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A while before we moved out – possibly against her better judgement – my sister picked up a copy of Crisis Core, the latest instalment in the neverending Final Fantasy VII compilation. I would call the below a review of the game, but it’s probably more like me taking the chance to vent a whole lot of frustration I’ve had building up over all the assorted sequels they’ve released in the last few years in one go. Those of you who actually liked the game, or any of the other new material they’ve released since Advent Children may prefer not to read any further, because this bitter former fan is bitter.

Cut for a whole damn lot of blathering and vitriol )
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It sounds a bit weird to be comparing a 2D fighting game to an RPG, but you don’t have to think that hard to come up with a decent list of stuff the Final Fantasy series and Guilty Gear have in common. You’ve got the great plots and characters, the pretty girls in short skirts, the equally pretty guys (sometimes also in skirts), the rampaging slashy subtext and the costumes made of enough random belts and buckles to make cosplayers worldwide curse the character designer to the umpteenth generation. But when I sat down a little while ago and tried to figure out who Sol had vaguely reminded me of when I first read through his backstory, I wasn’t really expecting the answer I got.

See, Sol actually has a hell of a lot in common with Vincent Valentine.

If anyone reading just went o_O in a big way, it’s probably because there’s also couple of pretty major differences – namely that Sol’s a whole lot tougher and manlier than Vincent’s ever going to be, and while he’s got an angsty past of his own, he’s generally too lazy to actually get around to angsting anywhere we'd hear him. Other than that though - wow, no wonder Sol's past sounded vaguely familiar... XD

I am always *way* too amused when I notice this stuff )
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Quick post to add a couple of extra links to con related photos from last weekend. We took some photos all those pipe foxes before they all went to sell on the day, one of which is up here. Lisa's got some photos of us and everyone else from the second day of the con uploaded at the end of her day one photos, if people haven't seen them already (I think this is my favourite of the three of us as the KH2 versions of the FFVII girls). Speaking of con photos, one we had printed out on Saturday of the cosplay winners on the first day wasn't taken by us - it came from here. It's worth checking out the rest of that gallery too - there are quite a few other good ones up there.

While I'm at it (and because I forgot to link to them before), she's also uploaded a lot of photos from the Final Fantasy shoot at King's Park from a couple of weeks ago (original FFVII costumes with the final weapons from the game for us, plus a whole bunch of other great assorted cosplayers). It's probably a bit late to hope we've got any chance of tracking them down at this point, but if anyone at the shoot happened to pick up a coarse comb or a bag of assorted materia marbles, please let us know - they've been missing ever since.
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Ideas do this thing where they spawn other ideas. Often these turn into sequels, but other times you just get random junk, which is a long way of saying that this is one that started way back when I was writing the first part of Of Flower Girls and Falling Stars and has been put off being finished ever since. Title may well still change if I can come up with a version I like more.

Large chunks of this are sponged directly off the in-game dialogue, the rest is all the product of my imagination. Yes, that's Final Fantasy VII - not AC, not BC, DoC, CC, LO or even KH - just good old orginal FFVII in all its dawn-of-the-PS graphical glory. For best results, we recommend imagining all the characters are about as detailed as lego pieces with skittle arms while reading.

Damn, but it's nice writing for the good old FFVII Cloud after seeing so much of all these doom and gloom versions they've come up with since.

Title: Pick-up Lines For Ninjas
Summary: The process of getting Yuffie on your party actually requires a couple more steps than your typical walkthrough would have you believe.
Word Count: 1973
Genre: Probably one of those ones that shouldn't be taken remotely seriously.
Rating: G

By the fourth ambush, no-one was remotely surprised anymore, not to mention so thoroughly sick of it all that they’d begun to treat the whole affair more like a chore of the taking-out-the-garbage variety than a series of serious battles. )
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Back before Wai-con caught up with us, I was planning on posting a couple of pictures of some of the props and such I'd been making. ObviousIy this wound up as one of thost things didn't find the time for, and just about everyone would have seen these already at the con by now. But if anyone's interested in seeing some of the detail that probably won't come out in con photos or hearing me ramble about how things were made, here they are anyway:

Kudakitsune (pipe fox) from xxxHOLiC )

Yuffie cosplay props: Four point shuriken )

Yuffie cosplay: Boots )
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If the last few months of posts weren't proof enough, I've been writing rather a lot lately.

A few things which turned up while writing for Discworld or CLAMP recently: )

In related news, I sat down earlier and made a list of everything I've got in the to-do pile right now. It's long. Okay, it's always long, but the surprising part is I think there's actually a decent chance most of it will get done within a few months.

So it looked like it was time to dredge out that old unfinished-fic-meme, even if this is going to be mostly for my own reference:

The ones I’m working on now (xxxHolic, Discworld, Tsubasa, Kingdom Hearts) )

The ones I’m going to work on just as soon as I clear that list a little (Kingdom Hearts, Tsubasa, Full Metal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VII, more xxxHolic) )

The ones I haven’t touched in ages but still sort of plan to get back to (Naruto, more Kingdom Hearts, more FFVII, Original) )

That's sixteen different projects. Gonna be busy for a while over here.


May. 17th, 2006 10:44 pm
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Much as I like being able to carry a large paper crane and pass it off as an offensive weapon, I always wanted something more impressive weaponry-wise to cart around with my Yuffie costume. Meet The Conformer, a.k.a. the final weapon Yuffie uses in FFVII, a.k.a. the thing responsible for eating large quantities of Joop's free time over the last few weeks.

Photos )

Made from foam core boards, sheet plastic, piping and a lot of spray paint. It took several tries to find a way to get the edges on those blades to stay together, but I'm discovering that hot glue and a layer of craft foam will stick nearly anything to anything. Useful stuff. I'm really pleased with how it turned out - the best part of these projects is always seeing it come together in the end.


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