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Well shit, I went and let another three months go past without posting a damn thing. Better make some excuses.

Adventures in writing for Teen Wolf and the perils of research )

Adventures in cosplay, cons and iron-on vinyl )

There's been assorted RL stuff too, of course, but nothing too dramatic. Might get around to posting about it later.
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Expanding on that last post I threw together last week, despite a mildly disappointing turn out, Animania was a pretty excellent con experience. There was some fantastic art on display in the artist’s alley (I picked up three BRS prints from a table just a few down from ours, which may mark the first time I’ve ever bought fanart prints) and in a completely welcome contrast to Perth Supanova’s dismal efforts, there was One Piece merchandise for sale everywhere. :3 Only disappointment was how much sold out before I could get to it.

GOH squee )

Cockatoo island photoshoot )

Cosplay prop making )
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Been having a bit of a month over here.

Sydney Animania: Was great! Numbers were a bit on the meh side, but I spent more money on shiny new merch than at any other con in ages, and as always half the fun was just getting to catch up with all our friends from over east, and for that alone the trip was awesome.

Akemi Okamura (a.k.a. the voice of Nami, a.k.a. the Guest of Honour): Seemed very happy to see a Nami cosplayer around (there were only two of us at the whole con! Two!), and autographed the back of my handkerchief for me. :3

My Clima Tact: Blew bubbles (with red or blue lights for heat/cool ball effects), did lightning effects and separated into three parts, not including the semi-detachable lightning globe on an extendable chain for swing-arm possibilities, and one me Master Weapon Engineer on Sunday. \o/ Finally got it working, like, the day before we left.

The World Cosplay Summit Australian Finals: Congrats to K and Aly! You were great, and it is absolutely your turn already.

Why I did not post about the con in the week after we got back: Because I came home to find myself with an epic case of con and/or travel blarg, and spent most of the week in bed. :/ (Honestly, I have been sick so little this year that it felt like it was surely my turn, so it was not really so bad.)

Why I did not post about the con in the week after that either: Because I may have spent part of my downtime getting myself shamelessly addicted to this show called Teen Wolf and I have been very distracted okay? (Oh my god, you guys this show!!!)

Full con report, cosplay photos and shameless new fandom squee all coming soon.
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A couple of months back we caught up with Kenny, one of our cosplayer friends from interstate who was over in Perth on business for a few days. Since Kenny's heavily involved in the running of Animania, one of several eastern states anime cons, he took the opportunity to plug the upcoming Sydney Animania to my sister and I. The conversation went something like this:

Kenny (for full effect you should read all his lines in a moderately strong French accent): You guys should really come to Animania this year.
Me: Oh, well, we're probably going to be doing at least one interstate con this year but we don't really know which one yet... *hedgehedgehedge*
Him: Our special guest this year is Akemi Okamura - she voice acts Nami from One Piece.

And that is how we decided hey, why not check out Animania this year? *cough*

As per usual she'll be running a table selling art prints and whatnot, and we'll both be cosplaying. She's cosplayed Robin before and is making her Thriller Bark outfit for the occasion. As for me, tentative plans to put together a Nami costume for Waicon at the end of the year have been brought forward a few months. I've still got a lot to finish and there have now been bits of clima tact taking over the dining room table for weeks, but it's all going Pretty Okay so far.

Costume plans and progress )
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I'll get to writing a proper post about it when I've caught up on a little more sleep, but for now I will share this much:

 WE WON!!!                                                       (omg)   =D

Guys, the Madman finals are not only the biggest cosplay event we have ever entered, they are the biggest cosplay competition held anywhere in the country short of the World Cosplay Summit, and the standard among our fellow competitors absolutely lived up to that, and did I mention the grand prize to this thing includes a trip for two to Japan? It's just so ridiculously flattering even to have placed in this thing, let alone won.

It's been a hell of a rollercoaster job getting everything done over the last few months, but that's a story for that longer post. In the meantime have a link to the video of the whole event here (sound doesn't work for the first five minutes but is fine after that; we're on second last), and a couple of photos.

