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"Much like the TARDIS, soil moisture is variable in both space and time..."

Thank you, brain. No really. That was very helpful.

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This seemed as good a time as any to mention that it kinda dawned on me a few years ago that I seem to be basically bisexual.*

In all seriousness, this is not a big deal. I don't think I could have asked for a more gay-friendly social circle than the branch of Perth fandom I've been hanging out with for the last odd decade. I haven't mentioned it to my parents yet, but I can't imagine them being too bothered by it. It just seems silly to make a big scene out of coming out in that sort of environment. For all I know, half those people never assumed I was straight in the first place.

The only slightly awkward thing about the whole situation is that no matter how confident one might be about everyone's support, it's still not the sort of subject that lends itself to being dropped into casual conversation. ("So what did you do over the weekend?" "Oh, nothing much, sat around the house, had a minor personal sexual revelation, you know.") Without going into detail about what kept me from getting through all this stuff years ago**, when you've spent as long as I had in the semi-conscious habit of not drawing attention to fact that, for example, your eyes might sometimes trail after a pretty girl for slightly longer than is entirely heterosexual, it's a hard thing to break yourself out of overnight. But obviously, I want that information out there. I want to be able to casually mention something like how I might personally find the heroine of series X more attractive than the hero, and without confusing anyone with how that adds up with my having identified as heterosexual back in 2001, or whatever. At the very least, it certainly can't hurt my chances of ever getting a date.

So, yeah. That's about the shape of things.

And with all that and the last month of crazy Wai-con cosplay prep out of the way, hopefully I will be back to my regular schedule of posting about random fannish stuff any day now.

* Well, inasmuch as one can say given my non-existent dating history. Sometimes I crush on guys, sometimes I crush on girls, I'm comfortable with the label, and happy to figure out any remaining details as I go.

** Short version: the supportive environment thing is something of a recent development. Until my late teens practically everything public school and available pop culture had ever taught me about homo/bisexuality was the bare definitions, that no-one ever talked about it, and when they did talk about it it was to sneer or otherwise establish that The People Who Did That Were Not Our Kind Of People. (Had RTD's new Doctor Who been on TV when I was a kid I may have had a whole different adolescence.) When it first began to dawn on me that I found girls attractive my response was to freak out and repress, and repress so effectively that it took an awfully long time and a lot of gradual intermediate stages for the subject to come up again. Anyway, I think we've already established the part where I was never the most emotionally stable of teens out there.
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In 2011 I was half of the winning team in the Australian Madman Cosplay Competition, had both my legs sliced by a surgeon and spent over a month recovering, twirled poi on stage in front of over a thousand people, did not get nearly so much fic written as I would have liked (as usual), spent far more time making costumes than I meant to (also as usual), was in a minor car accident, fell head over heels for a stupid webcomic called Homestuck, built a lightsabre, spent an ungodly amount of time installing and reinstalling various operating systems on various computers, and had a lovely Christmas with all my family (genetically related or otherwise).

But the single most important thing that happened in 2011 would have to be getting myself diagnosed with depression, after suffering from it – as the general agreement now seems to go – in one form or another for most of my life.

The short version of that story… well, I guess the really short version is that this is a good thing. I’ve got answers for things I’ve been avoiding talking about for a long time. I’m seeing a psychiatrist and I’m on anti-depressants, and while we’re still sorta feeling through what’s going to work best for me, it’s been helping a lot. I feel better. A number of little things in life are suddenly easier than they used to be. A couple of family friends who don’t see much of me at the best of times and have no idea anything is going on have volunteered the opinion I seem happier than they remember seeing me. It’s the usual story that it means a lot just to have a name and a formal diagnosis for That Thing That You Were Struggling With But Weren’t Ever Sure Was A Thing Until Now. Similar deal to what I went through with the anterior compartment syndrome that was giving me shin splints all those years in skating (see above note about surgery) – just having an explanation is a huge weight off your mind.

The gory details, which may or may not devolve into sharing my entire life story under the justification of 'context'. )
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...late though this may be for my own timezone.

I'd go into detail about the lovely Christmas I had myself this year, my thoughts on the holiday and all that - but I don't think I could possibly do nearly so good a job as Tim Minchin does.

I've never been a big fan of Christmas music (not unless you count a semi-tradition of playing the Christmas Macarena every year when we were kids, anyway), but damn if this song doesn't put me on the verge of the happy sniffles every time I hear it. ♥
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Now that LJ appears (*fingers crossed*) to be past the worst of the latest round of DDOS attacks, I can make that post I meant to make to let people know that I'm doing a lot better. Saw the doctor on Tuesday and was told that my legs are healing up beautifully and given instructions to stop taking it easy and start pushing myself. So I'm off the crutches at last and even starting to take long walks around the neighbourhood, albeit more slowly and carefully than usual. Still sore and a little wobbly, but fortunately just standing or walking don't use the muscles in question all that much, and it is v. nice to be back on my feet again.
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Perth's Supanova was last weekend so I have a pretty substantial con report on my to-do list right now, but before I get to that there's some upcoming real-life stuff that needs covering a little more urgently. On Thursday this week I'm going to be in surgery having both my legs cut open.

