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.../things someone should write fic about

  1. Contrary to what the show would have us believe, Wild Tiger does have a dedicated fanbase, mostly comprised of three groups: a) people who really get into the uncompromising hero schtick he has going, b) people, mostly young and male, who don't give much of a damn about heroics but think it's totally awesome how he's always smashing stuff up on camera, and c) old ladies who, for no reason Kotetsu has ever understood, have decided he's absolutely charming. Alas, little old ladies don't contribute much to the sales of his trading cards.

    It all gets less G-rated from here. Also, some fic recs, which are not particularly G-rated either )
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Hey look, a meme!

1. Leave me a comment saying that you want me to ask you 5 questions. (Or, hell, ask me questions or whatever – I feel like I’m on an answering roll right now)
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better. If I already know you well, expect the questions may be a little more intimate.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions. (Or just answer in a reply comment and skip the last couple of steps, I don’t really care either way)
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

Questions from [livejournal.com profile] ficcentricity:

1. How did you get into fandom, and why did you stay?
2. What is your favorite pairing in any fandom and why do you like it?
3. Your favorite childhood memory?
4. Do you like Doumeki or Watanuki better?
5. What's your favorite landmark where you live?

Conciseness has never precisely been a virtue I’ve mastered. )


Sep. 18th, 2006 09:38 pm
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I'm having a wonderfully fannish week over here.

First, just in case anyone out there hasn't already heard, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix CONFIRMED! New cutscenes! New ending video! Chain of Memories with PSII standard graphics! Other cool stuff we don't know about yet! Months and months of crazy rumours and Japanese magazine scans with the same pictures published over and over again with next to no new information! So very much to look forward to. ^____^

Second, is there anyone else on my flist out there reading Tsubasa and XXXHolic? Because I finally got around to getting myself up to date with the manga of both, and I'm now in serious need of someone to share all the squee with. Seriously, I have this list of things I've loved about the last couple of volumes of Tsubasa which just goes on and on. And when did XXXHolic go from being a fun little Tsubasa add on to something with all that extra character development and plot and why did no-one tell me?

Oh yeah, it's a good time to be a fangirl.
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The copy of KHII Lisa ordered came in on Monday.

The Bad: Somehow, we've accidentally wound up with a copy in Japanese. Which means that I've been making Lisa pause after about 3/4 of the dialogue to fill me in on just what exactly is going on. Not all bad though, I've always been something of a backseat KH fan (played an hour or two of KHI, got bored with the battle system, gave up and took to watching most of the rest over her shoulder). Also, the game keeps freezing on us, which is seriously not cool. But on the upside: real Japanese voice actors! How can you argue with that?

The Not Even Remotely Bad: This game is on a special kind of crack. In the years since KHI it has grown up, discovered boys and learnt to *angst*. At least half the plot hasn't come close to making sense, yet I am loving every moment to bits. Seriously - KHI may have been pretty good, but the sequel is blowing us away. There's just so much more *detail* - the plot is that much more complicated, the animation is seriously impressive and the storytelling has taken a huge leap forward. The characters seem to have a lot more freedom to interact, comment on their surroundings - even just chatter to each other; there's this great feeling of being inside the story that we haven't gotten from a game since we finished FFX. Even the tackier Disney stuff is less annoying. And there is just so much new stuff to like about this game - Roxas! Namine! Axel! Auron! Grown-up Sora running around in clothes that don't fit anymore and forcing us spend the first half hour or so staring at his knees! The Steamboat Willy section! And we're not even up to Pirates of the Caribbean yet.

And to think we were worried it wouldn't live up to its opening sequence. Words cannot express the depth of our squee.
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"I'm not going to write one of these", she says. "Honestly, I have too many fandoms to choose from. I wouldn't know where to start."

For the record, this is entirely [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque's fault.

Fandoms I have loved )

Y'know, I'm sure I never used to get milage like this out of my embarrassed Trunks icon. This can't be a good sign.
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Since the movie's coming out in a couple of months, my sister and I finally got around to watching all fourteen episodes of Firefly last week. By this stage I think we must have already ranted to... perhaps half of you? about our shared reactions to this show, so I'll sum up my overall impression in brief here:

OMFG they fsking CANCELED this show?!?

I mean, this is the show that *Mum* - the one who doesn't get science fiction at all, who never really got much out of Star Wars or LotR or any of the other classics - came in to watch with us whenever she caught us in the middle of an episode - even joined in with our communal grumbling about the insanity of American television network executives once we finished it. Watching Firefly has been one of those rare experiences like finding one of those stories you've wanted to see for ages but didn't think actually existed - it's dark and it's violent and it's cute and it's fun and it has nine of the most engaging characters I've seen on screen in a good while and if you haven't seen it already? Seriously, it is worth tracking down.

The movie comes out end of September. We'll be counting down.
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Like a large chunk of Perth fandom, I went to see the Swancon fundraiser screening of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy last Friday.

But first let’s talk about another book by the same author )

And now let’s actually talk about the movie )

So, what final conclusions did we walk away from the movie with?

1. All movies, good or bad, should be seen with a theater full of other fans.

2. Apparently, I have Arthur/Fenchurch OTP issues I was never previously aware of.

3. The world without a Douglas Adams in it is a much sadder place.

4. [livejournal.com profile] harveystoat needs to be made a Zaphod costume ASAP.
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[livejournal.com profile] jaseroque, the odds are I’ll see you in person before you see this post, but being as you were the one who went to considerable length to convince me to buy the *Original Tolkien Art* Lord of the Rings Calendar that is currently hanging on my wall, I owe you thanks. Lots of thanks. Possibly chocolate even.

*grin* LotR geeking within )

It’s definitely been too long since I reread the trilogy. I shall have to remedy this.

While I’m here, did any of the rest of you watch Carnivale? If so, can I interest any of you in storming the ABC headquarters for misleading us into thinking that a) It was only a six episode series, and we’d have a conclusion by the end of January, and b) That we weren’t probably going to have to wait at least a *year* before we’d get to see season two.

I know I’ve said wow a lot under that cut already, but Carnivale? Is in a whole wow category of its own. One of the ones best described using a lot of swear words and looks of abject shock. I am seriously considering buying this series when it comes out on DVD, though largely just so that way I’ve got it where I can see it.


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