As I have already scarred you all with all that rainbow sparkletext, the pics will be kept safely under the cut )
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This is less of a post than an apology for the lack of posts here lately. I have so much stuff I'd like to be posting about it is ridiculous: comics commentary, Cable/Deadpool fic - even the inevitable Homestuck fic ideas. But I have had exactly zero time to do anything about any of that because the Madman finals were fast approaching and over the course of the last two weeks, several crucial tasks inevitably spun out into monsters requiring three times longer than had been budgeted - to the point that even this post is being written from my hotel room over in Brisbane, and it has taken more than twenty four hours for me to find the time for that.

Anyhow, the event in full is being livestreamed over the Madman website 1:30 PM local time, but for those reading this from Brisbane who may be joining us at Brisbane Supanova over the weekend, grab us and say hi if you see us around! We're entering the comp as Waka and Amaterasu of Okami, and we should be wandering around in the same costumes again on Sunday too. Our skit shall involve scale-model puppets, glowing weaponry, hand-painted backdrops and as much crazy sword twirling as we could cram into three minutes. It's gonna be a blast. And that's without even getting into all the other unbelievable stuff the rest of the awesome cosplayers have been making for this thing.

Now I really need to get some sleep. I still have to reprogram my lightsabre in the morning.
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A couple of months back, I posted reference pics and cosplay plans for a teen Cable costume. This is how it came out.

Teen Nate was my Sunday costume for this year's Supanova - conveniently both the only big Perth con which features Western comics related events as a big part of its attractions and held in the perfect time of year to spend the day wearing a big, warm coat. The bad news: though Deadpool cosplayers are usually easy to find around Supanova (and those lucky bastards over in Sydney even got a stripper Deadpool this year), I didn't find a single one to take photos with on Sunday this year. ;_;

The good news is we still managed to get some decent photos taken in a quick shoot around the back after the cosplay comp.

Lots more photos and construction notes under the cut )
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As usually happens when it comes to me and con reports I am already more than a month late in posting about this year's Supanova, so I'll cut right to the chase regarding how the Saturday went this year: we went and won the Perth heat of the Madman Cosplay Championships.

We were not expecting to win. Short of WCS, the Madman comp is the biggest cosplay competition run anywhere in Australia, and to illustrate just how high the standard can be here is a picture of the contestant who came third in the final last year. Meanwhile, there's us, entering with the same Birth By Sleep costumes we wore to Wai-con on a whim based largely on a cracked-out skit idea conceived in the car late one night on our way home from a lot of karaoke.

Fig 1: As you can see, this was a very serious skit performed by very serious people.

Turned out the judges loved it. What can I say, it was immensely flattering to hear our names called out as the winners.

Full skit video and more photos under the cut )

Still to come: Sunday cosplay report
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On to day 2 of Wai-con and the costume that has been the primary reason why I haven't gotten hardly anything else done around here for the last couple of months.

More photos and the usual making-of rambling )
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It's going to take a couple of posts to get through everything during/post Wai-con this year. To start with I wanted to talk about that pretty damn epic Avatar group that won us the Best Group Skit Award on Saturday. Our secret weapon? Glowy twirly things on strings!

The lighting on stage was less than ideal, especially for capturing video footage, but that aside we're pretty pleased with the quality of this particular youtube vid, which captured the whole skit.

Inevitably, some lines get lost under the audience cheering, but [livejournal.com profile] velithya has already posted a full transcript which you can find here.

Cutting here as this is about to get looooong. Click for more videos, photos and a whole lot of other behind-the-scenes nonsense )
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Still haven't found the time to write up anything detailed about Wai-con, possibly because a week later we are still recovering (if we've both been suffering from mild but persistent cases of post-con blargh it would explain a lot). Fortunately a lot of the con experience can be summed up pretty well using only three photos.

Avatar, Birth By Sleep and Guilty Gear cosplay below )
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Yes, I meant to write this as soon as I got back, now about two weeks ago. Instead, I let [livejournal.com profile] velithya rec me a couple of pieces of Inception fic, which is the kind of experience that you wake up from a week later trying to remember where all that missing time went (and the vague idea a spinning top is somehow necessary to help you figure it out) and not regretting a minute of it. But that's a whole other post.