The gory details. )

Anyway, the main thing I want to let people know with this post is that I'm going to be in hospital for a couple of days, then bedridden at home for at least a couple of weeks, and probably not looking at getting full mobility back until around the two month mark. My Mum is taking time off work to help me out while I'm immobile, and my sister [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig will be around in the evenings, but assuming all goes well, I am going to have ample time to get bored out of my skull.

I would really love some good book recs (anything people can either lend me or that I have a reasonable chance of tracking down at the local library before Thursday, for preference). Depending on exactly how drugged out I am through most of this, I am sure to be even happier to get some visitors. (And if I am drugged out of my senses and/or too grouchy to be fit company, [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig may be in a position to appreciate visitors even more.) One if not both of us should be contactable by phone pretty much whenever. I've been through enough surgery to have a decent idea how much unpleasantness I'm in for but actually being unable to stand up without assistance for long periods is going to be a whole new experience for me, and a few distractions can go an awful long way.
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The good news: My beta-reader is finally back! \o/

The bad news: Yesterday morning I was clever enough to let the car door slam on my finger. I would tell you it wasn't as bad as it sounds, but... yeah, actually it was pretty much exactly as bad as it sounds.

Still aiming to get GI-5 posted this week, but typing/editing is suddenly a lot less fun than usual. -_-


Jun. 14th, 2010 10:26 pm
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I drove to uni today, which is routine for Mondays. The less routine part of the story involved me walking down the line of cars parked next to mine and realising that three out of the four were looking the worse for wear - and not just the usual hail damage either (which is a common sight around the university, being one of the worse areas hit by the storm in March). All three cars had obvious collision damage to the front, variously including sizable dents, scratches, patches that had been inexpertly painted over, and number plates scrunched up in ways that metal plating does not naturally scrunch.

Which was a pretty weird little coincidence of car arrangement on it's own, but wait, there's more!

Around lunchtime, I walked past again. One of the damaged cars was gone and its space empty, but the one car out of the four that hadn't been damaged was also gone, and in its space was a new one: chunks of the front bonet knocked in, number plate all scrunchy.

On the one hand, it's probably just one of those weird statistical things. On the other, IS THERE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLACE I AM PARKING MY CAR I SHOULD KNOW? o_O
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Hey everyone! How's things? Been having a bit of a month over here.

Since my last post I have attended a con, moved house and been separated from the Internet for nearly two full weeks. Granted though,, even if I had had Internet connection, I would probably not have had time to write this post.

Swancon )

The move )

Quick snapshot of some of the more impressive cosplay props that made moving more difficult. )

Probably going to be having some kind of combined housewarming/birthday party in a couple of weeks time. Depending on how long it takes to get ourselves organised, and all that.
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Time for an update on the moving situation, and it's all good news. The house still hasn't sold, so there's no huge pressure on us, but [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig is employed again after the Interzone craziness and all settled into her new job up in record time, so that gave us two very good reasons to move, and a much better idea of which suburbs were going to be convenient. The even better news is that we found a place we liked last week, put in the application for it on Friday and got the call yesterday to say we'd been accepted! \o/

The happydancing will probably wear off by the time the horrible stress of getting everything ready for the move sets in, but for the time being we're still excited just to have found a place we're happy with.

We sign the lease officially on the 9th of April, and we're probably going to try to do the bulk of the moving the weekend after that. In the meantime, if there's anyone who could possibly hook us up with a pile of big cardboard boxes/other handy moving stuff, we would really love to hear from you.
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...how did people describe the size of hailstones before golf was invented?*

* Not that any of the ones I saw were actually as big as golfballs. I'm just saying, some of them came pretty close.**

** I did not think the weather here knew how to DO that sort of thing. o_o
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My department at uni is going through a big reshuffle, so earlier this week I moved to a different office - no big deal, since the new office was pretty much just down the hall from the old one. Finished setting up by early afternoon, which was when I got a message from my sister to say she just got a call from the estate agents, saying that the owner is putting our house up for sale.

Since we're living in a fairly poorly-maintained little place that takes up barely half the block it stands on in a high-demand suburb, there's probably a very small chance the place won't sell, a small chance someone buys it as an investment property and lets the current tenants (us) stay, and a very good chance it'll be bought and bulldozed to the ground to make room for something huge, expensive and better matched to the rest of the neighbourhood.

So I guess I need to think about moving. Again. Only more so.

