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Wai-con was the weekend before last. (Today's post brought to you by the experience of receiving a rent inspection notice three days after the con and realising a) you are not getting anything but cleaning done until next week, and b) you should just thank your lucky stars it didn't happen last week. House looks much neater now though ;)

I'm hitting the point with Wai-cons where the majority of what I have to say about them starts to get a bit repetitive* – we came, we saw, we cosplayed, we sold lots of stuff, we won prizes, we (mostly) failed to melt in the heat**, we took photos, we caught up with friends*** – we basically had an awesome time.

*A few more, and pointing out the repetition is going to be a bit repetitive - oooh, recursion!
**Thank god we brought a standing fan to stick behind the stall this year. I'm all for having the con in January rather than December, but the weather is not on our side this time of year, and Ky has this real neck-to-ankle thing going on that is not well compatible with the heat.
***Sometimes in something of a drive-through fashion as people rushed past in opposite directions. Cons, they keep you busy.

So let's get straight down to the photos.

Saturday: Overture!Sol and Ky, A.B.A. and Lina Inverse )

The big highlight that was new and different this year was the Eminence concert on Saturday night – and I really didn't realise just how much I was going to love the performance until we were were there. The evening started with the My Neighbour Totoro theme and ended with Super Mario - just to give you an idea of the range, and honestly, everything they played in between was gorgeous. But there's an extra layer of fannish squee to hearing songs you know – and an extra double-layer on top of that when it's connected to a movie or a game you love, so the high point of the night for me was The Dream That Time Dreams from Chrono Cross. I'm not much of a CC fan, but Chrono Trigger was the first real RPG I ever played and will probably always be one of my all time favourites, and what I'd forgotten about that particular piece is that it's actually a remix of the Chrono Trigger theme, extended with some beautiful orchestral segments. *_* It's a crying shame none of the CDs for sale after the event (and we bought *two*) had their rendition of that particular song. We have the in-game mp3 of it, but it doesn't begin to measure up.

Sunday: Guilty Gear!Ky, Trunks, Dissidia!Tifa and Sora (+extras) )

So that was about it for Waicon 2010. As always, we owe a lot of gratitude to everyone who helped mind our table during the day, especially Ken and [livejournal.com profile] velithya.

We have lots of bit photoshoot plans for these costumes. Going to wait until the weather's cooled down a bit though, 35+ degree heat is not good cosplay weather.
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The events page for the Wai-con ball is finally up, so this seems like a good time to ask, who's going this year? Is anyone planning on organising a table? (And if not, should I be seeing if I can get one organised? The webpage is a little vague on whether tables need to be booked in advance, but assuming we do, we've got 8-10 seats to fill.)

Waicon 09

Feb. 5th, 2009 11:16 pm
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If anyone actually noticed I've been around online lately... even less than usual, then it's safe to say that that thing where Waicon was last weekend probably had something to do with it.

After attending every one since 2004, the point has been reached now that I don't think there's much I can say about this year's Waicon that I haven't already said about a previous one - or about several Waicons, if not about every other con I've ever been too. It was even bigger than last year, [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig's store make a killing, and despite all last minute stress our costumes came out great - business as usual. Preparations take over your life for anything up to several weeks beforehand, then the con takes over your life, then you wake up Monday morning feeling vaguely hung over yet strangely convinced it was all worth it and completely prepared to do it all over again at the next opportunity.

I also realised that excluding one or two posts about a giant key I've said sweet bugger all about what I was I've been working on that kept me so busy in the lead up. Oops?

Anyhow, apart from recyling my well-traveled Millia costume for its first appearance in the state from whence it hails, my new costume for this year was Syaoran from Tsubasa (the scary one-eyed black-coated version who escapes from Fei Wong's hideout somewhere around volume 16-ish. I would use the general nickname fandom uses to distinguish him from his counterpart, but it's still a bit spoilerish). I've wanted to cosplay that version of Syaoran ever since I encountered him, but didn't get to it last year as Hiei turned out to be more than enough of a job by himself. Putting it off a year did have the advantage that by the time I got around to doing it I'd been to both the Genghiscon and Swancon Jedi Bootcamp sessions of '08 (Star Wars-inspired fight choreography workshops, for the unaware) and came away itching to find an excuse to use some of those moves in a cosplay skit. Lucky me, Syaoran carries a sword. This will be important in a minute.

So how did it all go?

  • I WON BEST INDIVIDUAL SKIT ON THE FIRST DAY!!! I was not expecting this. The limit of my weapon handling experience comes down to a bit of background in gymnastics, a bit more in some poi twirling, and having been to Jedi Bootcamp sessions for a couple of weeks. The whole skit consisted of less than a full minute of sword-twirling to music - I didn't think it was going to be long enough to even be considered eligible. But clearly the judges thought otherwise, so who am I to complain? :3

  • WE WON BEST GROUP ON THE SECOND DAY!!! This was a narrower thing than you may think. [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque - who was to be the A.B.A. to go with my key - has a history of finishing her costumes at the very last minute, and this year it was something like five minutes before we went up on stage. So not kidding there. But she made a fantastic A.B.A., and [livejournal.com profile] velithya joined us again as Sol, the walk-on went well and everything paid off on the day.