So: Manifest. Quite the wild ride, and a bit of a mixed bag of what did and didn't go well, but skewed comfortably towards the positive. Details under the cut, but if you're skim-reading and not likely to get through all that, then the bit I need to point out first is this awesome-quality video of [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig's Azula skit which, despite all kinds of drama in the lead-up, went beautifully on the day.

The full report + a few photos )

So that was our trip. I would list everyone else who helped make the weekend – the sadly increasing list including all our old friends who've moved over east in the last few years, all the other awesome Eastern Stater cosplay people they've introduced us to since, not to mention all the others we met at the con on the day or the terribly nice people on the tables on both sides of us in the traders hall – but I'd still probably wind up forgetting someone, so suffice to say that no matter how questionable the organisation at these cons, the company always makes up for it. <3
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I am officially having a vastly inconsistent year for GG fic. I've spent the whole year thus far on and off working on the first part of my time travel fic and it's still not quite done - and then last week I got bitten by a completely new idea and had 6000 words written by Saturday, and now only needing a few final post-betaing tweaks before I can post it. Inspiration being what it is, these facts are probably not unconnected.

In other not-unconnected facts (whoa, segue!) Perth Supanova, the most commercial of our annual cons, was on the weekend before last, but due to that burst of fic writing I hadn't gotten around to saying anything about it. Brief report and cosplay photos under the cut.

Saturday - Holy Crap SUMMER GLAU! )

Sunday - Another round of Ky and Lina, but also containing an unexpected amount of Deadpool )
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Hey everyone! How's things? Been having a bit of a month over here.

Since my last post I have attended a con, moved house and been separated from the Internet for nearly two full weeks. Granted though,, even if I had had Internet connection, I would probably not have had time to write this post.

Swancon )

The move )

Quick snapshot of some of the more impressive cosplay props that made moving more difficult. )

Probably going to be having some kind of combined housewarming/birthday party in a couple of weeks time. Depending on how long it takes to get ourselves organised, and all that.
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Wai-con was the weekend before last. (Today's post brought to you by the experience of receiving a rent inspection notice three days after the con and realising a) you are not getting anything but cleaning done until next week, and b) you should just thank your lucky stars it didn't happen last week. House looks much neater now though ;)

I'm hitting the point with Wai-cons where the majority of what I have to say about them starts to get a bit repetitive* – we came, we saw, we cosplayed, we sold lots of stuff, we won prizes, we (mostly) failed to melt in the heat**, we took photos, we caught up with friends*** – we basically had an awesome time.

*A few more, and pointing out the repetition is going to be a bit repetitive - oooh, recursion!
**Thank god we brought a standing fan to stick behind the stall this year. I'm all for having the con in January rather than December, but the weather is not on our side this time of year, and Ky has this real neck-to-ankle thing going on that is not well compatible with the heat.
***Sometimes in something of a drive-through fashion as people rushed past in opposite directions. Cons, they keep you busy.

So let's get straight down to the photos.

Saturday: Overture!Sol and Ky, A.B.A. and Lina Inverse )

The big highlight that was new and different this year was the Eminence concert on Saturday night – and I really didn't realise just how much I was going to love the performance until we were were there. The evening started with the My Neighbour Totoro theme and ended with Super Mario - just to give you an idea of the range, and honestly, everything they played in between was gorgeous. But there's an extra layer of fannish squee to hearing songs you know – and an extra double-layer on top of that when it's connected to a movie or a game you love, so the high point of the night for me was The Dream That Time Dreams from Chrono Cross. I'm not much of a CC fan, but Chrono Trigger was the first real RPG I ever played and will probably always be one of my all time favourites, and what I'd forgotten about that particular piece is that it's actually a remix of the Chrono Trigger theme, extended with some beautiful orchestral segments. *_* It's a crying shame none of the CDs for sale after the event (and we bought *two*) had their rendition of that particular song. We have the in-game mp3 of it, but it doesn't begin to measure up.

