Date: 2016-02-25 03:46 pm (UTC)
I *really* appreciate the amount of time and effort you've taken into not only the watching but the whole poking around to find everything on the internet and then saying "not enough!" and making one that *does* have what you (and probably others) need. ^^

XD See, when I say the show 'stirred up my old essay writing habits', I do mean to say I have serious form for getting a bit loquacious over new fandoms (or even short questions someone has dumped in my tumblr ask box). Throw in the minor frustration of combing the web and finding nothing that really talks about so many things about the show that really stood out to me, and the urge to throw my own 5c into the ring becomes pretty hard to keep down. (Lord knows if anyone who would actually find it useful as an introduction is ever going to find this thing, but it doesn't seem to be lacking reaction either here or on tumblr, so I will gladly call that a win.)

This must have been a heck of a post on tumblr, lol. Not the format! Thank you for reposting it in LJ, and with all the pics too. ^^

Four posts on tumblr, technically, but I see you have already found them. ;) Should be a link to the one fic I've written yet there somewhere too, but I have more planned, believe you me!

With myself and the movie, I had the weirdest trajectory where it was trailers for that that got me interested, then I couldn't go see it right away because my friends were busy, so I started watching the series and fell hard. By the time I actually did get to see the film a month or two later, I had already managed to come all the way around to being the sort of purist who was morally offended by how unrecognisable movie!Illya was, and so I couldn't really get into it. ^^; (Probably would've worked out better for me in the reverse order - I doubt having the old series so fresh in my mind helped. Ah well.)

Re: fandom and history, have you seen the Fanlore page on muncle's fandom history? The Early Fanfic: Gen ( has some interesting tidbits about how early (zine/fanfic) fandom was focused on Illya to the point that Napoleon was almost a total non-entity. A lot of that is put down to lack of availability of the series (pretty much just as you suggest), and the fact people were getting a distorted second-hand view via the novels and fandom osmosis, so that early fandom's love for Illya became later fandom's focus on Illya to the exclusion of all else. Apparently that began to change late in the 80's - the fact people could record and trade tapes of the series around then probably would've helped. Now that I look it up, apparently official video tapes weren't available until 1991. Yeesh, it's a wonder the fandom kept going at all! They weren't making it easy for people.

I'm not sure I'd say the film does any more with scientist!Illya though - the series may have sort of dropped his PhD out there and forgotten about it, but the fact he has some sort of science background is implied often enough. He often mentions reading scientific papers on various subjects, and he's the one explaining technical details to Napoleon a lot of the time. I've also seen plenty of non-fandom sources mention Illya's science credentials and apparent PhD (IIRC, mostly in the context of his contrast with Napoleon and his appeal to female fans as the intellectual). It's just quantum physics that hilariously never comes up in practice. So the filmmakers wouldn't have had to know jack about fanon to throw in a bit of sciencey stuff attached to his character (and sadly, it's about the only thing about movie!Illya that I did recognise).

That said, Illya Kuryakin, PhD is definitely one of those things fandom has really taken and run with in a big way. Is there actually a single scene of Illya at a microscope at an UNCLE lab in the show? I honestly can't think of one, and yet, I've seen it in so many fic now that part of me thinks it must have happened somewhere! XD IDEK.
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