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Hey everyone! How's things? Been having a bit of a month over here.

Since my last post I have attended a con, moved house and been separated from the Internet for nearly two full weeks. Granted though,, even if I had had Internet connection, I would probably not have had time to write this post.

Swancon )

The move )

Quick snapshot of some of the more impressive cosplay props that made moving more difficult. )

Probably going to be having some kind of combined housewarming/birthday party in a couple of weeks time. Depending on how long it takes to get ourselves organised, and all that.
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Back from another year of Swancon (+ couple of days to recoup, + after party at pancakes). Wasn't much at this year's con that could compare to what an awesome guest of honour Rob Shearman made last year (being one of the writers on the new Doctor Who and all around very approachable and excellent value on every panel I saw him on), but it was still overall a very enjoyable con. Attended many entertaining panels, got to catch up with all the usual suspects and an old high school friend I hadn't expected to see there as well, and as usual when many fans conglomerate met a couple of new awesome people as well. The music at the Masquerade was the one big let down this year - hardly anything worth dancing to was played all night, but the Millia/Ky balldress got me some very nice reactions from people, even if no-one had any idea who I was meant to be. Also finally got to bring out some of the crazier clothes bought in Japan, ate some of the best Chinese food I've ever had, and, more importantly, failed to get sick*, failed to get too horribly over-tired at any point and had no cosplay worries to stress about at all. That may well have been the most relaxed Swancon experience I've ever had. :3

*At least until the day after, and even then only a mild sore throat that's mostly gone already.

So of course we get home to discover that a letter we should have gotten to remind us our lease is running out didn't reach us for some reason, and now we've got rather less time than we were thinking we did to make up our minds about whether we want to move or not (probably yes), whether we need to find a new housemate to replace [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque when she leaves us soonish (also probably yes, and certainly at least one or the other), not to mention actually find a new place and/or housemate before crunch time.

Not sure what we're going to do about it all yet, but if any of you are expecting to be looking for a place to stay around Perth in the near future, now could be a really excellent time to let us know.
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...another post-Swancon wrap-up post. (For those who might be reading this who don't have a clue what I'm on about, Swancon is our main annual sci-fi con in this city - runs over Easter every year.) In short - it was a great con, and a good time was had by all. In not-so-short - I must have been to a few too many good Swancons by now, because I went to so many panels and found myself vaguely thinking "well, this is interesting, but not as interesting as such-and-such a panel I went to two years ago... I wonder if there's something better on somewhere that I'm missing?" etc. There was no video stream this year and not much in the way of interesting writing panels either. Of course, going into something as tiring as a con already sleep deprived doesn't help any, but mostly I think I'm just becoming a bit jaded and picky. Possibly a bit bored with the same venue they've had for the last three years running too - must be past time for a change.

However! All that said, this was not a con without its share of highlights. Screw what they might have tried to tell us about this being a general-purpose fandom con, I think everyone who was actually there would have to agree it was in fact a Doctor Who con that just happened to have a few extra activities provided on the side. *g* They had a replica rent-a-TARDIS in the foyer, complete with flashing lights and speakers to play the theme music off a CD (for those who are wondering, the replica version is quite distinctly not larger on the inside. Cue endless strings of photos of people playing the 'how many of us can we fit in TARDIS game'). There was a replica Dalek (also complete with flashing eyes and voice synthesizer) that appeared at the Masquerade and later hung around in the foyer for the rest of the con. There was a whole room of photos from a collection from series shown on the BBC since way back in the dark ages of the black and white era, which naturally meant an awful lot of pictures of a lot of different doctors. [livejournal.com profile] cescat, [livejournal.com profile] k_chan009, [livejournal.com profile] velithya and [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque all came dressed as characters from the latest series for the occasion too (cue many, many more photos) - and all did a damn good job with those costumes. Possibly a little too much success getting into character in certain cases too, for that matter... XD

But best of all was one of the guests of honour this year was Rob Shearman - one of the writers from the new series, who I can say with only minimal bias is one of the best value guests they've ever had. He's basically an old Doctor Who fan who actually got to live the dream of being able to write for his favourite show, but still had this great self-deprecating sense of humour about how the experience compared to expectations, whether he'd buggered it up in practice and how well he and the other writers all survived the gauntlet of fan opinion; and listening to him talk about it remained engrossing through every panel I saw him on throughout the con. We even got to talk to him a fair bit (well, mostly [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque did, because she's like that) and he was all around a pretty cool guy who sounded genuinely disappointed to have to go home again at the end of the con. Only wish I could've gotten to talk to him a bit more. This was a very good con to be a Doctor Who fan.

And no Swancon report is ever complete without a mention of the Masquerade - and I swear, the quality of the costumes there has been getting better every year. [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig and I just wound up recycling our Firefly costumes from last year this time, but what the hell, that giant layer-cake hoop skirt of hers deserved a bit more wear. The big highlight from this one was [livejournal.com profile] cescat and [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque's Labyrinth costumes - barely were we getting over the realisation that [livejournal.com profile] cescat is in fact David Tennant, when we had to deal with the knowledge that she is David Bowie as well (and [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque may very well be Jennifer Connolly too). XD The dance skit they put together to Dance Magic Dance came out great on the day too - I sure hope I can get hold of a video. =3 Seriously, I have got to get hold of some photos to link to - the resemblance is uncanny.

Came home tired but thoroughly convinced it was all worth it. A good four days spent pretty much entirely in the company of other fans is always going to be an Easter well spent.
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Swancon starts tomorrow afternoon! For those of you who were thinking about coming along, the prices are:

Full Membership - $130
Concession Membership - $110
Day Membership - $45

If there's a special price for the Masquerade only (which is Saturday night, btw), there's nothing about it on the website - probably day membership applies. The official website with the rest of the information is here.

I suspect that more cosplay may be the last thing a lot of us want to hear about right now, but in case I'm wrong, [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig, [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque and I will be running a panel on cosplay on Thursday night at 9:30 PM-10:30 PM. Not a great timeslot, but we're planning on bringing along a lot of stuff to show off and talk about, and we'd love to see people there (or, hell, anywhere at the con for that matter).
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*insert sounds of medium to large mammal coming up for air*

Ye gods it's nice to have some free time again. It has been a hectic month.

In a roundabout sort of way, I'm back at uni again.

As of sometime soon, when they get all those pesky forms sorted out, I will officially be working two part time jobs. This is not at all a bad thing as the one job I was previously working full time (at a small engineering consulting firm, for anyone who hasn't heard yet) is, despite muffiny perks, rapidly getting rather tedious. The new job involves expanding on my final year thesis topic back at the university, and even though I've only been away a few months, damn if it isn't weird to be back. Like, I walk into the CWR computer lab now, and there's no-one I know madly working on their thesis. That's just wrong, yo. Any of those of you still at uni interested in catching up at lunch some time? The class I went through my last couple of years with were a fantastic bunch of people, but have now virtually all deserted me on account of that little graduation thing, and possibly the desire to get as far away from that lab and as quickly as possible.

In other news, last weekend we all went to Swancon.

Swancon + cosplay photos )

On a final note, yesterday we finally got around to seeing Brokeback Mountain, about which I will say only this: it lives up to nearly all the hype about it. Wow. Also: ow. That is all.
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Ye gods, just barely in under the month-without-updates line. But there were reasons. Those reasons were Swancon.

Costume related trials )

The con to end all cons! (so far) )

Awards )

Masquerade time )

And some more con stuff )


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