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Yeah, so, I have gone and got myself horrendously addicted to this show called Teen Wolf. This is your inevitable squee/rec post that, as always, remains brief and to the point at a mere 3000 words. *hangs head in shame* Let's get this over with.

The short version: Despite its cunning disguise as post-Twilight teen-garbage, Teen Wolf turns out to be not only well-plotted, clever and an edge-of-your-seat viewing experience, it also caters to my id on a level I hardly have words to describe. It's greatest failing is that it is not yet more than two shamefully short seasons long.

The long version:

I am not kidding: had a TV show been made just for me, it would probably look very much like this. )
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(Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] aphelion_orion.) I don't often make whole posts just to plug cool stuff from out on the web, but these were worth making an exception for. These are fan-made videos at their mind-blowing best.

Dead Fantasy I
Dead Fantasy II

People Who Should Click These Links:
1. Anyone who has ever played any game in the Dead or Alive or Final Fantasy series.
2. Anyone with a particular love for the female cast of either series.
3. Anyone who did not like the female cast and felt disappointed that so many of the FF girls do not live up to their full potential for awesomeness.
4. Anyone who likes massive, beautifully scripted team vs team battle sequences. Including anyone who does not yet know how much they like massive, beautifully scripted team vs team battle sequences.
5. Anyone who got bored during the neverending fight scenes of Advent Children, and/or seriously fed up with the failure of the fight choreographers to figure out how to work magic into a hand-to-hand battle. (Dear Squeenix: THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT RIGHT.)
6. You.


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