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LJ, as much as I love it, is kind of dead these days, and was never a particularly great fanfiction archive to begin with, and as for fanfic.net - well, they killed any hope of being taken seriously as a major fic archive the day they banned anything beyond a PG rating. AO3's pretty much where it's at for a lot of fandoms these days, and most of a year and many hours of furious dithering later, I finally finished the mammoth task of getting all my fic uploaded over there.

...yeah. Just in case anyone was actually wondering how you take that long copying what my stats tell me came to over 390,000 words worth of 88 different fic, that's about the size of it.

A few more thoughts on how I've been finding the whole AO3 experience:

Why Kudos are awesome, the edit form is an exercise in frustration, and the bugs in the tagging system burn me to the very core of my geekish soul )
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Well shit, I went and let another three months go past without posting a damn thing. Better make some excuses.

Adventures in writing for Teen Wolf and the perils of research )

Adventures in cosplay, cons and iron-on vinyl )

There's been assorted RL stuff too, of course, but nothing too dramatic. Might get around to posting about it later.
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Okay. So. Making slow-but-steady progress on getting all my fic up over at AO3. All my xxxHoLiC is up (excluding Ghost Stories, which still isn't back from the beta reader), Guilty Gear is done, a half dozen minor fandoms I have had brief flirtations with over the years are done, and I'm up to Cable & Deadpool at last.

This also means I'm up to figuring out exactly how to go about posting that convoluted, multi-threaded AU monstrosity that is Summers'son.

Given the way the action jumps around from scene to scene and timeline to timeline, I'm thinking it's going to make much more sense as a series than as a single fic. (For all AO3's faults, options like the support for posting fic as a series make up for any multitude of sins.) That way, I can post the introductory chapters as one story, and each of the individual timelines following the split as a separate one. So, chapters 4-6, plus those three short epilogues (wherein Nate realises his attraction to Wade on his own terms and still manages to make a mess out of confessing to it thanks to an awkward psychic bungle) would become one fic, and the first part of chapter 7 would be another, and... okay, and here it gets complicated, because there are a few different ways I could break some of this down. I'm also about to need a whole bunch of new titles.

Hashing out some of my options and throwing around some possible titles under the cut )

Making these sorts of minor logistic decisions always takes me far more angst than it's worth, so if anyone wants to throw their own opinion/preferences/better ideas for titles my way, I'm all ears right now.
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Got a message from [livejournal.com profile] melnakuru a little while back asking if she could translate my Cable/Deadpool fic Beer and Sympathy into Chinese, to which the answer was an enthusiastic "sure, go for it!" The result is up on marvelfanclub.com and mtslash.com - both of which are member access only, but we should be able to get the translation up on AO3 later too if that's of use to people.

In other C&DP fic news, I have a 3000 word start on the chapter 8 of Good Intentions! This would not seem like such a victory, except that most of the scenes in this chapter have been floating around my head since I started the thing, and actually having them down at last (oh god, has it actually been over a year since I last updated it? ;_; ) feels like reaching a major milestone.

But the real culprit for getting me back into my fic-writing groove remains that Teen Wolf fic I was working on, which has now broken 30,000 words and the end is nowhere in sight. I think it's safe to say this thing is turning into a monster. But mostly in a good way.

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So I got a few long and detailed responses to that last post from people who clearly very much wanted to help. Unfortunately, what they mostly managed to demonstrate was that I can’t have done a very good job of communicating what the problem was in the first place. I’m going to make one more attempt to clarify things so that, at the very least, people will have some sort of explanation for why I’ve been feeling too awkward to reply to all their comments properly.

blahblahblah )
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Anyone remember that very silly Cable/Deadpool Little Mermaid AU crack fic I posted last year? Well, some people apparently do, because every now and then (meaning three times in the last six months but the most recent was very recent so it's on my mind again) I get a new comment on it from someone who loved it and wants to let me know how much they'd love to see more of it. This has left me with something of a conundrum.