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Another year, another would-be-birthday slightly overwhelmed by the need to sort out house/rent/moving-related fuss. Probably should have seen this one coming, since we did sign the lease for exactly one year, but we didn't know then that we'd have a housemate leaving or any of the other complications that came up since. It's not even like we're completely flat out, just badly distracted, and me having a skating comp on this weekend doesn't help much there either.

On the other hand, I did wake up to birthday-wishes in my inbox and my housemates made me Dalek cookies, so it's not all bad. :3

Still want to do something properly celebratory, even if it does wind up a month late, but it'll have to wait a bit. ^^;
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Back from another year of Swancon (+ couple of days to recoup, + after party at pancakes). Wasn't much at this year's con that could compare to what an awesome guest of honour Rob Shearman made last year (being one of the writers on the new Doctor Who and all around very approachable and excellent value on every panel I saw him on), but it was still overall a very enjoyable con. Attended many entertaining panels, got to catch up with all the usual suspects and an old high school friend I hadn't expected to see there as well, and as usual when many fans conglomerate met a couple of new awesome people as well. The music at the Masquerade was the one big let down this year - hardly anything worth dancing to was played all night, but the Millia/Ky balldress got me some very nice reactions from people, even if no-one had any idea who I was meant to be. Also finally got to bring out some of the crazier clothes bought in Japan, ate some of the best Chinese food I've ever had, and, more importantly, failed to get sick*, failed to get too horribly over-tired at any point and had no cosplay worries to stress about at all. That may well have been the most relaxed Swancon experience I've ever had. :3

*At least until the day after, and even then only a mild sore throat that's mostly gone already.

So of course we get home to discover that a letter we should have gotten to remind us our lease is running out didn't reach us for some reason, and now we've got rather less time than we were thinking we did to make up our minds about whether we want to move or not (probably yes), whether we need to find a new housemate to replace [livejournal.com profile] jaseroque when she leaves us soonish (also probably yes, and certainly at least one or the other), not to mention actually find a new place and/or housemate before crunch time.

Not sure what we're going to do about it all yet, but if any of you are expecting to be looking for a place to stay around Perth in the near future, now could be a really excellent time to let us know.
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Spent last weekend at Genghiscon, which stands out as the one con we go to each year which has no cosplay competition, no vendors room, no special guests and not more than maybe a couple of hundred attendees, and the major attraction is hanging out with other fans for a weekend, eating pizza, doing weird crafts and maybe chasing each other around with laser guns or hitting each other with foam-padded sticks. And waving shiny things. Can’t forget waving the shiny things.

It is consequently the only con we ever get to go to where we actually get to relax for a weekend rather than going through nearly as much stress as fun, and damn but that is nice and this year was no exception. Especially when we’ve now got two and a half weeks until Waicon, which is at exactly the other end of the con scale, and before then I’ve still got to finish painting and decorating a giant key, paint a sword, style two wigs, make an eye patch, finish organising temporary tattoos, iron a costume and probably a few things I’ve forgotten, not to mention all that fic I’ve still got on my to-do list or a bunch of other posts I’ve been meaning to make for way too long… but eh, the fic WIP list never ends, but at least after January I’ll be able to take a nice long cosplay-break. This is the one upside of deadlines – at least they make you get stuff done.

In completely unrelated fannish news, we of the local household swallowed our pride and gave Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles a try last week.

It... doesn't completely suck? Only being me, I couldn't leave it at as few words as that. )

In conclusion: Undecided. Will probably give it another episode or two and see how it goes.
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Really quite awesome this year! Presents include quite a haul of Sharp Things (specifically, two craft knives, a hack saw and an electric jigsaw), which is faintly scaring my housemates despite both of them having contributed to the problem. This was all to the good - I was in need of a decent craft knife, and no longer have regular access to my Dad's tool collection. Especially good considering what my plans for the rest of the holiday period included.

We also had my uncle from out of state over for Christmas this year, plus some of our oldest family friends who are practically family themselves, which was really nice - felt more like we had the whole family present than we usually manage. ^_^

A Happy New Year to you all! Dragged ourselves out of bed to attend a send-off lunch for my uncle (whereat we proved once again the sad fact that the fact one has spent $37.50 on a steak does not mean it will taste better than one bought for $20, or indeed much good at all. Bleh. Expensive restaurants = so not worth it.)

The Rest Of The Time In Between
Mostly hung around the house and tried not to die of heat exhaustion. X_X Dear Summer: I know we've given you a lot of crap this year for all that unseasonal raining on everything, but you didn't have to return to form quite that suddenly.

