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Cross-posted from tumblr (increasingly becoming my main fannish hangout these days) on the off chance anyone still hanging around this joint would like to squee with me about this


  1. HOLY SHIT so much metal arm porn *_*

  2. HOLY SHIT so much amazing action porn O_O

  3. this movie was like two hours of solid action porn. Who even directed this thing? they are to direct ALL THE MOVIES henceforth

  4. Did Chris Evans get hotter or is it just that the haircut and the new suit really really work for him? (note to self: conduct further research).

  5. I did not expect Falcon to be in the movie for solidly logical plot reasons instead of entirely gratuitous comic-canon-fodder excuses. This was an entirely welcome surprise.

  6. On a more serious note, what you need to understand about me going into this movie is that I am intimately familiar with Brubaker's Winter Soldier arc from his Captain America run, and I love it like I love few other non-Deadpool-starring things Marvel has ever given me. I went into this movie with expectations. The movie I got did not deliver the Winter Soldier arc I loved so much in the comics; instead, it was a few iconic WS moments pasted onto an entirely different story (where, alas, they did not entirely fit). The comic-version implications that WS had been pulled out of the freezer specially to fuck with Steve's head - the loss of the whole sequence where Steve reads through the intelligence report that spells out exactly who he's up against, all the glorious angsty goodness to follow - are absences I feel on a very deep and personal level. The lack of more than a couple of passing mentions of the Russian/Soviet connections missing from the new plotline, only a little less so. The movie very nearly made up for these losses by a) being completely fucking awesome, and b) promising me a completely unexpected ENTIRE SECOND ACT to follow. Nonetheless, my biggest complaint about Captain America: Winter Soldier is that it did not contain nearly as much Winter Soldier as I had been led to expect.

  7. The scene where we thought we were getting a surprise!badass old lady and instead got Natasha in a clever disguise was unanimously voted the movie's Biggest Disappointment in our post-showing debrief. So, basically right with you there, tumblr. It was still awesome, but it could've been awesomer

  8. did I mention that metal arm thing? Because damn. I was not quite expecting how well that would work for me.


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