Given that I've never even participated in the competition both days before, that is really kind of awesome. =DDD

A couple of photos )
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WAI-CON IS OVER! Not that it wasn't great fun, but it's a hell of a stressful kind of fun. OMG, I have free time again. XD;;

In brief: WE WON BEST GROUP COSPLAY ON THE FIRST DAY!!! *victory dance* Made a killing at our stall, sold lots of doujinshi, caught up with a lot of people, oo-ed and ah-ed a lot over everyone else's costumes, took some rather stupid photos and were generally run off our feet.

In not-so-brief )

So anyway - I'm kinda glad it doesn't happen more than once a year, but somehow or other, it always manages to be worth all the effort in the end. Lisa's got our day one photos up already, and we should get to sorting through what we've got from day two within a couple of days.
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To the Guilty Gear fandom side of the f-list:
It’s not that I’m avoiding you. It’s just that I keep running into public posts about the big plot revelations at the end of Overture (or to be more specific, I keep running into suspect subject lines and scrolling for my life). Normally I’d probably just spoil myself and be done with it, but having seen the first five chapters already – putting me just at that point where you start picking up on the major plot elements and starting to wonder how they’re going to develop – and having fair reason to believe I’ll be able to see the rest of them in order in the relatively near future (or at least before the waiting drives me mad) – I really would like to be able to go through the rest of the story without knowing what I’m going to see at the end. I’d rather not even know whether people liked what they’ve been hearing just yet. If it’s good, fantastic – I’ll have a good surprise to look forward to. If it’s bad, I’d still prefer to wait and see for myself whether anything in the lead-up mitigates things any. Call be crazy, but it’s not exactly often we get any new plot in this fandom, and I want to make the most of it.

The result is that I’ve been skipping over a large chunk of my f-list lately – probably including a lot of stuff that’s perfectly innocent. So if there’s anything I should’ve seen, drop me a note or a link and I’ll check it out.

To the Perth-based and xxxHOLiC sides of the f-list (yeah, all of you at once, believe it or not):
Five days left until Wai-con! (If I’ve sent anyone into nervous panic with the extra reminder, I apologise profusely). Half of you (from Perth anyhow) I know I’ll be seeing there – and for the rest of you, and probably just about anyone else who’s bothering to read this, I’d love to see you there too.

Actually, for those who aren’t in this city or haven’t been here long, I should probably explain what the big deal is. )

Anyway, since I’ll be spending most of this year’s con at a stall anyway, I thought I’d make some more pipe foxes to sell. I’ve done seven so far, and I’ve got another three halfway finished. Most are in the traditional pale yellow-brown, though I’ve also done a couple in white for variety, and even a couple in different colours just for fun (we’ve got enough of a crafty history around here that we actually have a whole selection of scraps of assorted colours of toy fur sitting around in our sewing room – how could I resist?) I’ve got no idea how well they’ll sell yet, though considering the kind of reaction they've gotten even from people who haven’t read holic themselves, I’m pretty optimistic. If I do wind up with any leftovers though, I'll probably see about selling them online. I know I won't be lacking for demand there, in any case. ^^;

I only hope this plan doesn’t end in my getting dogpiled by requests. I’ve had a lot of people wanting to buy one off me since I put up those first photos. Even putting up the tutorials didn’t seem to help very much.
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Keeping this brief as the con was something of a blur. Most of it was spent a) Behind Lisa’s art table watching in disbelief as everything on it vanished in a prolonged puff of smoke, b) At cosplay competitions, c) Panicking about last minute cosplay problems or d) Leaping in and out from behind Lisa’s art table for photos of us in costume, interspersed with more periods of watching the rest of whatever we had left to sell at that point disappear in a blur. It very quickly became obvious we didn’t print nearly enough posters or nearly enough bookmarks, though we did print exactly the right number of copies of our Cloud Tossing doujinshi, which must count for something. I am told there were some sort of panel-y things and anime screenings going on somewhere behind all those closed doors, but I can’t produce any evidence to support this.

I will summarise our costumes simply as follows: that in the end, they were entirely worth the nightmare that was making them. I actually managed to maintain some sort of resolve about just skipping cosplay next year and saving ourselves the stress for almost thirty-six hours somewhere mid-con, before [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque almost accidentally came up with this really great idea for next year and... well. At least the next lot will be a little simpler.

Speaking of cosplay, anyone know where we can track down an ankle length dark-red coat? We still owe [livejournal.com profile] harveystoat a Zaphod costume, and if we can find a pre-made one (preferably one that doesn’t cost a fortune) we can save ourselves a lot of work.


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