The body is willing but the mind wants a detailed feasibility study before it commits resources )
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It's been so long since I last posted fic that I really wanted to at least have something new posted by the end of the year, but it probably goes without saying that I've had more trouble than I counted on getting back into the swing of writing again after all that cosplay stress leading up to November. (All those posts about stuff in recent Marvel comics? You can safely read them as a sort of sideways attempt to get myself back into the writing groove again.) The good news is I'm finally writing again, and I have the next chapter of that high school AU needing only a few last edits and a beta before it's done! The bad news is ahaha no way is that happening by new year's.

But in the interests of having something to share by that arbitrary date, and because I feel the need to celebrate the fact that it appears this will actually still be canon-compliant following X-Sanction, I'm reposting this short fic I wrote for a kink meme request a couple of weeks ago. Very brief context for reposting purposes: the request was for Deadpool and a newly resurrected Cable meeting on the pages of Uncanny X-Force, but I must also credit this recent scene where Spider-Man and Johnny Storm do almost the exact same thing for inspiration as all I could think reading it was, wow, you'd hardly have to rewrite this to do make it Cable and Deadpool instead...

Script format, as I like to imagine this is exactly how it might go down on page )
And a Happy New Year to you all!
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The ramblings below are going to be mostly about Cable and Deadpool/Marvel Comics, but if anyone who's completely unfamiliar with that fandom wants to throw in their two cents on broader canonical-accuracy-in-fanfic issues, please do join in. I'm in a discussion-y sort of mood.

With Let Slip the Dogs of War mostly done now (main story finished, epilogue two off to the beta reader) it's time to get working on the next idea that's sunk its little plot-snake fangs into me for this fandom. The only trouble with this particular idea is that it requires a lot of early scenes set in the early New Mutants/X-Force era – and that's a bit awkward, because outside of the Deadpool-related issues, I've read next to nothing from that part of the series, and only have a very vague understanding about who was around and what was going on. Since the whole idea depends on sending the timeline veering into AU territory I have leeway to fudge the details, but I'm not going to get very far without mentioning anything about the non-Cable-or-Deadpool characters and conflicts from around then. More importantly, I run the risk of putting off people who do know that part of the series well by getting things wrong.

Sure, most of the people likely to read it will probably be in the same boat as me – in it for C&DP, and interested in their earliest appearances mostly for backstory reasons, but I've been thrown out of fic myself before because a minor character I'd gotten myself attached to was acting wildly OOC. * I should be making at least a token effort not to make the same mistake.

So, yeah – in short, I'm stuck in that old fanfic question: just how well should you know canon before you can get away with writing about it?

Ah, the joys of comic book fandom )
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I can only suppose that by this point, it would probably surprise anyone who's still reading for the purpose that I haven't completely forgotten about The Telling of One Billion Ghost Stories - a.k.a. the novel-length xxxHolic/Tsubasa post-apocalyptic AU fic that I posted in draft form back in 07/08, and have been promising to revise and repost ever since. *hangs head in shame*

Actually, most of my own edits have been finished since earlier this year. Unfortunately, since then distractions have been myriad, and now it seems that neither of the friends who originally volunteered to beta for me have been having much luck finding the time to go through this 90,000 word monster of a fic. :/ So more than a year since I posted the final chapter, I'm finally back to hunting for anyone who may be willing to beta for me. Soon for preference, though I'm painfully aware I don't have much freedom to be picky in that regard.

<.< Any volunteers?
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A question for the f-list at large: would any of you be familiar with that addictively little DS game The World Ends With You and willing to do a quick beta job on some fic for me? Three short fics, to be exact (written as a loosely connected series but all finished at once in the end) totalling about 8500 words and containing a bit of mild Shiki/Eri and Neku/Joshua. They've been variously floating around my notebooks and harddrive since sometime around last December, but they're done at last ( \o/ ) and well and truly due for posting by now~
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Obviously I didn't attempt NaNo this year or you would've all heard about it. But since one thing or another has kept me from writing or posting hardly any fic since I finished the Ghost Stories draft in late July, I did declare November Local Get On With It Already Month, and turned out the reasonably respectable total of about 20,000 words (most of which haven't been edited or posted yet). That's not counting over 15,000 words worth of posts since I got back from Japan about all that stuff I've been up to lately, which doesn't strictly count but does chew into one's writing time in a significant sort of way. So I'm going to call that a decent sort of success.

