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Title: Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Summary: Ponder attempts to teach a few things to Young Sam. No cows were harmed, or more than temporarily displaced, in the writing of this fic.
Rating: G
Word Count: 3760
Warnings: Gratuitous footnotes, bastardisation of Roundworld physics in a Discworld setting, will make very little sense to anyone who hasn't read Thud.
Other notes: Title and concept from a very inspired prompt which I have [livejournal.com profile] factorielle to thank for and also apologise to profusely for taking so unforgivably long to finish this. Thanks also to [livejournal.com profile] tevriel for betaing.

Arguing with Young Sam on whether or not cows went moo would be tantamount to suicide for an authority figure. )
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Somewhere in the middle of all the running around sorting out moving-related stuff this week, I had a birthday. Proper celebrations are going to be delayed this year until things calm down (needless to say) but I got to go out to dinner with my family to mark the occasion at least, so at least I get to feel remembered. ^^; Thanks also to everyone who wished me a happy birthday via online channels especially the ones who did so via email and whom I completely forgot to reply to in the busy couple of days that followed. And lots of love go especially to [livejournal.com profile] saqra for drawing Sol/Ky birthday fanart just for me. <3

Right now, we're hoping to have a combined house warming/birthday party the weekend after next - it may depend how organised the place is at that stage. Speaking of moving, the official date to lug the bulk of the furniture across and set up properly has been set for next Saturday. Still tons of packing to do between now and then, but the bulk of the phoning around for power/gas/etc is done about we're making decent headway with the furniture situation. Got to experience Ikea's extra giant new Perth store yesterday in all it's airport-scale glory, but I'm sure we'll be back again once we've moved in properly and have had time to really figure out everything we're still missing around the place.

On the writing front, the next chapter of Ghost Stories is going to take a little longer than I expected - not so much because it's giving me trouble or I don't have time to finish it, but because earlier this week I got hit with actual inspiration! for one of the harder scenes to come in chapters not so far ahead (and which I've been dreading having to put into words since way back when I started all this), and so editing the chapter 24 into shape got shunted down the priority list a few rungs. Hoping to get to it within a day or two though. I've also finally got my latest Guilty Gear fic back from my beta reader and only needing a few edits before it can be posted (also put off on account of the need to write out that Ghost Stories scene before inspiration left me again) and a piece of Discworld fanfic in the works (which I have told myself I was going to work on just about every evening for the last two weeks, hahaha ><) just for something a bit different. Come to think of it, I should really ask for betaing volunteers for that last one while I'm here. Anyone?

With a little luck, I can probably hope to get at least the first two of those fic uploaded in the next week or so, considering how very close to finished they are already. But considering that we'd probably have to be very lucky to get our Internet connection at the new place sorted out without any trouble, after this week, all bets may be off for a while. If I vanish from the Internet for a bit, at least you'll know why.

Meanwhile, I keep planning out all these posts I want to make about Crisis Core and the new xxxHOLiC episodes and everything and then I keep not finding time to write them. Oh well. Maybe next week. Or the week after that...
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One final epilogue to conclude the xxxHolic/Discworld crossover series. (Pending any further unexpected bursts of inspiration, anyway. It feels pretty final though, and that's good enough for me at this stage.)

Title: Of Heroes and Sidekicks (aka, the one that is all [livejournal.com profile] rusalkaz’s fault)
Summary: In which the owner of the luggage turns out to have more in common with Watanuki than either had realised.
Spoilers: None, though, y'know, you might want to read the other parts first

Previous parts:
Part 1: Just Another Tuesday
Part 2: Binky
Part 3: A Death in the Family
Epilogue 1: The Luggage
Cripple Mr Onion (not a chronological part of the series, but part of the same crossover)

'Do you get a lot of monsters around here?' )
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So Wai-con was fantastic, but damn it's nice to have the free time to do stuff like this again.

This would be the first of two short epilogues to conclude my xxxHolic/Discworld crossover series - just a few hundred words this time. The last part will be a bit longer, and I'm hoping to have up up within a week at the latest.

Title: The Luggage
Summary: In retrospect, introducing Himawari to the luggage had been a mistake.
Spoilers: This was written with certain revelations from the last xxxHolic arc in here in mind, but the references are vague enough that I don't think they'd count as real spoilers.

Previous parts:
Part 1: Just Another Tuesday
Part 2: Binky
Part 3: A Death in the Family
Cripple Mr Onion (not a chronological part of the series, but part of the same crossover)

In retrospect, introducing Himawari to the luggage had been a mistake. )
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Another part to the xxxHolic/Discworld series that just keeps on extending ^^;. This started out as a missing scene from near the end of Binky, but wound up long enough to be declared an extra part in its own right. The first part Just Another Tuesday is up here in case anyone's looking for it.

