )

Just to prove how very carried away I'm getting here, alternate ending pseudo-fic! Complete with emote icons! )

Okay, now that's all over with, back to the stuff I *did* like about the game (ie, *everything* else) )
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A question for the f-list at large: would any of you be familiar with that addictively little DS game The World Ends With You and willing to do a quick beta job on some fic for me? Three short fics, to be exact (written as a loosely connected series but all finished at once in the end) totalling about 8500 words and containing a bit of mild Shiki/Eri and Neku/Joshua. They've been variously floating around my notebooks and harddrive since sometime around last December, but they're done at last ( \o/ ) and well and truly due for posting by now~
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Obviously I didn't attempt NaNo this year or you would've all heard about it. But since one thing or another has kept me from writing or posting hardly any fic since I finished the Ghost Stories draft in late July, I did declare November Local Get On With It Already Month, and turned out the reasonably respectable total of about 20,000 words (most of which haven't been edited or posted yet). That's not counting over 15,000 words worth of posts since I got back from Japan about all that stuff I've been up to lately, which doesn't strictly count but does chew into one's writing time in a significant sort of way. So I'm going to call that a decent sort of success.

While I'm talking about writing, I thought I'd post a new WIP list - partly so I can use it for my own checklist, but also for anyone who might be interested in what's in the works (or who wants to put in a vote for where my priorities should be out of all those different projects). No proper extracts this time because I am feeling lazy though convincing me to add them in probably would not be all that hard.

Also while I'm talking about writing, [livejournal.com profile] cheloya and [livejournal.com profile] lunargeography, I know neither of you are on LJ much lately, but if you are reading this, are you still up for betaing duties if the story in question is ready some time soon? ^^;

xxxHOLiC/Tsubasa fic )

The World Ends With You fic )

Guilty Gear fic )

...yep, that should about keep me going for a while. x_x
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I have now written probably around 10,000 words of various Japan report posts (and I'm still not done askhglkas), but to save all that tl;dr, there can be no better way to summarise the trip than this. Marvel at our lame attempts to stay in time with either the music *or* each other for more than two hip-wiggles in a row! And you probably all thought I was kidding with that post title back there. ^_~

Edited by [livejournal.com profile] k_chan009 (<3<3<3), staring everyone who came with us on the trip plus whoever else we could talk into joining in. In the end I don't think we covered even half the places we visited in Japan - so much running around that sometimes it was so very hard to remember to spare ten minutes to line everyone up in front of the camera. But this is a pretty decent subset, and no prizes for guessing what we were singing at karaoke that day. *g* Missing from the final cut: at least one take of me in front of the Udogawa mural losing it completely after making the mistake of glancing over to see what our Sho cosplayer was doing on my right. Aargh so many more photos still to come!

ETA: Because I just remembered that not everyone on the web has heard of the whole caramelldansen thing yet, have a wikipedia entry for context. ^^; Also, you should all go watch Where The Hell Is Matt? not simply because it was relevant inspiration, but also because I have not done enough yet today to spread laughter and warm fuzzies.
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It occurs to me it's way past time I said something up here about my plans for the next month, given how crazy, epic and generally incompatible with a good eight hours sleep per night they're looking from this angle. The short version is that I am going to be leaving for a few days in Melbourne tomorrow, coming home then heading to Japan a week later, with the rollerskating national champs squeezed in the middle. Yeah, somehow all this seemed like a good idea. (I would blame this on a whole lot of wonderfully crazy friends who kept making awesome-sounding plans, and I'm bound to regret it somewhere in the middle, but hopefully not that much if it's half as much fun as it ought to be~)

Plans also include Manifest, the Tokyo Gameshow, and a lot of cosplay )


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