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Really quite awesome this year! Presents include quite a haul of Sharp Things (specifically, two craft knives, a hack saw and an electric jigsaw), which is faintly scaring my housemates despite both of them having contributed to the problem. This was all to the good - I was in need of a decent craft knife, and no longer have regular access to my Dad's tool collection. Especially good considering what my plans for the rest of the holiday period included.

We also had my uncle from out of state over for Christmas this year, plus some of our oldest family friends who are practically family themselves, which was really nice - felt more like we had the whole family present than we usually manage. ^_^

A Happy New Year to you all! Dragged ourselves out of bed to attend a send-off lunch for my uncle (whereat we proved once again the sad fact that the fact one has spent $37.50 on a steak does not mean it will taste better than one bought for $20, or indeed much good at all. Bleh. Expensive restaurants = so not worth it.)

The Rest Of The Time In Between
Mostly hung around the house and tried not to die of heat exhaustion. X_X Dear Summer: I know we've given you a lot of crap this year for all that unseasonal raining on everything, but you didn't have to return to form quite that suddenly.

Other good news: Missed out on the highest value scholarship I was going for, but I did land one worth an extra $5000 a year more than what I was originally getting, which was also $5000 more than I'd been lead to believe I had any chance of getting at all, so that was pretty good. ^_^

Questionable news? We got a letter in the mail a week or two ago to say the estate agency in charge of our house was being changed and not to pay any more rent until we heard anything new. We have still not heard anything new, and to all appearances the new agency is closed for Christmas. I hope they weren't expecting to get any rent any time soon... *shrug*

Most of the rest of that time has gone into making this )

That said, IIIII think I am about done with being stuck in the house by now. Anyone want to go to the beach sometime? Got any interesting plans coming up soon-ish? Anything? >.>
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The Heartless wants you all to have a Merry Christmas!

(It still wants your soul to be consumed by darkness. Just in a festive sort of way)

Lisa's got some more photos of our decorated Heartless up here too.

I dressed up the pipe fox too, so we took a couple of pics of both of them )


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