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Kinda late for a 'what I wrote in 2006' thing, but I like making these lists - it makes me feel like I've achieved something.

The complete list, plus bonus blather )
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If the last few months of posts weren't proof enough, I've been writing rather a lot lately.

A few things which turned up while writing for Discworld or CLAMP recently: )

In related news, I sat down earlier and made a list of everything I've got in the to-do pile right now. It's long. Okay, it's always long, but the surprising part is I think there's actually a decent chance most of it will get done within a few months.

So it looked like it was time to dredge out that old unfinished-fic-meme, even if this is going to be mostly for my own reference:

The ones I’m working on now (xxxHolic, Discworld, Tsubasa, Kingdom Hearts) )

The ones I’m going to work on just as soon as I clear that list a little (Kingdom Hearts, Tsubasa, Full Metal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VII, more xxxHolic) )

The ones I haven’t touched in ages but still sort of plan to get back to (Naruto, more Kingdom Hearts, more FFVII, Original) )

That's sixteen different projects. Gonna be busy for a while over here.
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In case any of you haven't already seen them, Lisa's doing a special series of pics for Christmas, "The 12 Days of Fandom". I don't know what's been more fun so far - throwing around ideas for all of these or boggling as what is basically a series of coloured speed sketches gets more attention than anything she's ever posted online before.

Mind you, tracking down reference pics has turned up a few gems too:

Another priceless moment in anime dubbing )
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Another one done (w00t!) and I’m still not even half way through my backlog of half-finished Naruto fic Man, the series will probably finish before I do at this rate. -_-

Anyway, just for variety, this one’s actually based early series (Haku arc, to be exact). No spoilers past around volume 4 or episode 19. Not happy fic by any meaning, but what the hey, I have fun playing with these sort of ideas.

Haku, Sakura, and a meeting on a bridge in Wave Country that probably never took place )

I will not beg for feedback. I will not beg for feeback. I will not beg for feedback...
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Those of you who have not yet seen this flash animation are missing out. Seriously, there are so many other fandoms for which one of these needs to be made.

Also, I have completed… (wait for it)… another Naruto fic! Making for a grand total of… two. Over the space of four months. Scary part is, for me, that’s practically a roll. >.>

So, um, any of you out there on the f-list up to about mid way through the series yet? Because it doesn’t really start making sense until about the end of the Chuunin arc, and…

C’mon people! I know at least three of you are interested in Naruto! You have no idea what you’re missing out on here!*

*Being the series itself, I mean. Occasional fanfic by a lazy writer is a secondary matter.
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I have returned!

...wound up ridiculously busy, got heavily sidetracked and spent ages trying to catch up on uni work, eventually realising I’d been back for two weeks without posting this. Yeah, shut up.

Queensland and the rollerskating championships )

In other news, after around five years of repeatedly starting the things and never getting them finished, I have actually completed a fanfic. Judging by the fact the world hasn’t ended yet this doesn’t seem to have too greatly affected the fundamental balance of the universe, which is probably good news. However, since it’s Naruto based and the only person I can think of on my friend’s list who’s read far enough into the series to make sense of it has already seen it, posting it in my journal directly seemed like a bit pointless. It’s been posted up here though, just for the record. People even liked it! Yay!


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