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Perth's Supanova was last weekend so I have a pretty substantial con report on my to-do list right now, but before I get to that there's some upcoming real-life stuff that needs covering a little more urgently. On Thursday this week I'm going to be in surgery having both my legs cut open.

The gory details. )

Anyway, the main thing I want to let people know with this post is that I'm going to be in hospital for a couple of days, then bedridden at home for at least a couple of weeks, and probably not looking at getting full mobility back until around the two month mark. My Mum is taking time off work to help me out while I'm immobile, and my sister [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig will be around in the evenings, but assuming all goes well, I am going to have ample time to get bored out of my skull.

I would really love some good book recs (anything people can either lend me or that I have a reasonable chance of tracking down at the local library before Thursday, for preference). Depending on exactly how drugged out I am through most of this, I am sure to be even happier to get some visitors. (And if I am drugged out of my senses and/or too grouchy to be fit company, [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig may be in a position to appreciate visitors even more.) One if not both of us should be contactable by phone pretty much whenever. I've been through enough surgery to have a decent idea how much unpleasantness I'm in for but actually being unable to stand up without assistance for long periods is going to be a whole new experience for me, and a few distractions can go an awful long way.
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Aaand I’m back! To where the weather is colder, but the Internet more reliable (holidays are wonderful and all, but nothing makes you appreciate good ADSL like being stuck on a dodgy low speed modem for a week).

All that skating stuff )

Other random: I could’ve sworn I saw someone in an Akatsuki coat just standing around at a bus stop the first night we were there. This is even weirder considering I would also swear I saw a Naruto cosplayer in Melbourne a few years back. Is random cosplay bigger in the eastern states than I realised or something? Even better, there was a girl in one of those skating events (which I got to see on account of NOT BEING SICK, DID I MENTION THIS? YAY!) in a Songstress Yuna costume. Wish I could’ve asked her about it, because I’m all curious now. Is she into cosplay outside of skating? Did she have a themed routine last year and decide to recycle the costume for another event? Did she just like the design? Dad’s got her on one of his videos if anyone wants proof – it’s a pretty simple costume as they go, but it’s far too distinctive to be coincidence.

Didn’t do a lot of sight-seeing this year. It’s my third time in the Gold Coast for skating, so we’ve pretty much done everything there already (and stuff like Movie World just isn’t so much fun when you’ve only got your parents there to keep you company). I did find a place in a practically deserted arcade selling all these gorgeous Chinese style clothes really cheap, though, so now I have this nice new outfit and no idea where I'll ever be able to wear it. ^^; Ah well, it’ll be sure to come in handy somewhere or other.

But one of the nicest things about these kinds of skating holidays these days is suddenly having all this extra time to write without the usual distractions. So, back to finishing all those xxxHOLiC AU's I started over there so I can get them posted. =D
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It's that time of year again* - tomorrow I'll be flying out to Queensland for a little over a week for the Rollerskating National Championships. Not precisely what you'd call a stress free holiday, but it's a lot better than nothing, and I am definitely ready for a break. (Wish me luck - I'm going to need it. ^^;;;)

And since I don't have too many writing projects in the works right now and I'm hoping to have at least a little breathing space while over there, I'm doing an xxxHOLiC AU request meme over here, and anyone who's into the series and might not have seen that post otherwise is more than welcome to come to play.

* Well okay, actually not - usually I'd have until September or so, but the internationals** being in Australia later on in the year have mucked up the schedule like you wouldn't believe.
** No, I am not going to be in the internationals. Don't ask me again. What'd you think I am, talented at this stuff or something? =P
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So, I'm back from Sydney.

Animania continued to be great fun through the second day. Finally managed to track down Clara and Tini (yay!) and I could stay long enough to see the cosplay comp and such that day. It sounds like most of the best costumes were on day one, but there was still some memorable stuff there - like the Shinji who brought his own cello and played us the opening bars from "Death and Rebirth" (and even got to tell the MC, absolutely deadpan, 'that everyone should just go die' XD Perfectly in character!). The karaoke competition was seriously impressive too - some of the finalists were terrific!