Title: A Death in the Family
Summary: Watanuki meets another member of the Death family. Susan is introduced to some lesser known Japanese spirits, and our hero is introduced to some novel ways of dealing with them.
Spoilers: Nothing important, though you'd probably want to read the previous parts of the series first.

A Death in the Family )
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Update from here, just because I like to keep track of these things.

Six down, one struggling, four new challengers. )

I like to think I’m making headway.
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Sequel to Just Another Tuesday, expanded from the previously posted version here (although unrelated to the Granny Weatherwax one, except by the series being crossed over). Huge thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] rhap_chan for kindly volunteering to beta this for me.

Title: Binky
Summary: Watanuki, Doumeki, and a horse borrowed from a shinigami from another dimension. Just another job when you work for Yuuko.
Spoilers: Reference to certain facts regarding Doumeki’s childhood revealed in chapter 102, plus a couple of blink-and-you'll-miss-them* references to certain outcomes of the spider arc.

*Look, I swear I didn't realise how appropriate an expression that was until after I'd written it!

It had been one of those mornings when Watanuki absolutely dreaded going past the temple. )
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Finally got the Yuuko-meets-Granny Weatherwax one back from the beta!

Title: Cripple Mr Onion
Series: xxxHolic crossover with Discworld (+ tiny little CCS reference)
Rating: G
Summary: Yuuko meets a witch of a rather different variety.

It has been said that the basic classes of witch may be divided into the maiden, the mother and the…other one )

And on the subject of beta readers and xxxHolic/Discworld crossovers... )
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If the last few months of posts weren't proof enough, I've been writing rather a lot lately.

A few things which turned up while writing for Discworld or CLAMP recently: )

In related news, I sat down earlier and made a list of everything I've got in the to-do pile right now. It's long. Okay, it's always long, but the surprising part is I think there's actually a decent chance most of it will get done within a few months.

So it looked like it was time to dredge out that old unfinished-fic-meme, even if this is going to be mostly for my own reference:

The ones I’m working on now (xxxHolic, Discworld, Tsubasa, Kingdom Hearts) )

The ones I’m going to work on just as soon as I clear that list a little (Kingdom Hearts, Tsubasa, Full Metal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VII, more xxxHolic) )

The ones I haven’t touched in ages but still sort of plan to get back to (Naruto, more Kingdom Hearts, more FFVII, Original) )

That's sixteen different projects. Gonna be busy for a while over here.
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So, when I said at the bottom of my original Watanuki-meets-Death fic that there was going to be a sequel of sorts, this was all I really had in mind - a few hundred words worth of an epilogue type deal. Only now, it seems to be growing. It may even have developed a plot of sorts. And it looks like being at least twice as long as part one.

To all you people who sent me so much lovely feedback for the first part? Rest assured (and I mean this in the nicest possible way), this is bound to be All. Your. Fault. XD

It'll take a little while yet for me to get the expanded version finished though, so in the meantime, here's the sequel I was going to post before it started spawning.

Title: Binky
Summary: Sequel to Just Another Tuesday. I don't think any more needs to be said, do you?
Spoilers: Reference to certain facts regarding Doumeki’s childhood revealed in chapter 102.

It was one of those mornings when Watanuki was absolutely dreading getting to the shrine. )
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Anyone else wondering when this started turning into a fic journal? ^^;;;

I was browsing through some XXXHolic fic recs, when I ran into a particularly brilliant little piece called A Wizard's Staff, in which a certain song from Discworld is sung to a certain magician from CCS. Which was all very well and good, but then the writer just had to go and make this little comment at the end that as far as Discworld crossovers went, one where Death meets Watanuki (who let's remember, sees spirits and nearly gets himself killed every other week) would have to be the next logical conclusion.

I don't think she meant to use that idea herself. That means it's free to leap out at the next poor person who wanders by and demand to be written for the taking, right? Right? XD

Title: Just Another Tuesday.
Summary: Crossover with Discworld. Watanuki meets Death, though fortunately not on official business.
Spoilers: Scattered reference to a few events from later chapters, but no big spoilers, I don't think.

The one good thing about the situation to that point was that the spirit, or youkai, or shinigami, or whatever it was today was not likely to be the sort to tell Watanuki he screamed like a girl. )

To my flist: All the XXXHolic manga to date can be found here. You want to read it. Some of you just don't know this yet.


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