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I'll get to writing a proper post about it when I've caught up on a little more sleep, but for now I will share this much:

 WE WON!!!                                                       (omg)   =D

Guys, the Madman finals are not only the biggest cosplay event we have ever entered, they are the biggest cosplay competition held anywhere in the country short of the World Cosplay Summit, and the standard among our fellow competitors absolutely lived up to that, and did I mention the grand prize to this thing includes a trip for two to Japan? It's just so ridiculously flattering even to have placed in this thing, let alone won.

It's been a hell of a rollercoaster job getting everything done over the last few months, but that's a story for that longer post. In the meantime have a link to the video of the whole event here (sound doesn't work for the first five minutes but is fine after that; we're on second last), and a couple of photos.

As I have already scarred you all with all that rainbow sparkletext, the pics will be kept safely under the cut )
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This is less of a post than an apology for the lack of posts here lately. I have so much stuff I'd like to be posting about it is ridiculous: comics commentary, Cable/Deadpool fic - even the inevitable Homestuck fic ideas. But I have had exactly zero time to do anything about any of that because the Madman finals were fast approaching and over the course of the last two weeks, several crucial tasks inevitably spun out into monsters requiring three times longer than had been budgeted - to the point that even this post is being written from my hotel room over in Brisbane, and it has taken more than twenty four hours for me to find the time for that.

Anyhow, the event in full is being livestreamed over the Madman website 1:30 PM local time, but for those reading this from Brisbane who may be joining us at Brisbane Supanova over the weekend, grab us and say hi if you see us around! We're entering the comp as Waka and Amaterasu of Okami, and we should be wandering around in the same costumes again on Sunday too. Our skit shall involve scale-model puppets, glowing weaponry, hand-painted backdrops and as much crazy sword twirling as we could cram into three minutes. It's gonna be a blast. And that's without even getting into all the other unbelievable stuff the rest of the awesome cosplayers have been making for this thing.

Now I really need to get some sleep. I still have to reprogram my lightsabre in the morning.
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While I'm not allowed out of bed much I've been spending some time working my way through Okamiden on my sister's DS and I would like to take this moment to say fffffff THIS GAME! Failed to hook me as more than a moderately diverting time waster for the first 6-7 hours, then became horrendously addictive out of nowhere for the next 20 hours or so, only to let me down again in numerous irritating ways with the ending. So much set up with so little resolution! So much unrelated resolution that comes out of nowhere! So, so many adorable baby animals. It is really hard to be properly angry at a game with so many adorable baby animals, but I can still seethe a bit.

A brief primer on the subject of the proper use of ~foreshadowing~ (Some spoilers) )


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