Then I got home and came down with a cold that left me stuck in the hotel for the next two days. If anyone who's been reading this journal for over a year just got deja-vu, that's because the same damn thing happened right before the comp last year. I don't know what to conclude except that I really don't travel well. ^^;;

I was still feeling a little sick during my first event, but I didn't perform too badly considering. *Just* missed out on second place, which was a little disappointing. The three Queensland judges put the Queensland girl ahead of me, which was generally voted to be more than a little suss. Actually, from all the complaints we heard from other skaters there seemed to be a *lot* of events where that happened this year.

Look, it's not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

At least I can say that, sick or otherwise, I gave it a hundred percent in that event; which is to say I practically collapsed afterwards and spent over the next hour lying down in the sick room and being told to drink large quantities of water and powerade. Apparently this worked, because I felt a whole lot better afterwards. (Thank god sugar has yet to be classified as a performance enhancing drug.)

There were six in my second event and I was pretty sure I wasn't in the running for the medals, so I decided to just go out there and try to enjoy myself for a change. Possibly I was still on a sugar high at this stage, but this was definitely the right way to play it, because I had a really fun routine to work with this year (it was a jive, using this song) and I wound up having the most fun I'd ever had at a competition with that performance. Didn't get a medal, but I'm still pretty happy with it all.

I had one final day free after that, so I met up with Clara and Tini again on Friday and finally got to do some touristy stuff. We wound up going around the Chinese gardens in Sydney, the best part of which was that they have all these gorgeous traditional Chinese costumes and headdresses you can rent out and wear around the gardens. I still didn't have a camera, but they took tonnes of photos which I'll have to get off them at some point.

I finally got to see X-Men 3 on the plane on the way back, about which I'll say only this: it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone has been telling me, but I don't have any particular desire to ever watch it again.
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I am right now in Sydney for the national rollerskating champs where, by wonderful coincidence, Animania just happens to be on the very same weekend. My timing so totally wins at life. ^____^

I really wish I could’ve brought a (finished) costume to this gig (and maybe five or six friends to glee over everything with, and Lisa’s art folder to flog to unsuspecting con-goers), but even for the measly three hours I had free to spend there today the con is entirely worth the long train trip. The vendors room has already successfully relieved me of a lot of money and there’s a place on the balcony that sells the best takoyaki I’ve ever eaten and another one with Totoro cupcakes. I’m kicking myself for forgetting to bring a camera, there’s been some great cosplay – a CCS Sakura, Syaoran and Meilin, one of the best Kairi’s I’ve ever seen (first I've seen on someone who’s actually skinny enough to pull it off o_o) and a really kickarse Yuuko at the Tamarket stall. (Pst [livejournal.com profile] cescat - there was even an Ashe and a Bunnygirl-who’s-name-I-forget there. Rest assured – your costumes truly are possible and I have witnessed it! – though I still reckon you’ll be able to do a better job of it ^^. And Pst the second, Clara's over here, right? If you’ve got her mobile number, do you think you could give her a call and let her know to look out for me tomorrow? Kept my eyes open today, but I didn’t run into her)

The venue this year is called The Brick Pit. Apparently, this is because it used to be... wait for it.. a brick pit. Seems pretty much like your standard sports hall now (made of bricks, sure, though this may be just coincidence). The floor was filthy today and slippery as hell, but my first event is pretty early in the morning so there’s a good chance it’ll be freshly cleaned for the occasion. The place we’re staying this year used to be a retirement village and this is no surprise. They definitely haven’t changed the hall music since then, for a start - it's all ancient. Otherwise, it’s not so bad, even though I’m stuck sleeping on a sofa bed. Barely slept at all last night, but I feel fine today.

Life is good.
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Back from darkest Melbourne! The week in summary:

Friends from Perth who have not been seen in months, caught up with while in Melbourne: 2

Anime geek supply outlets visited: Many. X)

Naruto cosplayers spotted in the city (albeit at a distance): 1

Catwoman cosplayers spotted performing in the competition: 1

Time between the moment Joop should have realised she was genuinely sick for the first time this year and her first skating event: About 24 hours.

Result in Joop's first event despite this: Silver medal.

Result in Joop's second event despite still being sick: Bronze medal.