Other good news: Missed out on the highest value scholarship I was going for, but I did land one worth an extra $5000 a year more than what I was originally getting, which was also $5000 more than I'd been lead to believe I had any chance of getting at all, so that was pretty good. ^_^

Questionable news? We got a letter in the mail a week or two ago to say the estate agency in charge of our house was being changed and not to pay any more rent until we heard anything new. We have still not heard anything new, and to all appearances the new agency is closed for Christmas. I hope they weren't expecting to get any rent any time soon... *shrug*

Most of the rest of that time has gone into making this )

That said, IIIII think I am about done with being stuck in the house by now. Anyone want to go to the beach sometime? Got any interesting plans coming up soon-ish? Anything? >.>
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...and it's a pretty important one, which has already come up in conversation with a lot of people, but here's the short version: as of the beginning of this month, I'm back at university to start work on a PhD.

The whole story goes back quite a way longer: as many of you would have gathered by now, I've long had this problem where I hated my job. There are assorted reasons, starting with the basic problem that what the firm I was working for calls 'environmental engineering' they would have been better off hiring a civil engineer to do, continuing with the general problem that pretty much any job which involves trying to make the mining industry spend money on anything worthwhile is like beating your head against a brick wall, and ending with the ongoing frustration of how most of the rest of the people in the office I've been working in are, while not fundamentally evil in all respects, still the kind of guys who think jokes about how women should stay home and cook all their meals never get old, and that the suggestion that global warming was invented purely by scientists for a research grant is incredibly witty and insightful, even when they've just brought it up for the third time in two months and all laughed about it like they've never heard it before. Then there's my boss, about whom I've said enough in previous posts. Needless to say, I've been in the market for a new job for a good long while.

Cut because this is getting a little long. )
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Back in Australia! Better yet, back in the Perth part of Australia, with no plans to do anything particularly exciting for at least a week. Which ought be something of a relief by now (given that between Japan, Melbourne and all that other stuff I've been solidly busy for almost last month) if only it hadn't all been totally AWESOME, totally worth it even despite all the stress, and if I wasn't missing Japan already. Being back also means I'm looking forlornly at the horrible backlog of LJ posts I meant to make before I left - plus the new Japan ones - and it's gotten to the point where it's going to start competing with my fic WIP list if I let it get much worse. In no particular order, this is what's on it:

Japan: The Guilty Gear report
Japan: The Squeenix report
Melbourne: The Amaranth Ball
Melbourne: Manifest (day 1)
The World Ends With You, Thoughts on, + rather extended critique of the ending
Guilty Gear: That Post On Recent Canon I Have Been Putting Off Since April Sometime

Not including about 10 GB of photos that need to be sorted through, and where appropriate cleaned up and posted. BUT at least I can count on [livejournal.com profile] pinneagig's awesome photoshop skills to help with that part. For now I'm just going to leave all the photos and fannish stuff aside for the moment and talk about the actual trip for a bit. And maybe elaborate on just exactly what I was on about in that last post.

One of the things about living in somewhere as isolated as Perth (and I do like living here even if this city was built on the far side of nowhere) - is that most of the other places you're ever likely to go are going to be bigger and more exciting. On the flip side, I don't think I'd want to live in Japan long term. Between the education system, all the racism and sexism and the massive pressure everyone there seems to live under that country is seriously crazy and not just in the good way. But I would not at all mind getting to live there a bit more on the short to medium term scale. They've got fantastic shopping, great food, a railway system that can get you just about anywhere and runs on time, are quite obviously the holy ground for the anime fan, and there is something very neat about being able to walk down any regular, commercial city street and find pretty little ornamental shrines sandwiched in between the buildings here and there. The Japanese fit a casual version of all their old Shinto/Buddist spirituality in with modern life as if there's no contradiction there at all, and I really do like that.

Culture shock: More than you ever wanted to know about Japanese bathrooms )

The actual trip - starting in Tokyo )
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Yesterday, I checked the mailbox to find a letter from the real estate agent to say we hadn't been paying our rent. More exactly, it was phrased to say we were being evicted and had until the 30th to clear out, but with a clause down the bottom to add that we could still get away with staying there if we paid up within the next seven days.


Cue a panicked evening of running around madly, checking the online bank records for every payment I'd made in the last two months, then two phone calls to two different departments of the bank to make absolutely sure everything had gone through. Everything had. We took some solace in the knowledge that we could see no conceivable way whatever'd gone wrong was our fault, but the letter was obviously just a form letter with a signature at the bottom, so there were no actual details we could use to confirm. By that time, of course, it was far too late to phone the estate agency itself, so everything else had to be put off until tomorrow.

This morning, armed with as much paperwork as I could find to prove our case, I phoned them up. As soon as I told the lady who answered the phone who I was and why I was calling, she told me that we should be getting a letter of apology in the mail today. Apparently - much as we'd been guessing-slash-hoping - it was all due to a computer glitch at their end which hadn't recorded some of the dates correctly, and they were very sorry for all the trouble.

I could really do without any more of this stuff happening around here for a week or two, kthx. -_-


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