While I'm talking about writing, I thought I'd post a new WIP list - partly so I can use it for my own checklist, but also for anyone who might be interested in what's in the works (or who wants to put in a vote for where my priorities should be out of all those different projects). No proper extracts this time because I am feeling lazy though convincing me to add them in probably would not be all that hard.

Also while I'm talking about writing, [livejournal.com profile] cheloya and [livejournal.com profile] lunargeography, I know neither of you are on LJ much lately, but if you are reading this, are you still up for betaing duties if the story in question is ready some time soon? ^^;

xxxHOLiC/Tsubasa fic )

The World Ends With You fic )

Guilty Gear fic )

...yep, that should about keep me going for a while. x_x
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The good news is that after of a month of waiting for the provider company to get off their arses and connect us up, we have Internet connection from our new place at last! Our new wireless network is turning into a bit more of a headache - any more trouble and I will be just about ready to buy a 20m cable and run it down the hallway instead. Still, yay Internets! Between moving to a completely new place and how long it's been now, it's actually going to take some getting used to the idea of having regular access again.

The less good news is that I've been sick since Sunday with this truly rotten cold which leapt on me out of nowhere and laid me out flat for most of this week. I'm through the worst of it now, though if past experience is anything to go by this cough will be staying with me for a good while yet. >< In a fantastic stroke of irony, we got hold of our new modem on Wednesday night - *after* I'd spent three very bored days sick at home with nothing to do and not even limited from-work Internet access, and right *before* I decided I was feeling well enough to go back to work again. I bet someone up there finds that awfully funny.

Anyway, because something about having a head that feels like it's stuffed with glue makes me feel incredibly uncreative, the next chapter of Ghost Stories will be late. (And I was doing so well with it on Saturday too! *sobs*) Not sure how late yet, I've got a good start on it, but climatic chapters are never the easy ones plus a certain new character keeps creeping even her writer out. It's a hell of a time to lose momentum when I am literally about two or three chapters from the end.

Right, on to answering all that backlog of comments from the last week or so. ^^;
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Somewhere in the middle of all the running around sorting out moving-related stuff this week, I had a birthday. Proper celebrations are going to be delayed this year until things calm down (needless to say) but I got to go out to dinner with my family to mark the occasion at least, so at least I get to feel remembered. ^^; Thanks also to everyone who wished me a happy birthday via online channels especially the ones who did so via email and whom I completely forgot to reply to in the busy couple of days that followed. And lots of love go especially to [livejournal.com profile] saqra for drawing Sol/Ky birthday fanart just for me. <3

Right now, we're hoping to have a combined house warming/birthday party the weekend after next - it may depend how organised the place is at that stage. Speaking of moving, the official date to lug the bulk of the furniture across and set up properly has been set for next Saturday. Still tons of packing to do between now and then, but the bulk of the phoning around for power/gas/etc is done about we're making decent headway with the furniture situation. Got to experience Ikea's extra giant new Perth store yesterday in all it's airport-scale glory, but I'm sure we'll be back again once we've moved in properly and have had time to really figure out everything we're still missing around the place.

On the writing front, the next chapter of Ghost Stories is going to take a little longer than I expected - not so much because it's giving me trouble or I don't have time to finish it, but because earlier this week I got hit with actual inspiration! for one of the harder scenes to come in chapters not so far ahead (and which I've been dreading having to put into words since way back when I started all this), and so editing the chapter 24 into shape got shunted down the priority list a few rungs. Hoping to get to it within a day or two though. I've also finally got my latest Guilty Gear fic back from my beta reader and only needing a few edits before it can be posted (also put off on account of the need to write out that Ghost Stories scene before inspiration left me again) and a piece of Discworld fanfic in the works (which I have told myself I was going to work on just about every evening for the last two weeks, hahaha ><) just for something a bit different. Come to think of it, I should really ask for betaing volunteers for that last one while I'm here. Anyone?