Sunday: Guilty Gear!Ky, Trunks, Dissidia!Tifa and Sora (+extras) )

So that was about it for Waicon 2010. As always, we owe a lot of gratitude to everyone who helped mind our table during the day, especially Ken and [livejournal.com profile] velithya.

We have lots of bit photoshoot plans for these costumes. Going to wait until the weather's cooled down a bit though, 35+ degree heat is not good cosplay weather.

Smash '09

Aug. 17th, 2009 10:19 pm
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After last year's somewhat lackluster Manifest experience we decided to give Smash a try this time around, which turned out to be as good a call as we could have asked for. Smash is a lot smaller than Manifest – probably not even as big as Waicon – but it may well have been the best organised anime convention we've ever been too. Queues were short and moved quickly, the staff were helpful and friendly and never seemed run off their feet, there were two excellent food stalls right outside, and there was even a live video feed of the cosplay comp for entrants to watch backstage while waiting for their turns. Things ran a bit late on the second day and they could have used more seating for the cosplay competition (a lot of people were left sitting on the floor, standing at the back or watching from the balcony), and the host for the event was, not to put too fine a point on it, not John, but none of that took too much away from the experience. The people were more friendly and enthusiastic than at any other con I can ever think of, and they stopped us to ask for photographs/complimented our costumes/oohed and ahhed over Lisa's art/recognised us from the Internet a lot over the two days, which all terribly good for one's ego. Lisa only managed to book a table for the Sunday, which turned out to be the quieter of the two days, but a respectable profit was still made and for once we had a day free to actually see what was going on around the con. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable con experience.

A bit of general travel stuff )

Smash: Saturday - WEWY cosplay redux )

Smash: Sunday - Ky and Robin cosplay )

Monday - last minute touristy stuff )

Still a heck of a lot of things I've been meaning to get written up and/or posted sitting on the queue, but now there's no huge, urgent cosplay projects looming over me, that should be a little easier to get around to.
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Full con report is taking some time to assemble, so in the meantime, the uber-summarised version:

Joshua and Sho cosplay: Runner-up Best Skit on Saturday! \o/

Ky cosplay: Runner-up Best Cosplay on Sunday! \o/ \o/

Smash: Very possibly the best run anime convention we've ever been to.

Sydney fandom: Incredibly friendly and completely deserving of such a good con.

Catching up with friends/getting to know some new ones: Only sorry I won't get to see you all again sooner. <3

Sydney shopping: Left us a bit poorer but very much the happier for it. :3
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Only nine months late, finally I have gotten around to sorting and posting all those photos from our The World Ends With You cosplay photoshoot in Shibuya last year:

Part 1: Six overenthusiastic cosplayers take on Shibuya
Part 2: Even more locations
Part 3: Omake

Next on the to-do list, it is so very past time I got those WEWY fic of mine posted - especially considering they've now been finished and betaed for weeks and really just need a few final edits. Free time for such things has been such a limited commodity lately. >.>;

In not completely unrelated news*, [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig and I are now all booked up for flights and accomodation for attending Smash this year (an anime con in Sydney about three weeks from now, for the link-phobic). We'll be running a stall there selling all her usual artwork on the Sunday - Saturday we plan to do this crazy new thing where we actually wander around and maybe even participate in the rest of the con for once.

Having been talked into cosplaying Ky around the same time those WEWY photos should have been posted** I've given myself the target of getting the costume done in time to wear it in Sydney, but it's looking thoroughly doable right now - and that would be the other thing eating up my free time around here lately. That and all the GG or CLAMP fic that's similarly overdue to be cleaned up and posted. Not to mention maybe a couple of things buried in the depths of the Cable&Deadpool kink meme... ah, new fandoms, you are so very bad for my WIP list.

