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I am officially having a vastly inconsistent year for GG fic. I've spent the whole year thus far on and off working on the first part of my time travel fic and it's still not quite done - and then last week I got bitten by a completely new idea and had 6000 words written by Saturday, and now only needing a few final post-betaing tweaks before I can post it. Inspiration being what it is, these facts are probably not unconnected.

In other not-unconnected facts (whoa, segue!) Perth Supanova, the most commercial of our annual cons, was on the weekend before last, but due to that burst of fic writing I hadn't gotten around to saying anything about it. Brief report and cosplay photos under the cut.

Saturday - Holy Crap SUMMER GLAU! )

Sunday - Another round of Ky and Lina, but also containing an unexpected amount of Deadpool )
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A few of my friends have been doing these, so I thought I'd post some cosplay plans for next year of my own.

Firefly: River (Serenity version) )

Yu Yu Hakusho: Hiei )

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Syaoran )

So, anyone got any cool plans for new years? 'Cause over here right now, our schedule's looking sorta blank. ^^;
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Since the movie's coming out in a couple of months, my sister and I finally got around to watching all fourteen episodes of Firefly last week. By this stage I think we must have already ranted to... perhaps half of you? about our shared reactions to this show, so I'll sum up my overall impression in brief here:

OMFG they fsking CANCELED this show?!?

I mean, this is the show that *Mum* - the one who doesn't get science fiction at all, who never really got much out of Star Wars or LotR or any of the other classics - came in to watch with us whenever she caught us in the middle of an episode - even joined in with our communal grumbling about the insanity of American television network executives once we finished it. Watching Firefly has been one of those rare experiences like finding one of those stories you've wanted to see for ages but didn't think actually existed - it's dark and it's violent and it's cute and it's fun and it has nine of the most engaging characters I've seen on screen in a good while and if you haven't seen it already? Seriously, it is worth tracking down.

The movie comes out end of September. We'll be counting down.


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