With a little luck, I can probably hope to get at least the first two of those fic uploaded in the next week or so, considering how very close to finished they are already. But considering that we'd probably have to be very lucky to get our Internet connection at the new place sorted out without any trouble, after this week, all bets may be off for a while. If I vanish from the Internet for a bit, at least you'll know why.

Meanwhile, I keep planning out all these posts I want to make about Crisis Core and the new xxxHOLiC episodes and everything and then I keep not finding time to write them. Oh well. Maybe next week. Or the week after that...
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*points at subject line* This was one of those things that was way up on my holiday to-do list, and it's finally been achieved. ^_^ (Ye gods, it's going to be nice having a machine that isn't so out of date that running three firefox windows and Word at once can slow it to a crawl) I'm still in the middle of the long process of re-installing everything, and things could have gone a whole lot smoother up to this point. Which is to say that we wasted a whole evening yesterday failing to convince the thing even to install Windows and finally had to take it back to the shop to get it fixed up just to clear that first hurdle.

The upshot was that I wound up spending most of a whole extra day without a working computer beyond what I'd counted on (I'm sure most of you will know only too well how traumatic this can be). On the upside though, that did mean I got a good part of my room cleaned out at last, started a new pipe fox ([livejournal.com profile] sansele? This would be yours, for the record. ^_~) and turned out an extra 2000 words on Ghost Stories, so maybe there's another message there about separating myself from my computer a little more often. ^^;

A bit more about the status on that particular fic, while I'm on the subject )
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Going by the results of that poll so far, most of you want me writing holic fic (well, I did know that one), and almost everyone wants me writing slash (XD colour me not surprised at all. But not at all unwilling to comply on either account.) More votes for Kingdom Hearts than I would have expected, given I haven’t written for that in almost a year and had sort of mixed enthusiasm for the little I ever did write in that fandom in the first place – but maybe that’s just telling me that that we all just love Kingdom Hearts anyway (And as it should be!). And maybe I could dredge out that last unfinished KH fic of mine and do something with it at some stage…

Not much consensus on length of fic, though lots of people do seem to want me to post more in progress fic or random blather about writing which does make me wonder how many of you realise just how much blather you might be giving me permission for here. And isn’t that convenient when I had another instance of the good old unfished fic meme just about ready to go. =D

So, on to the actual subject here – this would be the post for excepts from the Guilty Gear fic I’ve got in progress which I promised not long ago. This is not quite the complete list of everything I’ve started and not yet finished – just the ones with the better chances of being finished in the near future for this post. As for which do get finished and in what order – well, I’m generally easily swayed one way or the other if there’s something people would particularly like to see complete.

1. Sol, Ky and I-no - more crusades fic based on those drama CDs )

2. Ky and Sol (or Ky and *not* Sol, more to the point) - still more crusades based fic )

3. The usual suspects, but actually set somewhere post GGXX for a change )

4. Ky and Millia - Yes, actual GG fic from me without Sol. )

5. The one that will probably have to be called 'The Story of Pants on a Stick' )

In total (counting the rest of these five and those other couple that didn't make this post), there are more than 12,000 words of unfinished GG fic in that folder at the moment. And that's not counting Ghost Stories, or those doujinshi I'm supposed to be working on, or anything else I've got planned. Anyone still wondering why I'm not starting anything new for NaNo this year? ^^;;;
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Unlike a lot of the rest of fandom, I’ve never personally picked up much attachment to the whole ‘plot bunnies’ way of talking about ideas. However, [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque and I have come up with our own fun little writing analogy which we’re quite proud of, and which I wanted to share in the vague hope of getting others to try it out.