* it's about travel! And cosplay! In fact, we're planning to take the WEWY costumes along for this one (because clearly they just weren't well travelled enough yet).
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Back from another year of Swancon (+ couple of days to recoup, + after party at pancakes). Wasn't much at this year's con that could compare to what an awesome guest of honour Rob Shearman made last year (being one of the writers on the new Doctor Who and all around very approachable and excellent value on every panel I saw him on), but it was still overall a very enjoyable con. Attended many entertaining panels, got to catch up with all the usual suspects and an old high school friend I hadn't expected to see there as well, and as usual when many fans conglomerate met a couple of new awesome people as well. The music at the Masquerade was the one big let down this year - hardly anything worth dancing to was played all night, but the Millia/Ky balldress got me some very nice reactions from people, even if no-one had any idea who I was meant to be. Also finally got to bring out some of the crazier clothes bought in Japan, ate some of the best Chinese food I've ever had, and, more importantly, failed to get sick*, failed to get too horribly over-tired at any point and had no cosplay worries to stress about at all. That may well have been the most relaxed Swancon experience I've ever had. :3

*At least until the day after, and even then only a mild sore throat that's mostly gone already.

So of course we get home to discover that a letter we should have gotten to remind us our lease is running out didn't reach us for some reason, and now we've got rather less time than we were thinking we did to make up our minds about whether we want to move or not (probably yes), whether we need to find a new housemate to replace [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque when she leaves us soonish (also probably yes, and certainly at least one or the other), not to mention actually find a new place and/or housemate before crunch time.

Not sure what we're going to do about it all yet, but if any of you are expecting to be looking for a place to stay around Perth in the near future, now could be a really excellent time to let us know.

Waicon 09

Feb. 5th, 2009 11:16 pm
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If anyone actually noticed I've been around online lately... even less than usual, then it's safe to say that that thing where Waicon was last weekend probably had something to do with it.

After attending every one since 2004, the point has been reached now that I don't think there's much I can say about this year's Waicon that I haven't already said about a previous one - or about several Waicons, if not about every other con I've ever been too. It was even bigger than last year, [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig's store make a killing, and despite all last minute stress our costumes came out great - business as usual. Preparations take over your life for anything up to several weeks beforehand, then the con takes over your life, then you wake up Monday morning feeling vaguely hung over yet strangely convinced it was all worth it and completely prepared to do it all over again at the next opportunity.

I also realised that excluding one or two posts about a giant key I've said sweet bugger all about what I was I've been working on that kept me so busy in the lead up. Oops?

Anyhow, apart from recyling my well-traveled Millia costume for its first appearance in the state from whence it hails, my new costume for this year was Syaoran from Tsubasa (the scary one-eyed black-coated version who escapes from Fei Wong's hideout somewhere around volume 16-ish. I would use the general nickname fandom uses to distinguish him from his counterpart, but it's still a bit spoilerish). I've wanted to cosplay that version of Syaoran ever since I encountered him, but didn't get to it last year as Hiei turned out to be more than enough of a job by himself. Putting it off a year did have the advantage that by the time I got around to doing it I'd been to both the Genghiscon and Swancon Jedi Bootcamp sessions of '08 (Star Wars-inspired fight choreography workshops, for the unaware) and came away itching to find an excuse to use some of those moves in a cosplay skit. Lucky me, Syaoran carries a sword. This will be important in a minute.

So how did it all go?

  • I WON BEST INDIVIDUAL SKIT ON THE FIRST DAY!!! I was not expecting this. The limit of my weapon handling experience comes down to a bit of background in gymnastics, a bit more in some poi twirling, and having been to Jedi Bootcamp sessions for a couple of weeks. The whole skit consisted of less than a full minute of sword-twirling to music - I didn't think it was going to be long enough to even be considered eligible. But clearly the judges thought otherwise, so who am I to complain? :3

  • WE WON BEST GROUP ON THE SECOND DAY!!! This was a narrower thing than you may think. [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque - who was to be the A.B.A. to go with my key - has a history of finishing her costumes at the very last minute, and this year it was something like five minutes before we went up on stage. So not kidding there. But she made a fantastic A.B.A., and [livejournal.com profile] velithya joined us again as Sol, the walk-on went well and everything paid off on the day.

Given that I've never even participated in the competition both days before, that is really kind of awesome. =DDD

A couple of photos )


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