Total other skaters who Joop actually had to beat to get those: 2

Times the competition venue had to be shut down because the roof was leaking: 1

Degrees Celcius by which the venue was colder than the outside air temperature: We're all sure it must have been at least 10.

Times Joop has now arrived home from a competition in Melbourne with two medals and a sore throat: 2

Loot - in case anyone wants to see what you actually get to show for all of this )

Overall, hasn't been a half bad week. ^_^
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I'm in Melbourne for the nationals this week where - thank you god! - our apartment has ADSL. Strongly suspicious that we may have been the only West Australians taking that flight for reasons that had nothing to do with football - getting through the airport was something like a giant game of 'spot the eagles supporters'. The flight itself was pleasantly uneventful, though airport security did make a point of informing Dad he couldn't take his rollerskates on with our cabin baggage.

Yes, apparently, rollerskates now pose a serious security threat. Who knew?

Even better, *my* skate bag was waved through without a second glance. As the only real difference between the two pairs is the colour - mine are white, Dad's are black - there's only one possible conclusion here: even our skates are no longer safe from racial vilification. One can only imagine the trouble we'd have gotten into had our skates been wearing Muslim head scarves.

Anyway, we did at last make it on to that plane, safe in our assurance that there would be no rollerskating terrorists on *our* flight. Except, y'know, possibly me, if the captain found too many more excuses to make football related announcements over the PA system.


One week left until the end of the next quarter of the Writers of the Future competition - fortunately my entry is at the final revisions stage. I know I've already sent it to a couple of you for feedback, but if anyone else would like to volunteer to have a look through this monster (16750 words - second longest thing I've written ever) and let me know what needs fixing, please do let me know.
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Since there are a few of you who like to know when they’re on, this was going to be a post about the skating competition I have this weekend. Only, they told us today it’s actually not on any more.

Apparently, the rink just closed down. Permanently. With - as far as I can tell - no warning, three days before the league. It’s not the place where I usually train, and there are other places we can hold the comps, but it’s a bit late to reschedule it anywhere else at this stage. More to the point, besides some very general money issues that have been going on for years, this is the first I or anyone else I know has heard about it. Don’t they usually have more notice about these things?

So, looks like I’m free Sunday. Anyone got any plans?
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I have returned!

...wound up ridiculously busy, got heavily sidetracked and spent ages trying to catch up on uni work, eventually realising I’d been back for two weeks without posting this. Yeah, shut up.

Queensland and the rollerskating championships )

In other news, after around five years of repeatedly starting the things and never getting them finished, I have actually completed a fanfic. Judging by the fact the world hasn’t ended yet this doesn’t seem to have too greatly affected the fundamental balance of the universe, which is probably good news. However, since it’s Naruto based and the only person I can think of on my friend’s list who’s read far enough into the series to make sense of it has already seen it, posting it in my journal directly seemed like a bit pointless. It’s been posted up here though, just for the record. People even liked it! Yay!
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A couple of days ago I got hold of a copy of the draft of this year’s nationals program. Not sure just how final it is at this stage, there’ll probably be a bit of shuffling still; but apparently my events will be on fairly early this year which would make a nice change - usually I’m not finished until the last few days. It also gives numbers for how many people are competing in each event.

There are three in Advanced Solo Dance, and four in Advanced Creative. Out of the. Entire. Country. That's just pathetic.

OK, given, there were only five in solo dance last year, but we were holding the nats in The Most Isolated Capital In The World (ie, here) that time around, so I just put the low numbers down to some of the competitors from other states not wanting to bother with all that extra traveling. Numbers have been at least in the eight-or-nine-range for as long as I can remember; up until last year anyway, and even if my other event was looking a little sparse then there were still good number for the creative last time around.

To put this in perspective, I’m really not a particularly good skater on the scale of the standard in my event. I came last in my first event last year and didn’t do much better ranking-wise in the second either. But if these numbers are accurate, this year I am guaranteed at least one medal; and I have a pretty decent chance of a second one too.

Looks like operation Make It To The Medals By Shear Persistence is paying off.

(Pst! Kneecapping brigade! I don’t know how managed to do the rounds of all the other states without ever appearing to leave WA, but let me tell you, I’m impressed. you missed a couple though)


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