Date: 2016-02-25 07:18 am (UTC)
{flails around excitedly at your post} Awesome, great review and summary of the whole thing! I rather want to write a 7k reply to it, lol, but sadly I don't have enough time for that. But I *really* appreciate the amount of time and effort you've taken into not only the watching but the whole poking around to find everything on the internet and then saying "not enough!" and making one that *does* have what you (and probably others) need. ^^

I'm a fan who grew up watching reruns, and managed to keep liking it into slash years (amazing what we don't see when we're younger!) but never got around to fanficcing it myself until the new movie came out. My friend and I went to see it and I was expecting nothing much... and came out absolutely delighted. It wasn't the most awesome thing in the world, but for what it was, we really quite liked it and thought they did an excellent job. Not the original by any means, but still so much fun and with good characters and dynamics. So then, of course, I went back and started rewatching the original too. Because there's only one movie, but there's hundreds of episodes of the tv... and I fell in love with that all over again as well. For many of the same reasons that you've enumerated here. The characters! The interactions! The wonderful balance between serious and funny. The many, many women in all facets and they at least tried for a decent representation of other races as well (heck, a lot better than most of the current day ones!) It was a product of its time, but it was a GOOD product, and does quite well even to this day.

Regarding Napoleon and the women, I actually had the thought the other day that he doesn't so much *chase* them, as he lets himself be *open* to them - whatever they want to do, he responds accordingly.

Regarding fandom, I actually made a post on this myself a few weeks back (on my journal) that I think fandom and canon diverged so very radically in so many ways because the early fen didn't have dvds to watch - they had their memory of the tv episodes, and the reruns, and in many tv stations, they didn't often rerun the black and whites because it was jarring for the audience. So fen were left with later seasons more than early, and memories, and lots of discussion amongst each other. Which lead to some rather interesting parting of the ways between canon and fanon along the way. Not all bad, but definitely slightly different beasts. ^^ (Like Illya's science - which I quite like, but as you say, isn't there in the series. Rather interestingly, though, *is* there more in the movie! Nod to fanon? Or just giving Illya more depth? Both ways, I like. ^^)

I'm also totally with you that I'm not a season 4 person at all. -_- Which, haven't rewatched all of them yet, but it starts off, as you say, grimdark, and is almost completely irreconcilable with the initial seasons. No hope there, where hope is what the first seasons have in abundance.

This must have been a heck of a post on tumblr, lol. Not the format! Thank you for reposting it in LJ, and with all the pics too. ^^

That clip you have with wet Illya is hysterical because I was just capping that one and very much enjoying making icons of it... Wet T-shirt Illya pulling himself up, yum! :)

Anyhow, must run because late. I really wanted to reply lots more, but had kept putting it off because no time to write that much, and then thought I better post *something* before bed, just so you know how much I appreciate your post and thoughts. I don't think it's wasted at all. And if there's fic ideas too? Even better. ;D
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