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Normally, we're not the kind to pay much mind to the standard seme/uke archtypes, but after basking in all the glorious slashiness of one of those recent Tiger & Bunny episodes, we found ourselves caught up in That Conversation over which of our heros would be the top in that relationship - much complicated by the fact that even if you do play straight from the stereotypes, this is one case where there's real ambiguity. While the seme!Bunny that quickly became so popular in Japanese doujinshi is a little hard to picture in the wake of, for example, EVERYTHING IN EPISODE 19, it's not exactly hard to see where the idea of uke!Kotetsu came from when the guy had been through not one but two separate princess-carry rescues by episode 10. At this point I made the mistake of uttering the words "Hey, someone should write a fic where [obvious third option] happens!" - and that was as mistake, because [livejournal.com profile] velithya immediately pointed out that person was going to be me.

Title: Like falling off a log
Summary: In which Kotetsu and Barnaby attempt, somewhat miserably, to have sex.
Rating: R
Word count: ~1050
Notes: Presumably set somewhere post episode 13, though no real spoilers. Not to be taken remotely seriously.

'Are you reading the instructions?' )
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.../things someone should write fic about

  1. Contrary to what the show would have us believe, Wild Tiger does have a dedicated fanbase, mostly comprised of three groups: a) people who really get into the uncompromising hero schtick he has going, b) people, mostly young and male, who don't give much of a damn about heroics but think it's totally awesome how he's always smashing stuff up on camera, and c) old ladies who, for no reason Kotetsu has ever understood, have decided he's absolutely charming. Alas, little old ladies don't contribute much to the sales of his trading cards.

    It all gets less G-rated from here. Also, some fic recs, which are not particularly G-rated either )
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Five Things About Superheros that would Make More Sense if they were all contestants in a Corporate-Sponsored Reality TV Program

  1. The brightly coloured spandex
  2. ("They need to show up on camera! They need to be recognisable, especially when they're moving at superspeed and all the camera gets is a red blur crashing into a brown blur! Think about how much more money we'll make if we can splash corporate logos and company colours all over their costumes!")

  3. The ridiculously skimpy bathing suits ("Sex sells. Why would you even question an idiom that gets you 2.5 million results on google?")

  4. The dangling question of who pays for all the damage (This being the other reason why it is vitally important every registered superhero has a well-funded corporate sponsor.)

  5. Why they're never allowed to kill anyone. Not even dangerously violent multiple murderers, and not even in self defence. ("Don't you realise this is supposed to be family entertainment? Do you want us to lose our prime-time timeslot?")

  6. The posing, the dramatic speeches about justice, the revolving doors installed in the prison cells of every single notable villain ("It's sad how the Joker keeps killing all those people, but every time someone catches him our ratings go through the roof!"), DID I MENTION THE COSTUMES?

  7. Barnaby Brooks Jr is Batman.

Okay, that last one's not even relevant, but in evidence, I provide you with the following picture of the same Barnaby Brooks Jr in menacing silhouette. )


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