Date: 2016-03-08 10:54 pm (UTC)
XD See, when I say the show 'stirred up my old essay writing habits', I do mean to say I have serious form for getting a bit loquacious

Oh, me too! Early fandoms used to get meta posts from me all the time, and happiest times ever were when I would fall in with others who would also do the same. The early "campfire discussions" of us debating fine points of fandom... ah, such fun! Sadly, I rarely have time for that anymore. It's a matter of parceling up my life and allowing myself to come out for a few hours of play periodically and having to also rotate between the parts. But it's a lot of fun to see others engage, and I'm really delighted to see all the thought you've put into this. So much fun to read along and go 'yes!' ;D

Tumblr isn't the easiest for fandom interactions. I finally got on there, but spend more time liking posts than actually talking.

I did like your fic. I remember seeing it posted originally - I have a tab on my phone set to tv MFU and one for movie MFU ao3 posts so I can see the new ones coming through. Fun now to go back and see knowing it's you. Enemies or not, those two just can't stay away from each other! ;D Very yummy.

I lasted all of about five minutes in the movie blinking at tall!Illya and then shrugged and went with it. I suspect that if they'd tried making movie!Illya anything like tv!Illya, fans would be even more outraged and be picking it apart like crazy going nononononononononooooooooooo! As it is, he's so far different, that the fans who weren't going to like it can't say much other than "not Illya!" and not go into nitpicking, and the ones who do like it can like without the problems. Tv!Illya was such a phenomenon, that making the changes was probably the only way to make a true character in it. And yeah, probably just having fallen in love with tv!MFU didn't help you when seeing movie!TMFU. ;D I've been very much enjoying rewatching the tv series, but for me it's a rewatch and not a first fall. Though it is a first major fandom jump into it for me - I was always on the edges watching the fandom but not interacting directly with it before. So this is fun for me too in a new fandom but not new way.

A focus on Illya without Napoleon wouldn't have been nearly as much fun for me, I suspect. I like my buddy-buddy series, even before slash. ^^ Fascinating to see how that happened, though!

Yes, 80s is when VCR came out and fans started recording in mass and trading amongst each other for all sorts of things. I was pretty much running mine for everything under the sun... had every single Dr. Who episode that channel 54 showed. :) There's an infamous moment in a brief-lived series called Phoenix that my friend and I were watching off my old tapes a good decade or so later where in the middle of the show, a ticker tape marquee scrolls across the bottom of the screen "Mount St. Helens has just erupted"... ;D And then in other series there were fans copying their own recordings and sending around to other fans, second, third, fourth generation... talk about pixilated, sometimes! I've got some behind the scenes things from Due South that I got that way. Not to talk about the anime fansubs of the time. ^^

Fandoms are remarkably durable. I was doing the Dr. Who scene the entire time it was on hiatus. For a long time, the convention was inviting all sorts of other guests like Babylon 5 and other SF things just to keep going as a convention while still doing the primary Dr. Who (and watching the actors get older and older...). I actually stopped going to the cons a few years after New Who came along because of the sheer explosion of fandom at that point was overwhelming.
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