This all began at a writing panel at a Swancon a few years back, where one of the panellists (Paul Kid, a sort of minor local BNF, and generally good value at those sort of panels) commented that he felt writing a story was a bit like nailing down a snake. He suggested that a good approach was to get the head and the tail nailed down first (the start and the end, so to speak), and then you’ve just got this angry mass whiplashing back and forth in the middle to be pinned down in some shape or other as best you can (with running commentary to the effect of “wait, how did he get over there?” and “no that character isn’t gay!” to demonstrate just how much trouble that part can cause XD). As analogies for the writing process went it worked entertainingly well. We liked it, anyway.

We’ve been bringing it up now and then ever since, but it pretty much stayed in that format until late last year when, while stuck in the middle of a seething mass of WIPs, I commented to [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque that my own approach to writing had become something rather more like aiming a nail gun into a box of snakes while blindfolded. I never knew what I was going to hit. If I was lucky, I’d hit the same one enough times that it’d be worth getting out the hammer and going down there to get the rest of it nailed into some kind of shape. However, there was still the danger that one of the others would come along and bite me while I was doing it, so I’d have to go and nail that one down just to keep it out of the way – and you can see where this is going. Before long, I’d be lucky if I could even remember where I’d been nailing the first one down to begin with.

From there, the metaphor has... gone a bit feral. And possibly developed teeth. )

So, how do you all go about nailing down your snakes? ^_~
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For reasons probably best not questioned too deeply, whenever you go to the 'stats' part of ff.net's user panel, your (or at least *my*) fic are listed, by default, in reverse alphabetical order. Since this is the least of the inexplicable features of that site I probably shouldn't complain too much, however, seeing everything you've written listed (sort of) alphabetically does lead one to notice dumb little things like, "Oh hey, I've written a fic with a title starting with every letter except A, M, Q, U, Y and Z. Wouldn't it be neat to have covered the whole alphabet?"

Which leads me to one of the stranger sources of inspiration for a request meme I've ever had. The prompt will go as follows: Give me a fic title starting with any of the letters I've never used before (ie, A, M, Q, U, Y or Z) and a series/character/pairing, and I will attempt to come up with some sort of fic to go with it. You can always include more than one title or additional info about what the fic should contain in your prompt if you'd prefer, though only a title is strictly necessary.

Titles may have as many words as you like, just as long as they start with the right letter. For the sake of the argument, titles starting with the word 'The' shall be counted as starting with a T (otherwise, I've already written "The Magician", so M would be out of the running). A list of the series I've written for before may be found under my LJ memories. There are a fair few others under 'Misc' or which I've written crossovers for too, which should also be considered fair game.

Obviously, I'd like to wind up with one fic per letter, but if what I get is requests for three A's, two M's and a Y and I wind up writing for two M's and an A, it shall be no great surprise. As always, no promises any fic will result from any given prompt, but anyone's welcome to request. ^_^
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I had this giant post of Guilty Gear stuff I was going to write tonight, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow, because I spent too much of this evening horribly distracted. [livejournal.com profile] factorielle and I have come up with the best Doumeki theory ever.

(Actually, most of the comments on that post aren't relevant. The important part starts at the end of this comment and picks up again a couple of comments later at this thread.)

You just try and tell us that's not all absolutely true, and a work of genius. XDXD

Edit: Oh yeah, a warning - everything on that post contains recent xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa spoilers liek whoa.
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Guilty Gear may not be the best series out there for crossovers, but there are a couple of other neat series out there I’ve been following which can be validly crossed over with anything, and Guilty Gear can’t even pretend to be an exception. >D

Kingdom Hearts/Guilty Gear – It’s all about buckles and belts (and gay) )

Doctor Who/Guilty Gear: Wait, you mean there are characters *other* than Sol and Ky in this universe? )

The third of the series I’m known to maybe-write-the-occasional-fic for which can be crossed over with anything you like would be Tsubasa/xxxHOLiC multiverse, but there even my imagination appears to have given out.


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